WKF World Cup in Goiania, Brazil was an amazing event and great success !

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WKF BRAZIL motor and heart  Mr. Stivi WAGNER send first photos about our amazing World Cup in Goiania, Brazil.

It was a success the 1st World Cup of WKF Kickboxing held in Brazil. With the participation of Chile, Peru, China and the host country Brazil. This was the last official competition of the Brazilian athletes before the World Championship in Argentina.

At the occasion, the presentation of black belt certificates and the annual meeting of the state representatives of WKF Brasil were held, which defined that the Brazilian Kickboxing and Martial Arts Championship of 2019 will be held in the city of Gurupí-TO on June 21 and 22 .

For next World Cup in Brazil 2019 team WKF AUSTRIA, WKF GERMANY  and others confirmed already their participation in great hospitality from our Brazilian friends. See you in Goiania !

Latest news: Mr. Stivi WAGNER´s name comes up for the position as new LAC continental director as well !

Full story and more is coming soon ! Please be patient …

See the short report Video !

Master Thiago PASCHOAL



Stivi WAGNER with State Tocantins Federation Directors