National, European and two World titles in Jaroslaw, Poland

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TOP event in Jaroslaw, Poland

WKF EUROPA confirmed next TOP class WKF event in Poland.
Many under card fights are on the fight card, plus 4 main fights for our coveted and valuable WKF Champion belts.
First main fight is for the polish title in lowkick. Maciej KRZYZANOWSKI challenge Kuba KWASNIEWSKI for the title belt in Welterweight – 67 Kg/- 147 lbs.

Hometown Champion Michal ZAJAC challenge Austrian TOP fighter Alexander KRUPIC from Vienna. The fight is agreed in lowkick, scheduled for 5 x 2 minutes in Middleweight – 71 Kg / 156 lbs !

Local hero Marcin KALATA challenge Czech giant David HUDAK for the K1 title in Super Heavyweight +91 Kg / 200 lbs.

Fourth and last title fight is for the MMA World title in Super Heavyweight +91 Kg / 200 lbs.  Tomas “Szajba” KOLCUN is local hometown hero in Jaroslaw and many fans will support him. His opponent is Czech MMA expert Vladan WEISS from Brno.

This will be for sure a tough battle for the MMA crown and a thrilling duel.