WKF IRAN – Mrs. Sadat Asghari breaking a Guinness world record

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The International Affairs Committee of the WKF Iran Mr. David Sadeghi is pleased to announce that, a great achievement by one of its own members.

Mrs. Elham Sadat Asghari, one of our WKF members and twice an Iranian national champion, achieved the honour of breaking a Guinness world record.

Mrs. Asghari overcame all the obstacles and created a worldwide accomplishment by breaking the world record in official attempt of farthest swim wearing handcuffs. She improved the newest record by swimming the distance of 3.162 Kilometers equal to 1.96 Miles.

While being the first woman and first Iranian to reach such a great achievement, she had to earn the respect of the Guinness’s toughest judges.

This is while the WKF Asia President and WKF MMA World President, Mr. Amir Mosadegh just announced that Mrs. Asghari will participate in the WKF world championship in Argentina which will be held in 2018.