WKF BRASIL is moving on – WKF has a new training center in Goiania.

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Rodrigo Stivi, Gustavo Monteiro (CEO of CTF), and Stivi
Stivi and Julio Fernando, one important Black Belt of the CTF
WKF BRASIL  Vice president Mr. Stivi WAGNER announce news in BRASIL.
The partnership between WKF Brasil and the CTF (Physical Training Center) made this project possible.
All works will be overseen directly by the president of CONKICK (National Confederation of Kickboxing and Martial Arts) Wagner STIVI  and by world kickboxing champion Rodrigo STIVI.
With a total area of more than 1000m2, divided into functional training space, Olympic gymnastics, and now Lutas, the CTF intends to be a national reference in Kickboxing and physical preparation.
First Training in CTF