News from WKF INDIA – Mr. Yogesh Kumar Shad report …

Our high respected board of directors member Mr. Yogesh Kumar SHAD report about last event in his lovely country India, sanctioned by our WKF.


” …   we have  recently organized our 10th Senior National, 9 Junior And 8 Sub Junior
National kickboxing Championship in Bihar. Bihar is that place of India,
where Mahatama Budh got knowledge (enlightenment) under the tree.
World first international university “Nalanda University” is also situated
in Bihar.

Near About 1100players and officials was participated in our national


*Championship opening by Sports Minister of Bihar- Mr. Shiv Chander Ram*
*and Inspector General of Police- Mr. Kundan krishan*

*Trophies winner of 8th Sub Junior National*

Mr. Yogesh Kumar SHAD, our member of board of directors and WKF INDIA president

1. *Bihar Stae with 109 points*
*2. Maharshtra State with 100 points*
*3. Jammu & Kashmir*

*Trophies winner of 9th Junior National*
*1. Haryana with 90 points*
*2. Bihar with 87 points*
*3. Maharshtra with 60 points*

*Trophies winner of 10 senior National*
*1. West Bengal with 105 points*
*2. Haryana with 100 points*
*3. Bihar with 90 points*

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Роман Логиш, Супервизор ВКФ в СНГ и Прибалтике


Федерация мира по кикбоксингу офис


The Kings of war part 2

News from WKF BRASIL:

Stivi with Governor of the state of Goiás

The proximity of the National Kickboxing Confederation (CONKICK) to the administrative organs of the Brazilian government, especially the state government of Goiás, CONKICK’s headquarters state, has made it possible to hold large events and a very active sports calendar.

The national champions WKF Cristina e Karen Kagueyama, vice president of the CONKICK Anderson Kiyoaki, and the Education and Sport Secretary Raquel Teixeira
Athletes from the city of Senador Canedo, with the municipal secretary of sports Sergio Bravo Junior

In 2017 will be held in Brazil more than one major official event per month, much of it in Goiás, and the guaranteed participation of athletes in international events, all thanks to the “proesporte” incentive program of the Government of Goiás.

For master Wagner Stivi the great expectation will be the possibility of realizing the “International Championship of amateur Kickboxing” in his native city (Goiania) in December.




As far as the identity of the new header of WKF Cameroon is concerned, here is  Mrs.  Grace NGOMDJEU MEFOYA, trader as profession and 1st vice-president of the TRAINING FIGHT CORPORATION (WKF CAMEROON) since 2015.

She therefore leads the WKF CAMEROON since few weeks.

But we also take the opportunity to reassure you that we are still working despite all these sad situations!

And we are organizing an event scheduled for the March 8th, as far as women’s day is concerned.

The event that will officially open our season is called LADIES FIGHTING NIGHT.

More details and poster of the event coming soon, stay tuned …

Two great events scheduled in famous arena Matosinhos, Portugal

WKF EUROPE director Mr. Cesar MOREIRA announce next events in his county.

Next two events scheduled in World famous Arena Matoshinos in Portugal.

First on February 18th “Arena Fight Night” with international fight card.

Second on April 22nd with PRO-AM lowkick World title – 81 Kg / 178 lbs  Atilo COELHO/POR vs. Diego JAIR QUINTANA/COL,

Arena Matosinhos, promoter Cesar MOREIRA and WKF PORTUGAL