Next World title fight in Dagestan, Russia

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Timo SCHNEIDER, Germany
Murad MIRZAEV, Russia

WKF Supervisor Mr. Roman LOGISCH (Супервайзер ВКФ Роман Логиш) confirm next World title in Dagestan, Russia. Date is confirmed from WKF RUSSIA / ВКФ России  October 27th !

Venue is the City Izerbash in Northern Caucasus, just 60 Km close to Dagestan capitol City Machatschkala.

Russian local hero Murat MIRZAEV challenge German Timo SCHNEIDER from Dusseldorf for the Lowkick World title.

Weight category is Lightmiddleweight – 72,3 Kg / 159 lbs, fighting time is 5 x 3 minutes.

Supervisor for the World title fight is again Mr. Roman LOGISCH / Супервайзер ВКФ Роман Логиш