5 times World Champion Jamshid Asghargivehchi signed new contract

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We are Pleased to announce that, On this day, July 18th, 2017, a contract was signed between the 5 time world champion Mr. Jamshid Asghargivehchi and Asia WKF.

This event happed at the WKF central office of the Asia Kickboxing.

The president of the Kickboxing Federation, Mr. Amir Mosadegh attended this event.

The said contract is for the title belt of the kick boxing championship.

A complete news and description will be announced in a later date.


We are pleased to announce that, in order to coordinate the international events,and awarding the educational material, a meeting was held between the members of the technical committee of the Kickboxing Federation, WKF ASIA in the central office of the WKF Federation.