Castle Gladiators IV – in Paphos, Cyprus

Chris NICOLAO, WKF CYPRUS president

WKF EUROPE head office confirm next TOP class event again in Cyprus.
The association of MUAY THAI KICKBOXING MMA PAPHOS and CYBEX GYM in collaboration with the CYPRUS TRADITIONAL MUAY THAI FEDERATION (C.Y.T.M.F.) and the WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION (WKF) are organizing and hosting for the third successful time, an event of martial arts ‘CASTLE GLADIATORS IV.

The event includes the participation of the best Cypriot athletes of Muay Thai boxing and M.M.A. fighting with each other, while it also includes international fights with the participation of foreign athletes from countries such such as Greece, Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, UK and others.


Last news brings Muay Thai to the first line as from 6.12.2016 became an Olympic sport and it is now recognized by the Olympic committee. According to that from now and on more programmers from Sports Authority of Cyprus will be developed based on the World Muay Thai federation.

It is expected to attract participants from Europe and around the world. Certainly this is for once more a promising event and it will attract people from all cities both local and tourists. The event will host and welcome over 1500 quests while there will be a designed VIP area.

Atlantida Beach
Pafos, Cyprus

Doors open at 20:00 ,   For further information call at +357 99 461 343.


The British KGP 9 Grand Prix event makes its way back to Greece and coming back to Athens for the third time.

Spectacular Muay Thai and Kick Boxing fights are in the card next Saturday the 16th in Athens Greece.

The Greek promoter and WMC champion Pavlos Kaponis put on the main event card of the KGP 9 event at Athenian Enastron venue, the prestige WKF international light middleweight title between two strong fighters, Greek Champion Meletis “The Nightmare” Kakoumpavas of Kritikos Camp and France champion Mitch “The Joker” Farrel.

National WKF light heavy weight Title is also in the line.

Supervisor of the WKF title is the CEO of WKF Greece George Pergialis 


WKF UGANDA has new leadership

WKF UGANDA president Patrick LUYOOZA

In the last Years our WKF UGANDA family was the strongest member country on the Africa continent.

The best shows, the best fighters and – the best ring girls 🙂
We all know Africans best female and current pro World Champion Patrizia APOLOT from Kampala, Uganda´s capital City.

Patrizia APOLOT, WKF World Champion

Our new WKF UGANDA president Mr. Patrick LUYOOZA will continue the way and move on forward in the best way.

Very soon we will know the new elected executive committee of “Uganda Kickboxing federation”.

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WKF – World Kickboxing Federation


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This confirms once again our WKF slogan :


 “we are the real global player”


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