Next international Middle east MMA event in Egypt

WKF AFRICA head office confirm the next international middle east event in amazing Egypt.

Here is the announcement of our high respected WKF Middle East president Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI.

Very important and very urgent to all brothers in : Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Palestine, United Arab Emirates,
Sudan, Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia and in all countries of the Arab region and the Middle East.

Greetings to all,

Thank God we have become the top of the world in all games (self-defense ) It is time to bring more success and sport !

And therefore decide to make qualifying for national teams MMA:

In the following weight categories:
Bantamweight – 61 kg / 135 lbs
Feather weight – 66 kg / 145 lbs
Light weight -70 kg / 155 lbs
Welter weight – 77 kg / 170 lbs
Middle weight – 84 kg / 185 lbs
Lightweight heavyweight – 93 kg / 265 lbs
Heavy weight + 93 kg / +265 lbs

To register your Champions, please contact Mr. Dessouki by mail, so we can register !


هام جدا جدا وعاجل
الساده الأشقاء في
وجميع دول المنطقه العربيه والشرق الأوسط
تحياتي للجميع
الحمد لله أننا أصبحنا علي قمة العالم في جميع الألعاب
وحان الوقت للحصول علي مقابل من جزء من العمل الجاد والإرهاق المستمر خلال الأعوام الماضيه
تقرر أن تجعل التصفيات للمنخبات الوطنيه MMA
في الأوزان
بانتامويت -61 كغم / 135 رطلا
وزن الريشة -66 كجم / 145 رطلا
خفيفة الوزن -70 كغ / 155 رطلا
وزن خفيف -77 كغ / 170 رطلا
متوسط الوزن -84 كغ / 185 رطلا
خفيفة الوزن الثقيل -93 كغ / 265 رطلا
الوزن الثقيل +93 كغ / +265 رطلا
وذلك لنتمكن من التصفيات النهائيه بين الدول في موعد أقصاه 60 يوم من تاريخه
لنتمكن من التسجيل

European Cup in Jaroslaw, Poland – four WKF new PRO-AM Champions

Frenky PAWLAK – multiple world Champion and Poland hero

WKF POLAND national coach “multiple World Champion and Poland all time hero” Frenky PAWLAK promoted last WKF European Cup with local Clubs in the City Jaroslaw.

Date was 28th – 30th of November !

Kamil HANDZEL, with World Champion Florian BARTL and WKF World president

Many under card fights are on the fight card, plus 4 main fights and valuable WKF Champion belts.
First main fight was for the polish title in low kick. Maciej KRZYZANOWSKI challenge Kuba KWASNIEWSKI for the title belt in Welterweight – 67 Kg/- 147 lbs. Winner by KO was Kuba KWASNIEWSKI.
Hometown Champion Michal ZAJAC challenge Austrian TOP fighter Alexander KRUPIC from Vienna. The fight was agreed for the European title in lowkick, scheduled for 5 x 2 minutes in Middleweight – 71 Kg / 156 lbs !
After a hard bout with low kicks, good hard punches but always fair play from both Champions, Michal ZAJAC was the correct winner by points. Immediately after the fight the Austrians request for a re-match in Vienna.
PRO-AM K1 world Champion Marcin KALATA

Local hero Marcin KALATA challenged Czech giant David HUDAK for the K1 world title in Super Heavyweight +91 Kg / 200 lbs.
Dominika CHMIEL wins by point vs. Hungarian girl

Hometown boy Kalata had many fans ringside and was the more tactical clever fighter. After 5 tough rounds Kalata won close by points. Next challenge for the title could be vs. Austrian giant Daniel HIRLAU in April in Vienna.
Fourth and last World title fight was for the MMA World title in Super Heavyweight +91 Kg / 200 lbs.  Tomas “Szajba” KOLCUN is local hometown hero in Jaroslaw and many fans ring side supported him. His opponent was Czech MMA expert Vladan WEISS from Brno.
At the request of the promoter, WKF supervisor agreed a local MMA referee. This was not a happy decision, because this “so experienced MMA referee”  was totally overwhelmed. Because of his inability the fight was over, and he declared Kolcun as winner. Just to make it clear – Kolcun was at all time a correct and fair fighter.

The Czech team was very disappointed about the main referee, even the international judges ringside felt embarrassing.

This makes very clear once again: No WKF license – NO WKF official.

So many photos are already in the gallery !

WKF GEORGIA / ВКФ Грузия has a new elected president


WKF ASIA continental office confirm:

WKF GEORGIA has a new leadership and Mr. Tofig AKBEROV  is our new president.

