Robin and Ric SNIFFEN, our WKF dynamic duo in USA

Robin and Ric SNIFFEN, our WKF dynamic duo in USA

WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN has more and more new state directors in USA.

We have been APPROVED to hold PROFESSIONAL WKF EVENTS in Oklahoma, West Virginia and Indiana and we are working on Texas and Tennesse now so maybe by 2017 we will have many States approving us.

Many new events in USA agreed, as well as an USA national team for the

World Championships in Argentina in November 5th to 10th, 2018 is confirmed as well.

You could compete in 14 form categories, point fighting, light contact, full contact, low kick, K-1 rules real Thai Boxing and MMA. All fights 3 rounds 2 minutes.

Any US fighter who is interested to become “member in the US national team”  just fill in the “WKF USA application form” and send by mail to Mr. Sniffen.

Many US top class fighter will be registered in all four World rankings. All our international WKF promoters have now the opportunity to book a US Champion for the next title fight or any other event.

We have our next events in amateur and professional in USA, and if you want to book any WKF USA fighters, or for any requests in WKF World Kickboxing Federation events and activities contact Mr. Sniffen.

WKF INDIA report about upcoming events and new president

WKF INDIA and KFI is one of our strongest member and partner in Asia since 10 Years.

On June 10th 2018 KFI- Kickboxing Federation of India – had a meeting at New Delhi on June 10th 2018.

After the election of the new Board of directors we proudly announce our long time friend and respected WKF treasure Mr. Yogesh KUMAR SHAD become new president of KFI.


Mr. Ishwar Singh Rthore as a General Secretary of KFI

Mr. Vijender Singh Rawat as a Treasurer of KFI

Mr. Jasbir Singh Bajaj as a Chairman in KFI

Mr. Shakti Sharad as a Vice Chairman in KFI.

We congratulate the new board and look forward to further good cooperation !



Mr. Yogesh KUMAR SHAD, president KFI and WKF INDIA

Mr. Yogesh Kumar SHAD report:

Kickboxing Federation of India came into existence in 2008, with the primary objective to organize, encourage, and promote the game of kickboxing in the country by providing proper training facilities to Indian Kickboxing Players.

1 To organize, encourage, promote and control the Sport of Kickboxing in India.

2. To impart useful knowledge and modern techniques in Kickboxing by publishing literature in any form and participating in seminars in India and abroad.

3.To organize  Sub-Junior, Junior, Senior level National Championships and regularly including competitions for selection for Indian Team for International Championships.

4.To arrange regular training seminar(s) and workshops throughout the country for Judges, Coaches and Technical Officials to update their Knowledge & Techniques.

Our latest program is on 12-15 July national Judges / Referee Seminar 2018 at Punjabi University, Punjab. This is the same venue where our first all India Inter University games was conducted by Us with Punjabi University.

From This year, we are separating our national championship i.e. 10th Sub Junior and 11th Junior national at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi, India 27-30 August 2018. And Senior national in the first week of Dec. 2018 (offering states are Punjab, Kerala, Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh etc.) We shall decide about senior national in our upcoming seminar. 

About World Championship-2018

WKF INDIA confirm once again near about 12 players are finalized till now for the World championship, we want to bring a huge team with minimum 20 players from India.

Ronald ODOCH new International K-1 Champion

Ronald ODOCH, International Champion Uganda

WKF AFRICA confirm the new International Champion Ronald ODOCH from Kampala, UGANDA !

Odoch challenged Romanian fighter Mihai RADU in Dunaujvaros, Hungary on June 30th.

Both fighter made the weight a day before, in Superwelterweight – 69,5 Kg / 153 lbs.

In the first round the Romanian was clear the better fighter, he started with great combinations and high speed.

Our World Champion Patrizia APOLOT was ring side as coach and in round two the fight was clear changed.

Odoch was successful with hard knee attacks and put much high pressure on Radu.

In third round same story and in the break the Romanian corner had enough and stopped the fight. Official result was WO 3rd round.

Promoter “Team Sokuthai Hungary” with Mr. Istvan ROZMAN organized an excellent event with 15 international fights from 6 countries.

Supervisor of this great title fight and special guest was WKF World president Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER.