Bohemian Rhapsody in Korneuburg

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20th NIGHT OF GLORY in Korneuburg, Austria

We are the Champions, no time for loser …

TOP international fights took place in front of the 146 visitors legally permitted in the hall during Corona times. Three weeks ago there were 14 fights listed on the fight card, in the end there were 8 more fights.

This time champions from 5 nations and 4 federal states were at the ring. All preliminary fights and the three WKF Europe title fights were of a high standard.

In the first WKF Europe title fight, the German Georg OGBEIWI faced the Lower Austrian Lukas KROISS for a duel.

This was about the PRO-AM K-1 European Champion title in Lightheavyweight – 81 kg! The fight was fast and technically first class, both champions showed a great fight. Another WKF title fight at eye level!

This was also the verdict of the impartial judges from Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic after 5 rounds 2: 1 for Kroiss from Payerbach.

That was the only victory for the Austrians!

Then it was about the PRO-AM European Champion title in full Muay Thai rules in the light middleweight – 71 kg!

The well-known strong Czech Petr HAISER challenged Andreas TROLL from Graz for the European Championship title.

At the beginning the Austrian was still tied, but with increasing duration of the fight Haiser became stronger and was able to prevail with good actions before the end of the fight.

Therefore, the 3-0 victory on points for the Czechs was also a fair judgment.

The main fight was the Ladies European title in Lowkick in Heavyweight + 66 kg.

Our four-time European champion Alexandra PETRE was challenged by No. 3 of the GBF world association Petra NEMCOVA. That was also arranged by the new GBF-AUSTRIA office in Vienna! Once again Vienna vs. Brno.

A co-sanction from WKF and GBF, a title fight for two belts! The Spanish GBF world president Emilio BERTRAND presented the Czech woman and she was accepted.

The well-known Austrian Petre rolled over the Czech like a steamroller, had her several times before the knockout but the last hit simply did not succeed. Some good high kicks hit the head, but Nemcova put it all away.

Nemcova had a clever tactic against “Godzilla”, was mostly on the retreat and was able to place good lowkicks again and again. Under distress, the smaller Czech woman was able to wriggle out of it again and again.

At the end of the title fight, the three neutral judges saw Nemcova narrowly but still in front and to the surprise of the Czech team, the point victory went to Brno.

The next “21. Night of Glory ”will follow again on September 18th in the F. Guggenberger Sport hall in Korneuburg!

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