Charity event in Germany – Top Ladies fight and German title in K-1

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WKF GERMANY president Mr. Roman LOGISCH confirm our next great event in Germany.

This is a Charity event in Weiden on 7th Oktober with international fight card.

First main fight is for German PRO-AM title. Marcel KROMMER from Spartan Team Weiden challenge Markus SCHÄFER from  Shuri Fighters Zwickau  in K-1 – 63,5 kg.


Tobias POTZLER from team FIGHTSPORTS PEGNITZ   is the head coach and has two of his fighters on the fight card. He fight in MMA – 80 Kg and his student Matthias VOIGT challenge TBA in super heavy weight.


René KREUZER from organising team Spartan Weiden vs. Peter GEBHARDT  from Samurais Nürnberg is next great fight in K-1  + 95 Kg !

Female WKF World Champion Deshire KURTAJ has challenged now three German champions for the Charity event superprestige fight. The first girl retired after her management confirmed the fight.

The new current WKU World and Vice World Champions from Ireland 2017 cannot make the fight as well.

Spartan Team Weiden is now looking for any other German female fighter – 54Kg or -57Kg in K-1 rules, please contact promoter Mr. Konstantin LAGIDIN.