WKF BRAZIL is getting bigger again !

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Mr. Stivi WAGNER and Sr. Laecio NUNES

The work of the WKF in Brazil are very strong again, Mr. Stivi WAGNER report:

The state of Espirito Santo, bathed by the Atlantic ocean and owner of beautiful beaches, is another Brazilian state officially representing WKF Brazil.

Through the State Federation, which has as president the world champion and Black Belt 6th Dan Sr. Laecio NUNES, who already has a great link with the National Confederation of Kickboxing and Martial Arts – CONKICK, and a friendship and work together with President Wagner Stivi for more than 20 years.

For Stivi this was another big step towards the growth of WKF kickboxing in Brazil, since Laecio Nunes, besides representing an important Brazilian state, is a professional with a lot of knowledge of kickboxing, with great international experience.

The state of Espirito Santo should soon receive official competitions officially approved by CONKICK and homologated by LAC WKF.

​Vitoria-ES Capital of Espirito Santo