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Date: May 2016

25. May 2016

Brazilian Championship – selection for World Chapionships in Italy

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WKF BRAZILbrasileiro6 head official Mr. Stivi WAGNER report about great Brazilian Championships, held on May 21st and 22nd in Goiania. This was another selective for the huge World Championships of kickboxing in Andria, Italy, November this Year.

Attended by 13 state teams that competed in the modalities of Forms, Point fighting, Light contact, Full contact and K-1.

The general classification of the states was as follows:

1 = Goiás

2nd = Santa Catarina

3rd = Brasilia


Master Paulo Barbosa de Brasilia

One of the highlights was the athlete Master Paulo Barbosa de Brasilia, who at age 65 (!) won two gold medals (Forms) and one silver (Point), and must be present at the world championships in Italy.

Read more about WKF in Latin America

Fight Kick Light Woman

25. May 2016

Hungarian girl Timea BELIK new international Champion

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Timea BELIK, Hungary

 aWKF HUNGARY president Mr. Istvan ROZMAN report about last event Night of the Champions. Photos here !

Nice event in “Morrison 2 Pub” in the heart of Hungarians capitol City Budapest. The venue was full of people, arround 300 people ringside. This WKF show was live in Digi sport TV. 

The promoters was: Istvan Rozman (WKF Hungary) and Laszlo Tollar (Erdi Muay Thai Box SE.)

The main fight was the WKF women pro International K-1 title in Superlightweight -62,30 Kg / 137 lbs.

Barbora Valčekova (Hanuman Gym, Bratislava) vs Timea Belik (Erdi Muay Thai Box SE.)

eThis was a real hard amazon fight and after 5 strong rounds the winner and the new International Champion is Timea BELIK from Hungary.

She won 3:0 and the pionts was clear. Timea won 4 rounds of 5.

cSecond main fight was an international non title K-1 bout, Hungarian David Szappanos vs Russian Mihail Rubov. The winner is David Szappanos by pionts.

This was the the best fight of the night.

15 more fights was on the fight cards in boxing and k-1, in pro and amateur.

22. May 2016

New leadership in WKF MALAYSIA

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1280px-Flag_of_Malaysia.svgWKF MALAYSIA Logo neuWKF head office and WKF ASIA continental federation confirm:

Mr. Omer Jemal Mohamed as our new head official and new WKF MALAYSIA president.

WKF ASIA logoBecause of less activities and just promises from the old leadership, WKF head office had the right to act, and on advise of WKF middle east director Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI we made this important and positive step.

For further requests and if you want to contact Mr. Omer Jemal Mohamed send him just a mail.

21. May 2016


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WKF SOUTH AFRICA2016.05.21 South Africa president Mr. Mark HEY report about great news:

YES ITS CONFIRMED – Real professional stand up all action fighting is back, with real professional knockout fighters featuring South African K-1 and Extreme Striking Pro Champion Sydney “Machine Gun” Mokgolo and WKF African Continental K-1 Champion Thabo “de natural” Chauke and Durban based multi discipline champion Ceeh Khubone.

WKF AFRICA logoThe full fight card will be announced during next week as other true and proven professionals are signed to the bill for the first steps on this awesome new USP fight promotion journey to produce REAL South African and International champions under REAL national and world bodies.

WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) have provided 16 overseas professional opportunities to our South African fighters in the last five years bringing home 3 international titles and just falling short on three others. Its time to stake your claim to be next in line.

The K-1 Gladiators will return to the ring at the awesome five star COLOSSEUM night club in Fourways on Saturday July 2nd for a great fight night and a truly AWESOME after party. With 5 of the 9 exclusive VIP booths sold before the fight card is even announced make sure you don’t miss out. Watch out for regular updates as we get ready for a truly amazing fight and party spectacle.

WKF AFRICA is looking for promoter who is ready to promote

African continental championships 2017

If you are serious interested send your request by mail, please

USP banner

20. May 2016

WKF ASIA present first title fight in Thailand in this Year

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IMG_9115 (1)WKF ASIA logoWKF ASIA continental president president Mr. Amir MOSADEGH promote first event on May 29th in Thailand in this Year.

Venue is amazing Phuket, well known tourist place in Thailand.

Many fights for male and females are on the fight card, and main fight is for the WKF International title in Muay Thai .

Amir MOSADEGH, MMA division world president


20. May 2016


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WKF GREECEa president Mr. Georges PERGIALIS report about last title fight in Greece.
Winning on points the experience fighter from Patra city Haris Gazis (Spartakos team) is the new WKF Greek Welterweight champion. 
After a difficult match against Athenian Giannis Tzakakos (No Limit Academy gym) in Welterweight – 66,8 Kg / 147 lbs, Charis Gazis wins the belt and gets the title.
WKF GREECE LogoThe fight was the main event in the “Warrior Night 3” on 14 May in Amaliada city of Greece, of local promoter Tonys Anyfantis with supervisor the WKF CEO Mr George Pergialis. 

20. May 2016

Important WKF middle east meeting in Morocco

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WKF middle east director Mohamd DESSOUKI

WKF AFRICA logoOur high respected WKF middle east director Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI organised a very important meeting in Marrakesh, host was our WKF MOROCCO president Mr. Omar CHEBALI.

WKF pro division World president Mr. Istvan ROZMAN was special guest and attend all important meetings.

This is the report of Mr. Dessouki, many photos are already here in the gallery.

We have a new representative in Algeria !

WKF ALGERIA Logo NEUWith immediate effect Mr. Samir MEBROUK is our new appointed WKF ALGERIA president. If you want to contact Mr. Mebrouk for any requests just send him your mail.


About starting the hard work in the Arab region, Middle East and Mediterranean area and prepare for the significant events in the region and also the World Championships 2017

We have no time to laugh or sleep, many positive challenges ahead of us now is to get the countries of the region into the World Summit, success began a tour of Egypt.

2016.07.28 Egypt OpenFrom Ras El Bar Damietta:

It was a successful meeting with the Egyptian authorities for the approval of Egypt’s international tournament in July 2016

Big event will be the participation of all countries, the second round of success in the heart of the Arab Maghreb countries in Marrakesh and Casablanca in Morocco

The discussion of the agenda

Mr. Mohamed Dessouki  President world kick-boxing federation Arab region & Middle East

Mr. Rozman István Chairman of IRC & president of the WKF professional division

Mr. Omar Chebali‎‏  President WKF Morocco & President MMA division in Africa

Mr. Samir Mebrouk‎‏ our new appointed WKF president of Algeria

Samir MEBROUK new WKF ALGERIA president

It is one of the successful candidates to work hard, and he has many ideas. He is expert in the work and in the field of electronics. In the past he was a very successfully boxer.  Mr. And also is the president of the sports club in the maritime municipality City Boudouaou, in the province of Boumerdes in Algeria.

Soon Mr. Dessouki will support the referee meeting in Turkey, as well as support the next meeting in Malaysia, to represent the Arabic World in on the Asian continent.

Chebali, Rozman, Dessouki, Mebrouk

17. May 2016

Frenky PAWLAK new WKF World Champion

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PAWLAK_WIETWKF POLAND LogoOn May 14th was an amazing event in Kedzierzyn Kozle, Poland.

This boxing event was main sponsored by BUDWELT company in Wroclaw. Promoter of the World title Mr. Arkadiusz HULAK and Mr. Maciej LISOWSKI made an excellent fight night in cooperation with Polsat TV, more events will come soon in future.

Polands legend Frenky “the Flash” PAWLAK challenged Netherlands hero Orlando WIET for the WKF World title in lowkick Weight category is Light Heavyweight – 81,40Kg/179 lbs.  This World title is called”Senior World title” , and Pawlak won the title after the second round by TKO.


13. May 2016

World title lowkick in Poland – Frenky PAWLAK vs. Orlando WIET

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Frenky “the Flash” PAWLAK

2016.05.14 PolandWKF EUROPEWKF Poland head office confirmed now official the next amazing WKF sanctioned World title fight.

Weight category is Light Heavyweight – 81,40Kg/179 lbs.

Long time World Champion and one of the best polish fighters ever Frenky”the flash” PAWLAK has a long and very successfully career and fought Worldwide against the best Champions.

His fight record since 26 Years:

In 98 fights just 7 loss !!!

twice Austrian pro Champion

3 times European Champion

13 (!) times World Champion in WKA, WPKL, WFCA, GKU, WMTF, King of the ring and others.

orlando wietttttt

Orlando “the Gladiator” WIET

Now he challenge another hero: Orlando “the Gladiator “WIET. This World title is called”Senior World title” and promoter Arkadiusz HULAK.

Date is May 14th, City in Poland KEDZIERZYN KOZLE.

More details and super fight card is coming soon.



11. May 2016

Greek national title in Amaliada on May 14th

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2016.05.14 Amaliada, GreeceWKF GREECE president Georg PERGIALIS announce next event.

In beautiful City Amaliada promoter Tonys ANIFANTIS promote high class event.

After winning last year the WKF Light Welterweight title Athenian Giannis Tzakakos (No Limit Academy gym) try to get the next division on Welterweight – 66,80 Kg / 147 lb  against an experience fighter from Patra city Charis Gazis (Spartakos Team) who is the Intercontinental champion of another federation 2014. 
The promoter is Tonys Anyfantis, supervisor is the WKF CEO George Pergialis and the fight will be held on 14 May and at Amaliada ‘s sport hall.
Georges PERGIALIS, WKF GREECE president