2019 WKF CHINA Youth Free Fighting Gold Belt Tournament

WKF CHINA president Mr. YAN Dinan announce next event in China:

In response to the call of the state, the implementation of the “national fitness, military strength and strong country” guiding ideology. Promote the exchange and development of martial arts fighting sports, and enrich the sports and cultural life of young children. Oppose campus violence, improve the physical and mental health of young children, improve the hard work and hardship of young children, and be tenacious and willful.

The 9th National Fitness Games in Tongnan County and the “2019 WKF-CHINA Youth Free Fighting Golden Belt Competition (Southern Railway Station)” will be held in mid-July, in the “Hongyan Hometown, Zhisheng Hometown” Junnan County Junyue Mushroom Street is grandly launched!
The event was hosted by the Yinan County Sports Bureau and certified by the WKF World Free Fighting Federation in China. Linyi City Sanda Fighting Sports Association, Yimeng Red Film and Television Base, Yinan County Wushu Sanda Association, Baohua International Hero Soul World Fighting Professional League jointly created. In the spirit of friendship, health, cooperation and mutual benefit, we will build a fair, just, formal and professional event exchange and display platform for young children’s martial arts fighters. This competition is for the whole society and accepts the registration of young children’s martial arts fighters.