Welcome our new 134th member country WKF FRENCH POLYNESIA

DARROUZES Roland, president WKF French Polynesia

FRENCH POLYNESIA with respected president Mr. Roland DARROUZES is our newest member in our WKF World wide family.

With immediate effect we Welcome WKF FRENCH POLYNESIA as our 134th member in WKF. Capital city is Papeete.

This is the next member country in Oceania or South Pacific area.

WKF Papua New Guinea president Mr. Stanley NANDEX

Polynésie Française is an overseas collectivity of the French republic, but with agreement of our WKF FRENCH and WKF amateur division World president Mr. Pascal DELFOSSE board of directors agree to separate and Welcome our new friends in sport.


Our WKF FRENCH POLYNESIA  general secretary Mr. Karim CHARDOT is “the man in the office” and ready to answer all incoming requests by mail.

Because of the good relationships to the neighbour Islands very soon WKF will move on in the Pacific area. In the next weeks we will get first Champions in our various World rankings, schedule of upcoming events and reports with many photos after.

And we have already connected our new friends with the “Headhunter”, multiple World Champion and long time WKF PNG president Mr. Stanley NANDEX in Port Moresby. We all hope for first Pacific or Australian title fight with our new friends in sport.

If you want to contact WKF FRENCH POLYNESIA send just your request by mail.

WKF BRAZIL prepare for the trip to Vienna – 6 Champions on the way

The new Black Belt Mariangela Barbosa, with Stivi (president of CONKICK), and Master Ednaldo Lustosa (president of Tocantins State Federationº

WKF BRAZIL vice-president Mr. Stivi WAGNER report about latest news.

He is preparing 6 of his Champions for a confirmed trip to Vienna on September 16th. Top female Thaynara LUSTOSA and Daniel SILVA challenge two of the best WKF Champions for the World title.

Night of Glory 14th , fight card, photos and more on www.knock-out.at.

The kickboxing developed by the National Confederation of Kickboxing and Martial Arts-CONKICK in partnership with WKF has grown a lot in Brazil.

One of the expansion goals is to increase the number of graduates, duly regular in the country.

For this, CONKICK (official kickboxing and martial arts administration body in Brazil) is, together with the main teams, organizing undergraduate and equivalent examinations all over Brazil, which will contribute to a growth in quantity and quality of the practitioners.


WKF and WBU Are Working Together For The First Time in China !

Haikou City Hainan Province on September 9th

WKF CHINA Zone President

Shifu YAN Dinan Announce :

WKF and WBU Are Working Together For The First Time in China



“2017 WKF World Kickboxing Championship & WBU World Boxing Championship” Will be Held in Haikou City Hainan Province on September 9 !


Sifu YAN Dinan, WKF CHINA zone president

This Competition is The First Cooperation Between WKF and WBU !


China Kickboxing & Boxing & MMA Team Will Meet The Challenges of The Professional Champions Teams From Germany, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Malaysia, tajikistan, kazakhstan, Iran, Egypt and Russia


CCTV-5《World Professional Boxing Championship》Three Famous Sports Commentators Han Qiaosheng, Du Wenjie and Wang Guojun, Hainan Reunion, September 9! Look at The ““2017 WKF World Kickboxing Championship & WBU World Boxing Championship”!Listen to “CCTV Iron Triangle” to Tell a Generation of Chinese Boxing People’s Feelings!



WKF ARFRICAN continental title in Mbarara, Uganda


WKF UGANDA president Hassan SEKIRIME announce next high class title fight in Africa.

Date is August 5th!

Promoter is Kasaka TWAHA – discount hardware – from Mbarara.

This continental title fight is scheduled in Lightweight – 60Kg / 132 lbs.

Uganda Champion Mbatta AUSI challenge Tanzania hero Mwishee MAGWILA.

The WKF title fight is five rounds with two minutes break.


New Cyprus international MMA champion Stavros GRIGORIOU

Cyprus international champion Stavros GRIGORIOU

WKF CYPRUS president Christos NICOLAOU report about the last Cyprus event.

The association of MUAY THAI  KICKBOXING  MMA PAPHOS  and CYBEX GYM in collaboration with the CYPRUS TRADITIONAL MUAY THAI FEDERATION  (C.Y.T.M.F.) and the WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION (WKF) organized the third event of martial arts ‘CASTLE GLADIATORS III’

The best Cypriot athletes of Muay Thai and MMA and also international fights with the participation of foreign athletes from countries such as Greece, Russia, Belgium, Italy, UK and others.

Main fight was for the Cyprus International MMA title in Featherweight – 66 Kg / 145 lbs. Greece challenger Makis SIOUTIS lost by points vs. Cyprus hero Stavros GRIGORIOU by points.

New Cyprus international champion Stavros GRIGORIOU from Paphos Thai Boxing & MMA Fight Club.


WKF CHINA – more than 20 events on schedule until December


WKF CHINA president Sifu YAN Dinan
2017.08.05 Delingha·Qinghai·China

WKF CHINA Zone President Mr. YAN Dinan announce:Will Hold Four World Championships in August!

2017年8月5日 中国·青海·德令哈

August 5, 2017 Delingha, Qinghai, China

 2017年8月12日 中国·青海·西宁

August 12, 2017 Xining, Qinghai, China

2017年8月18日 中国·青海·格尔木

August 18, 2017 Geermu, Qinghai, China

2017年8月25日 中国·青海·玉树

August 25, 2017 Yushu, Qinghai, China




As of July, WKF China Zone Has Held Nine International Kickboxing & MMA Competitions in Sichuan, Qinghai, Hubei, Zhejiang and Fujian.

