27th National Kickboxing Championships in Kimbe

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WKF PNG president Stanley NANDEX moving forward with new promoters and former serious Champions.
On behalf of the PNG Kickboxing Federation,  am here to officially announce that the 27th National Kickboxing Championships is set for the 23rd – 25th April 2021. 
The confirmation of this event and date was made with other follow provincial association Presidents which will commence during the school holidays.  
Stanley “head hunter” NANDEX, WKF PNG president, legend and idol

The main aim is to select and prepare a good strong team for the world Championships in Cairo. 
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Please find some of the work we are engaging with the development of youths in Papua new Guinea.  This particular province in PNG is Hela province known as volatile,  Violence and tribal warfare etc. 

This is the province where the country’s  resources comes from the Natural Gas so landowner issues has  been a major concern. 
My aim is to use the sport as an idea setting for the development of youths and raise sports leaders so they can contribute through intervention programs with other stakeholders  to manage such ongoing issues. 
Am having more talks with other provinces  in PNG as well to use the same concept as a good platform.