WKF ARGENTINA report Bosch Tour S8, Incredible Event !!!

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Sr. Carlos SUAREZ, WKF Latin America director

An Incredible evening was lived in Argentina on April 14, 2019 at the event organized by Cristian BOSCH WKF International Promoter and Carlos SUAREZ WKF Director in Argentina and Latin America.

23 professional fights of the highest level were disputed, among them a Super 8 of Full Contact which was the winner of the Argentine Nicolas JARA in an electrifying final.

Muay Thai World Champion Pablo ROA, Argentina


The highlight of the evening was the WKF World title dispute of Muaythai in the Welterweight – 66,8 Kg / 147 lbs where after 5 rounds and in unanimous decision on the cards the Argentine Pablo ROA was champion before the Mexican Johan Olivares.

The show had more than 1000 spectators at Estadio Lleno !!

And where the next S8 will be promoted on November 17 where we hope to have the presence of the President of the World Kickboxing Federation Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER and where a Super 8 International will be deputized in the 64,500 Kilos in the K1 modality.

World Champion Pablo ROA












Results of the evening:
• Super 8 Full Contact:
* Tomás Aguirre (GKOT) vs Sebastián Uribe.
* Nicolás Diéguez (GPP) vs Miguel Ortiz.
* Nicolás Jara (GKO) vs. Ulisses López.
Semi Finals:
* Tomas Aguirre (GKO) vs Nicolás Dieguez.
* Nicolás Jara (GPA) vs Nelson Castell.
* Nicolás Jara (GPP) vs. Tomas Aguirre.

International Combat
* Ignacio Capllonch (GPP) vs. Alexander Silva (PAR).
* Daniel Barahona (CHI) (GKOT) vs. Antonio Anaya (MEX).
* Ivan Valdez (GKOT) vs. Enrique Gómez (MEX).

* Pablo Roa (GPP) vs. Johan Olivares (MEX)

more than 1.000 people ring side