Patricia APOLOT – best African female kickboxer of the year 2017

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Apolot being declared winner during the non- tittle fight in Soroti hotel over the weekend photos by Gabriel Esiku
Africans TOP Lady Patricia APOLOT

WKF AFRICA continental office confirm and supervisor Mr. Istvan ROZMAN report:

The last two WKF shows in Uganda, where Patricia Apolot was the main fight is “The Clash of the Nile” for a WKF non title super fight in lightweight division in Kumi on 09.09.3017, and also the “Black Pearl Show” in Soroti on 09.12.17. 

This was massive success to our champion in her homeland Teso district and to her country Uganda.

“Black Pearl” surprised her people by displaying her talent by knocking out both fighters from Egypt and Serbia.


Apolot and the Serbian opponent during the start of the fight, Photos by Gabriel Esiku

“The Clash of the Nile” was hosted in Kumi 260km from the capitol of Uganda and the second event was in Soroti 280km from Kampala with the Serbian lady. The 8 WKF professional belt holder Ugandan, International, African and Intercontinental Champion gave her people great show by knocking out the Egyptian Champion Asmaa Ali on the 2nd round.

Apolot knocking out the Egyptian Champion Asmaa Ali on the 2nd round

The second event in Soroti was fire and many people could not believe how talented Champion does her things in the ring the “Black Pearl” knock out the the Serbian Ivana Bogdanovic (Kikinda Kickboxing Club) in 35 seconds and cleaned the ring, Ivana have 40 fights before.

On 8th September before the fight, Team Apolot will first carry out a charity event at Atutur Hospital in Kumi town with the essence of giving back to the community.

Meanwhile Rose Form and Kaglon Medical Supplies have donated 20 mattresses and sanitary pads worth shs1 million as a contribution for the noble cause. Patricia and the Kaglon Medical Supplies Marketer said Kaglon strives to support women and that is why they came out to support Apolot’s cause of giving back to the community.

Team Apolot did the same charity activity in Soroti before the day of the fight. The maintained her reign as the best African kickboxer of the year 2017.

Latest news: Patricias fight for the WKF World title in Vienna, Austria, on April 28th is confirmed !!! Info

Patricia APOLOT – The Black Pearl from Uganda