More Than 20 International Kickboxinh & MMA Competitions Are Expected to be Held in China This Year!


2017.08.12 Xining·Qinghai·China

5 times World Champion Jamshid Asghargivehchi signed new contract

We are Pleased to announce that, On this day, July 18th, 2017, a contract was signed between the 5 time world champion Mr. Jamshid Asghargivehchi and Asia WKF.

This event happed at the WKF central office of the Asia Kickboxing.

The president of the Kickboxing Federation, Mr. Amir Mosadegh attended this event.

The said contract is for the title belt of the kick boxing championship.

A complete news and description will be announced in a later date.


We are pleased to announce that, in order to coordinate the international events,and awarding the educational material, a meeting was held between the members of the technical committee of the Kickboxing Federation, WKF ASIA in the central office of the WKF Federation.

WKF IRAN – Mrs. Sadat Asghari breaking a Guinness world record

The International Affairs Committee of the WKF Iran Mr. David Sadeghi is pleased to announce that, a great achievement by one of its own members.

Mrs. Elham Sadat Asghari, one of our WKF members and twice an Iranian national champion, achieved the honour of breaking a Guinness world record.

Mrs. Asghari overcame all the obstacles and created a worldwide accomplishment by breaking the world record in official attempt of farthest swim wearing handcuffs. She improved the newest record by swimming the distance of 3.162 Kilometers equal to 1.96 Miles.

While being the first woman and first Iranian to reach such a great achievement, she had to earn the respect of the Guinness’s toughest judges.

This is while the WKF Asia President and WKF MMA World President, Mr. Amir Mosadegh just announced that Mrs. Asghari will participate in the WKF world championship in Argentina which will be held in 2018.

Welcome our new 133rd member country WKF BANGLADESH

Ms. Lubiana AHMED, president WKF BANGLADESH

With immediate effect we Welcome WKF BANGLADESH as our 133rd member in our WKF World family.

Two posters of our next events are here online and as well on WKF ASIA continental web site.

Our respected director Mr. Yogesh SHAD from WKF INDIA will give first international WKF referee and official seminar in Bangladesh, details and invitation is coming soon.

Soon we will introduce our new team in Bangladesh represented by  Ms. Lubiana AHMED. If you want to contact WKF BANGLADESH send just your request by mail.





Again top event in Dunaújváros – Battle of the Nations

2017.07.01 Dunaujvaros, Hungary

WKF HUNGARY president Istvan ROZMAN report about last event in Dunaujvarous, Hungary:

“Fighters come from Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Uganda and Hungary. Totally was 14 fights.

The main fights was Hungary vs. Serbia.

Here is the result of my show:
We started with extra beginning 2 boxing fight Bosnia vs Bosnia.

3. Antal Gergely (Budapest) vs Csizmadia Gábor (Team Rozman), -91 kg, pro boxing, Winner: Csizmadia Gábor by pionts 3:0,

4. Czene László (Budapest) vs. Kutasi György (Team Rozman), +91 kg, pro boxing, Winner: Kutasi György by points 3:0

5. Tóth Dorina (Carbon Harcosok Klubja, Komló) vs. Kolompár Kitti (Sukothai Team Thai Box SE.) -46 kg, Winner: Kolompár Kitti by points 3:0, K-1 rules

6. Sári Zsolt (Pécsváradi Spartacus) vs. Tóth Bálint (Sukothai Team Thai Box SE.) -85 kg, K-1 rules, Winner: Sári Zsolt by points 2:1

7. Bischoff Martin (Carbon Harcosok Klubja, Komló) vs. Horváth Marcell (Sukothai Team Thai Box SE.) -76 kg,K-1 rules, Draw !!!

8. Iváncsics Péter Csaba (Sukothai Team Thai Box SE.) vs. Nagyfaludi Zsolt (Sukothai Team Thai Box SE.) -72,5 kg,K-1 rules, Winner: Ivancsics by doctor decision

9. Király Dominik (Carbon Harcosok Klubja, Komló) vs. Varjasi Viktor (Pécsváradi Spartacus) -83 kg,K-1 rules, Winner: Varjasi Viktor by TKO in the 2nd round

10. Tóth Balázs (Szombathely) vs. Szappanos Dávid (sukothai Team Thai Box SE.) -81 kg, boxing, Winner: Szappanos Dávid by pionts 3:0

11. Selma Music (Sarajevo, Bosnia) vs Patricia Apolot (Uganda), -61 kg, pro boxing, winner: Patricia Apolot by KO in the 1st round.

12. Vajna Dumitrov (KBS Kikinda, Szerbia) vs Spéth Norbert (Vita Gym, Miskolc) -67 kg, K-1 rules, Winner: Spéth Norbert by TKO in the 2nd round

13. Milos Panic ( BFC Beocin, Szerbia) vs. Vidákovics Patrik (Bács Team) -81 kg,K-1 rules, Winner: Vidákovics Patik by TKO in the 2nd round

14. Milos Ketjanovic ( No. 1. Subotica, Szerbia) vs. Fábián Kristóf ( Vita Gym, Miskolc) -71 kg.K-1 rules, Winner: Fábián Kristóf by points 3:0

Serbia vs Hungary 0:3 !!! 

Again was thousands spectatulars watched the shown in Dunaújváros.”