Brazilian team of Kickboxing – seleção brasileira de Kickboxing

Wagner Stivi Gonzaga

Depois de um super treino com integrantes da seleção brasileira de Kickboxing.

Obrigado a todos que participaram do nosso aulão. CONKICK – WKF BRASIL.

After a super training with members of the Brazilian team of Kickboxing.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our meeting. CONKICK – WKF Brazil.


seleção brasileira de Kickboxing

New leadership in WKF POLAND – president Mr. Dariusz ZAJAC

WKF POLAND president Mr. Dariusz ZAJAC

WKF POLAND was very little active in the past and officials from WKF head office were invited to several meetings in Poland.

Many strong Poland teams, promoters and managers send mail to our WKF head office for various requests, new events and how to register for the upcoming World Championships in Buenos Aires.

Since the great event and last WKF European Cup in Jaroslaw, we have a new WKF POLAND country president with all authorities.

Mr. Dariusz ZAJAC is our new president and the WKF POLAND office has now moved to Mikulow.

Mr. Zajac is CEO and international Business man and he is international well known as serious promoter with excellent TV contacts in Poland.

His first step in Poland will be an invitation to all interested teams and clubs, no matter where they come from. This meting is like a new start, to bring polish Champions, clubs, promoter and officials together, to develop Kickboxing all styles, Thaiboxing, SANDA as well as MMA in its best way.

Next WKF European Cup is already scheduled for January or February in Mikulow. Details and full invitation is coming soon, stay tuned !

As chief coach he appointed tow real polish experts, Frenky Flash Pawlak and Roman Sternik from “TOP FIGHT GYM”

Just with sponsor and TV contacts, promoters can do serious events, invite foreign Champions for WKF title fights and to get so a chance to get a re-invitation abroad.

The next international mega event is scheduled for autumn 2018 , stay tuned !!!

Oficialnie Nowym Prezesem na Polske Federacji WKF jest Dariusz ZAJAC jest nam bardzo milo slyszec takie wiadomosci,bo tacy ludzie na taka posade zasluguja i jestesmy pewni ze Prezes Dariusz ZAJAC bedzie pelnil ta Funkcje na 1000 Prozent dobrze beda Gale i Turnieje a najlepsi beda wyjazdzac na Mistrzostwa Swiata i europy i godnie reprezentowac POLSKE?


WKF European Heavyweight champion is from Sunday 24th June the local hero Dimitris Maliaris who wins Alexander Poppeck and get the European WKF heavyweight title – 96,4 Kg / 212 lbs in K-1 rules.

WKF GREECE in cooperation with Greek promoter Dimitris Katsiaras present the main event at the Andravida hall of Andravida city in Ilia area of Greece. 

Supervisor was WKF CEO Mr George Pergialis


WKF World title Milea/ROM vs. Kamara/FRA in Constanta

Cristian MILEA

WKF ROMANIA president Mr. Florian MINA announce next great event in the famous City Constanta on the black Sea. Date is August 24th

Current Nr. 4 on the world ranking Romanian hero Cristian “the fastest” MILEA fight in Superwelterweight – 69,5 Kg / 153 lbs vs. France ISKA European Champion MADICKA KAMARA from Paris. He is current on pos. 12 in our WKF World rankings.

Next battle WKF European Champion vs. ISKA European Champion.

An amazing duel of two great Champions, a battle with Champion vs. Champion !

Following our main principle: No fake title fights in WKF !

Special guest WKF World president Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER

Soon we will get all details, poster and fight card ! For any further details about the event in Constanta contact directly Mr. Florin MINA by mail.

Intercontinental title fight in Hungary !

Istvan ROZMAN, WKF HUNGARY and pro division World president

WKF HUNGARY president Istvan ROZMAN announce next international event in Dunaujvaros on June 30th.

Fighters from 3 continents and 12 countries meet in Hungary for K-1 and pro Boxing event.

WKF Kickboxing USA West Coast – Mike PEREIRA in negotiation for a title fight in Europe



WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION in USA has  a new web site based in Los Angeles, California !

knock-out sport promotion

With Mike PEREIRA WKF USA head office has a top class fighter in Light heavyweight  – 179 lbs / 81,4 Kg  kg in the World ranking.

He represent “Tiger Boxing Fight Camp” in Los Angeles.

Today he is current on pos. 4thand best US fighter ranked in this weight. His team is already in negotiation for a WKF title fight in Europe. promoter shows already interest to book Mike for a great titel in K-1 rules to Europe.

Wait and see, stay tuned !

Mike is our very busy manager for WKF and his new WKF USA WEST COAST web site is here:

If you would have any request to Mike, do not hesitate to contact him by mail.

Next great event in Port Moresby, PNG ! World title with Rickson YAMO


Mr. Rickson YAMO, former WKF World Champion
Mr. Stanley NANDEX, WKF PNG president

WKF AUSTRALIA continental office confirm the next World title in Papua New Guinea.

WKF PNG president Stanley NANDEX moving forward with new promoters and former serious Champions. For 2018 we have soon six events just in PNG in the online schedule.

Next great event in PNG is coming on September 26th in Port Moresby !

Former World Champion Mr. Rickson YAMO is confirmed to fight for the prestigious WKF World title in Lightwelterweight – 64,5 Kg / 142 LBS, the fight is already booked in our World rankings.

WKF PNG president Mr. Stanley Nandex has the amazing event already confirmed.

Poster and fight card is coming soon !!!

If you want to join team WKF PNG contact Mr. Nandex by mail.

If you want to represent your Country Australia and anywhere from Oceania by the next World Championships 2018 in Argentina contact our WKF head office !

2 World Champions – Rickson YAMO and Stanley NANDEX

African continental title – South Sudan vs. Kenya in Juba

MAYEAN Kuol, South Sudan

WKF AFRICA head office confirmed:

The Long awaited Battle For the African WKF Continental belt is here.

Kenya Allen Allan Muhahala Kenyatta Challenging South Sudan Roughest toughest Kuol Mayean Middleweight – 75 kg / 165 lbs for the WKF  African K-1 continental title Belt.

WKF continental PRO champion belt

On the main card are 4 south Sudan champion for K-1 WKF National titles belt. Date is July 6th, venue in Juba in South Sudan.

High WKF official representative will be coming to supervise the fight.





Next Heavyweight European title in Greece, Maliaris vs. Miran

European K-1 title June 24th in Greece


On 24th June a spectacular fight  is booked for the European title of WKF .

Greek hero Dimitris MALIARIS will Fight against  Slovenian fighter Fabjan MIRAN for the K-1 title in Heavyweight  – 96,4 Kg / 212 lbs.

Fabjan MIRAN / Slovenia

Supervisor is our WKF GREEK president Mr. Georgos PERGIALIS.

Dimitris MALIARIS / Greece

Stivi WAGNER announce next WORLD CUP in Goiania September 7th

WKF World Cup in South America in Brazil in September, full invitation is here !!!

Next WKF World Cup

in China (!)

is coming in spring 2019


The work of the WKF in Brazil is very active and successful.

For Brazil is a country of continental dimensions, with 26 states and the federal district, a council of masters was created, with members from all regions of the country, all black belts above 4th grade, which will have responsibility for supervision of the new members and graduates, and regional guidelines.

Intending to qualify better and better our members, the state of Goiás, in the central region of the country, prepares next WKF WORLD CUP  in the City Goiania in central Brazil.

Full invitation is HERE,

for Hotel, airport transfers and any further request contact directly

Stivi WAGNER by mail.