Charity event in Germany – Top Ladies fight and German title in K-1

WKF GERMANY president Mr. Roman LOGISCH confirm our next great event in Germany.

This is a Charity event in Weiden on 7th Oktober with international fight card.

First main fight is for German PRO-AM title. Marcel KROMMER from Spartan Team Weiden challenge Markus SCHÄFER from  Shuri Fighters Zwickau  in K-1 – 63,5 kg.


Tobias POTZLER from team FIGHTSPORTS PEGNITZ   is the head coach and has two of his fighters on the fight card. He fight in MMA – 80 Kg and his student Matthias VOIGT challenge TBA in super heavy weight.


René KREUZER from organising team Spartan Weiden vs. Peter GEBHARDT  from Samurais Nürnberg is next great fight in K-1  + 95 Kg !

Female WKF World Champion Deshire KURTAJ has challenged now three German champions for the Charity event superprestige fight. The first girl retired after her management confirmed the fight.

The new current WKU World and Vice World Champions from Ireland 2017 cannot make the fight as well.

Spartan Team Weiden is now looking for any other German female fighter – 54Kg or -57Kg in K-1 rules, please contact promoter Mr. Konstantin LAGIDIN.


16th national championships in Papua New Guinea

WKF PAPUA NEW GUINEA president Stanley NANDEX announce next top event in the City Goroka.

Stanley “the head hunter” NANDEX


He reports:

Our national event is scheduled for the 5th-7th October 2017 and this will be part of the selection and preparation for the World championships in Argentina 2018.

This event will also highlight some of the major events such as:


Launching of the Federation from Association,

Announcement of 2018 Event calendar

One title fight- for the WKF regional middle weight title -72,30 Kg / 159 lbs in K-1 rule.

This and more WKF sanctioned title fights are on the schedule, just stay tuned.

We will have some significant people attending this event who would be part of the sponsors for our 2018 programs including the minister for sports.

We will send soon the run-down of our programs and activities for 2018 once we’ve launched.

I would love to work with other regional and neighbouring countries like China, Thailand, French Polynesia and Philippines, to bring the fighters arose. For Oceania region Mr. Ozan ULKER has been very quiet recently which I want to work with him to promote Oceania and South Pacific regional championships starting 2018.

Night of Glory in Vienna – 4 new WKF Champions

Deshire KURTAJ, Florian BARTL and Daniel SILVA

WKF AUSTRIA president Gerald DITTRICH confirm four new WKF Champions.

On September 16th was an international event with fighters from eight countries.

Promoter was sport promotions.

Special guest was Mr. Stivi WAGNER from WKF BRAZIL and six Champions.

First PRO-AM World title was Austrian three times world Champion Florian BARTL vs. Brazilian Champion Daniel SILVA.

After a hard bout now four times World Champion Bartl won by clear KO in 3rd round by KO. New fight record 19 wins, 7 KO and two lose.

In second PRO-AM World title Brazilian female champion Thaynara LUSTOSA challenged Austrian TOP fighter and multiple World Champion Deshire KURTAJ for the WKF World title in K-1.

Kurtaj made the fight and was clear with kicks and punches against her opponent.

After a nice head kick German head referee Cavit KAPLAN had to give a standing 8 count to Lustosa.

In 4th round the Brazilian was in troubles and the clear result was TKO in 4th round.

Now four times World Champion Deshire KURTAJ from Vienna.

New fight record 21 wins, 7 KO and one lose.



Stefan ZELLER , PPF European Champion
Andre MERGENER, PPF European Champion

In first PPF – Pro Point fighting – European title Italien Champion Francesco TURCO challenged Austrian Stefan ZELLER. In second round Zeller was few points in front when Turco stopped the fight because of a serious injury in his body.

New PPF European Champion Stefan ZELLER, Octagon pro Gym Vienna.

Last PPF European titel was in super heavy weight when German amateur World Champion Andre MERGENER challenged Austrian Harald KRETSCHMER.

After 4 rounds of a very good technical and fast fight we had a draw.

One extra round was a draw as well and “Sudden death” made the golden point for the German European PPF European Champion Andre MERGENER.

PPF Heavy weight European title in Vienna on September 16th

Harald KRETSCHMER, Austria
Andre MERGENER, Germany

The management of Austrian Heavyweight Champion Harald KRETSCHMER confirm the PPF European title fight + 91 Kg/200 lbs.

The date is confirmed September 16th in Vienna, opponent is our current Nr. 1 in the PPF World ranking.

Andre MERGENER from Germany is WKF World Champion in Semicontact and promoter is sport promotion.

Next European title in Light Welterweight – 63,5 Kg/138 lbs is already confirmed.


Francesco TURCU, Italy

Italian WKF European Champion Francesco TURCO is high qualified for this match.

Stefan ZELLER, Austria

Austrian Stefan ZELLER from Octagon pro Gym is current on pos. 5th in the PPF World ranking and qualified challenger.

Fighting time is 4 rounds 2 minutes, date September 16th.

Plus two world title fights in K1 Austria vs. Brazil !



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