WKF IRAN report about last event BEST OF THE BEST in Tehran

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WKF ASIA continental office and president Mr. Amir MOSADEGH report about the last high class event in Iran:


This is to be announced that, WKF IRAN and Mr. Amir Mosadegh, jointly, held the “Best of the WKF’s Bests” Tournament. This tournament was held on the 7th of September, 2017. The style of the said tournament was low kick.

Furthermore, this tournament was held in an open setting, in a refreshing area of the city of Shahriar, in suburban of Tehran (the Capital city of Iran). The prizes awarded to the winners included: Medals, Championship Certifications, Trophies, and Handcrafted Persian Rugs, all carrying the WKF Logo.

The fighters selected to participate in this event were among the best and the most qualified athletes personally handpicked by the steamed Asia WKF President Mr. Amir Mosadegh.

The said event was also spectacled by some of the most highly influenced officials including:

Mr. Rahim Mosadegh (senior WKF Asia official and the director of the advisory board), Mr. Amir Mosadegh (the WKF Asia President and the main official), Mr. Mostafa Mosadegh (four times world champion), Mr. Jamshid Asghar Givehchi (world champion), Mr. David Sadeghi (the Director of WKF Asia International Affairs), Mr. Hadi Rahimi Khas (renowned movie director), Mr. Gholam Reza Satari (head of the organizing official committee),Mr. Mahmoud Satari (world champion), Mr. Ali Ramezani (renowned entertainer/singer), Mrs. Ghazaleh Aboulghasemi (training official), Mrs. Sara Ghasemi(national director of the women’s committee), Mr. Hussein Jafari, Mr. Saied Okhovat, Dr. Salehnia (JD/Professor of law), Mr. Aboulfazl Hatari, Mr. Behzad Moughimi, Mr. Shahpour Beyranvand, Mr. Mojtaba Honari(member of the WKF Asia Board of Directors), and Dr. Javad Najafi (member of the WKF Asia Board of Advisory).

This is to be added that the Grand Kickboxing World Cup and the World Seminar of WKF, due to be attended by some of the world’s champions will be held in Iran. The said event will be held from November 28th to December 5th, 2017.