Superstar Semmy SCHILT invited to Tehran for Seminar

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WKF IRAN head office confirm:

Good News for the entire WKF family.

The largest international technical and educational, K1 affiliated kickboxing event including: coaching, referee training, advanced conditioning for martial arts and other endurance type sports, first to fifth degree ( 1-5 Dan) black belt test, and K1 workshop will be held in the city of Tehran in Iran.

The above mentioned event is to be attended by international coaching staff as well as academicals faculty including: 4 times K1 champion, and famous action movie star, Mr. Semmy Schilt, and the renowned body building coach of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Olympic academy as well as para Olympic academy, Dr. Bahrami Nezhad from November 28th to December 5th.

The said event will be presided by the President of WKF Asia/Iran, Shihan Amir Mosadegh.