WKF BRAZIL in Vienna: Night of Glory 14th on September 16th

Night of Glory in Vienna

WKF AUSTRIA head office announce next international event in Austria. Venue 1150 Vienna, Promoter www.knock-out.at

Next international Night of Glory 14th is scheduled for  September 16th and so many international fights are on the fight card.

A team of six Brazilian Champions comes to Vienna, to challenge best Europeans.

Daniel SILVA challenge home town fighter Florian BARTL for the PRO-AM World title Lightheavyweight – 81Kg / 178 lbs in K-1 rules.

Brazilian female Champion Thaynara LUSTOSA challenge three times World champion Deshire KURTAJ for the WKF World title in Featherweight – 54Kg / 119 lbs.



Next main fight is for the PPF – Pro Point Fighting European title fight + 91 Kg/200 lbs.  Austrian Heavyweight Champion Harald KRETSCHMER vs. German World Champion Andre MERGENER.

Next main fight in Welterweight – 67 Kg / 147 lbs for PPF European title with Italian Francesco TURCO vs. Austrian Stefan ZELLER.

More international fights with Champions from Germany, Czech, Poland, Italy and of course Austria are on the fight card. 

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