Here is his short CV:

I was born in Georgia on 03.09.1982
From my youth to sports
In the first nine years 1993, I started training with Karate from the age of 9
Then I became interested in boxing and started boxing.

After a long period of training, I started kickboxing trainings and continued training in Muay Thai sports.

In 2007, I won the World Cup in Iran.

In 2005, I started my career as a kickboxing coach
In 2012, I am the leader of Georgia representation wfmc

From 2016 I am the head of the Georgian Martial Arts Center, and I have 3rd black belts in kickboxing.

If you want to contact Mr. Akberov for fighters or any upcoming events send him just a mail.

Mr. Sevindik MEHDIYEV is our new WKF AZERBAIJAN president


Details coming soon, stay tuned !!!

Mr. Sevindik MEHDIYEV

Our WKF supervisor Mr. Roman LOGISCH and WKF ASIA head office confirm our new WKF AZERBAIJAN president Mr. Sevindik MEHDIYEV.

He started in 1980 with freestyle wrestling. Later he trained in Sambo and hand-to-hand fighting.

In the early 90´he trained his students in Boxing, kick boxing and Chinese Sanda as well on the Baku state university.

Later he was CEO of the Wushu Club in Sumgait. Today he is MMA president of Azerbaijan.

Soon we will have our first events in Baku and new Azerbaijan fighters in our WKF World rankings.

If you want to book fighters, contact Mr. Mehdiyev by mail.  

INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP for September 2018 in the city of Goiânia

CONKICK president Mr. Stivi WAGNER, WKF BRAZIL Vice president

WKF LAC continental office confirm next international tournament in Brazil !

WKF BRASIL vice president Mr. Stivi WAGNER organize next international top event 2018.

The National Confederation of Kickboxing and Martial Arts of Brazil (conkick), already prepares a strong calendar of competitions throughout the country for 2018, and confirms the amateur INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP for September 2018 in the city of Goiânia.

For the president of CONKICK Wagner Stivi, with the good repercussion of the 1st international WKF championship held in November 2017 in Brazil, the expectation is that in the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP has a significant participation of foreign teams, especially from Europe.

The format of the event will be decided and disseminated soon by the organization.

The black pearl show in Soroti, Uganda vs. Serbia

Patricia APOLOT

WKF AFRICA head office confirm next TOP event in Kampala, Uganda.

Date: 09.12.2017.
Venue: Hotel Soroti
Cíty: Soroti, Uganda, Teso region

The 8 WKF belt holder Patricia “Black Pearl” Apolot prepare the next upcoming international super fight in Uganda.

Amidst the challenges that come with being a female kickboxer, 27-year-old Apolot has said that what keeps her going is her passion.



With that passion and commitment to training, she has won all her 16 professional fights, seven of them ending with a knockout.

Meanwhile, her next fight comes up on December 9 against Serbia’s Ivana Bogdanovic (KBS Club, Kikinda). Bent on using her success in kickboxing to inspire girls, Apolot decided to bring that fight to her own region, Soroti, because she needs people back home to see her in action. In her own words:

“I’m like, let me go back home and show people what I can do, what I’m doing so that they will learn. And also to encourage fellow girls who are behind there thinking producing and just having children is the way of life after school.”

Battle in Uganda – Golola vs. Lakatos

Uganda hero Champion Moses GOLOLA

WKF AFRICA head office confirm next TOP event in Kampala, Uganda.

Uganda’s hero challenge again European fighter for the WKF World title belt. GOLOLA Moses vs. LAKATOS Janos from Sukothai Team in Hungary.

Janos LAKATOS from Hungary


The date of the show: 08.12.2017.
Venue: Tavan Woods Kabusu, Kampala, Uganda
Title: WKF Pro World Kickboxing
Weight: Supermiddleweight – 78,1 kg / 172 lbs

Promoter: Vanilla International


WKF GREECE president Mr. George PERGIALIS announce about next event:

Spectacular Muay Thai and Kick Boxing fights are in the card this Sunday 3rd  December in Athens Greece.

The Greek promoter and WMC champion Pavlos Kaponis put on the main event card of the KGP 6 New Heroes event at Athenian Enastron venue, the prestige WKF national lightweight title between two strong fighters, Giannis Papadopoulos of Arena Gym , (11F-10W-1L) and Dionisis Gkikas of Victory Camp, (28F-20W-8L).

Supervisor of the WKF title and the KGP is the CEO of WKF Greece Mr. George Pergialis.