Crazy Kangaroo send again funny mails !

Posted by
Fritz EXENBERGER, WKF World president

In the past several peoples received funny and harassing E-mails from our former member in Sydney.

Without our permission he is still using our WKF contacts to pretend to be still member in WKF.

Be warned: this is a former criminal ! NO own Gym, NO own fighters, NO own members or contact, just a poor fool. He still owns many people in WKF lot of money, fell free to contact yourself our WKF presidents. In several countries police is waiting for to arrest him.

Because of this bad behaviour we deleted all his fighters from our World ranking. All his former fighters and Champions be welcome to contact our WKF head office.

And we do not care about any poor copy web site from our WKF !!!

Because of the dismissal of our former Australian member the General assembly vote for Mr. Hans ROMANOWSKI / Brasil as new WKF General Secretary.

Everything should be doubtless and clear now. Sorry for the inconvenience !!!