Kings of war 2 in Brazil

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Master Anderson Kiyoaki and the Main fight athletes

WKF BRAZIL head office report about next event and WKF LAC head office confirm:

Another successful event held in Brazil by the National Kickboxing Confederation (CONKICK).

“Kings of War 2” which had a total audience of more than 1000 spectators.

There were 15 fights, among them the regional belt dispute between WKF World Champion Samuel Silva and local athlete Hermelino José.

At the end of a much-disputed fight the favourite Samuel won the belt.

CONKICK vice president and event organizer Anderson KIYOAKI is already preparing for the next event to be held in April, with the assurance of full support from the city hall and sports secretary of the city of Senador Canedo-Goiás.

De Paula (Referee Director), Samuel Silva (State Champion), Divino Lemes (Mayor of the Senador Canedo), Stivi WAGNER (CONKICK president), and Sergio Bravo Jr. (Sport Secretary of the City)