WKF BRAZIL is moving on – on the way to our World Championships

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Rodrigo Stivi highlighted the competition with 3 gold medals

WKF BRAZIL vice-presidet Mr. Stivi WAGNER report about our last event:

WKF Brazil moves !
It was conducted last weekend, the State Championship of Goiás, state located in the central region of Brazil.
Kids confirmed in the World Championship in Argentina

The championship brought together teams from 10 cities, and had the full support of the municipal secretariat of the city of Catalão, the city that hosted the event.
Giovani Cortopassi (Catalão Sports Secretary), Stivi, and Acacio Vaz (New National Point Fight Director).

In the end the Athletic Center team of the city of Catalão was the champion in the overall standings.
At the time the professor and international referee Acacio VAZ was named national technical director of the modality of Point Fight of 2018, and will be responsible by the Brazilian team in the international championships.
For the president of CONKICK, Wagner Stivi, this event is part of a series of preparatory events for Brazilian athletes participating in the World Cup (Goiania-GO Brazil) and the World Championship (Buenos Aires – Argentina).