Battle in Uganda – Golola vs. Lakatos

Uganda hero Champion Moses GOLOLA

WKF AFRICA head office confirm next TOP event in Kampala, Uganda.

Uganda’s hero challenge again European fighter for the WKF World title belt. GOLOLA Moses vs. LAKATOS Janos from Sukothai Team in Hungary.

Janos LAKATOS from Hungary


The date of the show: 08.12.2017.
Venue: Tavan Woods Kabusu, Kampala, Uganda
Title: WKF Pro World Kickboxing
Weight: Supermiddleweight – 78,1 kg / 172 lbs

Promoter: Vanilla International


WKF GREECE president Mr. George PERGIALIS announce about next event:

Spectacular Muay Thai and Kick Boxing fights are in the card this Sunday 3rd  December in Athens Greece.

The Greek promoter and WMC champion Pavlos Kaponis put on the main event card of the KGP 6 New Heroes event at Athenian Enastron venue, the prestige WKF national lightweight title between two strong fighters, Giannis Papadopoulos of Arena Gym , (11F-10W-1L) and Dionisis Gkikas of Victory Camp, (28F-20W-8L).

Supervisor of the WKF title and the KGP is the CEO of WKF Greece Mr. George Pergialis.



Manolis PAPOUTSIS / Kapsimalis team won by TKO

WKF GREECE president Mr. George PERGIALIS report about last event:

Spectacular fights and TRIALS been organized by WKF Greece in Agrinio city and with the cooperation of local promoter Elena Gimou on 18th November. 

120 fighters of different ages and level step into the ring of the WKF TRIALS from the cities Agrinio, Athens, Patra, Ioannina, Santorini island, Kalamata, Preveza, Pirgos Messologi, Lamia and Levgada island. 

Main fight of the event was for the national Middleweight title -75 Kg / 165 lbs of WKF and local fighter Manolis PAPOUTSIS (Kapsimalis team) won by TKO in the 1st round Lamia’s fighter Babis HILAI  (Liotiris team).

Supervisor and WKF GREECE CEO Mr. George Pergialis congrats all the athletes and trainers for join one more WKF Greek event.

National, European and two World titles in Jaroslaw, Poland

TOP event in Jaroslaw, Poland

WKF EUROPA confirmed next TOP class WKF event in Poland.
Many under card fights are on the fight card, plus 4 main fights for our coveted and valuable WKF Champion belts.
First main fight is for the polish title in lowkick. Maciej KRZYZANOWSKI challenge Kuba KWASNIEWSKI for the title belt in Welterweight – 67 Kg/- 147 lbs.

Hometown Champion Michal ZAJAC challenge Austrian TOP fighter Alexander KRUPIC from Vienna. The fight is agreed in lowkick, scheduled for 5 x 2 minutes in Middleweight – 71 Kg / 156 lbs !

Local hero Marcin KALATA challenge Czech giant David HUDAK for the K1 title in Super Heavyweight +91 Kg / 200 lbs.

Fourth and last title fight is for the MMA World title in Super Heavyweight +91 Kg / 200 lbs.  Tomas “Szajba” KOLCUN is local hometown hero in Jaroslaw and many fans will support him. His opponent is Czech MMA expert Vladan WEISS from Brno.

This will be for sure a tough battle for the MMA crown and a thrilling duel.

Next WKF European Cup in Jaroslaw, Poland

WKF EUROPE continental head office confirm the next huge event in Europe:

WKF POLAND national coach Frenky PAWLAK present next WKF European Cup

Your team could compete in Kick Light, K-1, Thai Boxing and MMA in the city Jaroslaw.

Date is 28th – 30th of November

Plus four WKF  title fights are on the fight card in the finals.

Two WKF World Champions – Florian BARTL and Frenky PAWLAK

Full invitation is here

For further information please contact WKF POLAND by mail.



Two European title in Esztergom, Hungary

WKF HUNGARY president Istvan ROZMAN confirm next top event in Hungary. Date November 18th , promoter Fighting Kempo Esztergom, promoter Mr. Pokorni.

Many international fights are on the fight card.

Adam POKORNI, Hungary

First main fight is super prestige fight. Home fighter Milán POKORNI challenge Radovan PETROVIC from Serbia in -81,4 Kg / 179 lbs, 3×3 min, K-1 rules.

For European title in K-1 rules fight Adam POKORNI vs. Velimir POPOVIC from Serbia in Light cruiserweight – 84,6kg /186 lbs, 5×3 min.

Rebeka SZENDREI, Hungary

Female WKF European title in K1 Hungarian Rebaka SZENDREI challenge Serbian Ivana BOGANOVIC, in Super lightweight  -62,3 Kg / 137 lbs, 5×2 min.


WKF AFRICA head office report:

WKF EGYPT president and WKF middle east director Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI organize with huge success for the first time in the Middle East area, an International MMA Referee Seminar with UFC Referee Mr Grant Waterman from 6 to 8 November in magnificent Cairo.

The seminar been held in the hall of Meridian Pyramid Hotel in Cairo and Grant Waterman with the experience of referring more than 6.000 fights.

He teach Refereeing Duties, Positioning, Rules Breakdown, Stopping a fight analysis, Scoring system and takes exams and graduated the first ever officially Egyptian referees and judges.  

British Grant Waterman referee seminars been organized by CEO WKF GREECE Mr George Pergialis in Athens & Thessaloniki Greece  November 3rd and in Cairo Egypt November 6th. 



Trials for different ages and divisions starts early in the morning on Saturday the 18th November in Agrinio city of Greece.

The WKF GREECE in cooperation with local female promoter and WKF silver European medalist of 2015 Elena Gimou are invite new athletes from different cities outside from Athens like Patra, Ioannina, Livadia, Lamia, Santorini island and allowed them to step in the ring and win experience and knowledge in the fighting sports area.

Main event of the day, will be the WKF Greek title and belt for the K1 Middleweight – 75 Kg/ 165 lbs division between local fighter Manolis Papoutsis and the fighter from Lamia city, Babis Hilai

Supervisor of the fight and the trials is the CEO of WKF GREECE Mr George Pergialis. 

TOP MMA Seminar with Grant WATERMAN in Egypt

WKF EGYPT president and WKF middle east director Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI announce:

International MMA Referee and Public Speaker & Combat Sports Ring Announcer Mr Grant Waterman will give several seminars in Egypt and Cairo in cooperation with WKF Middle East and Egypt from 6th to 9th November after the invitation of WKF director Mr Mohamed Dessouki.

British Grant Waterman is working with the worlds elite MMA organizations, including the UFC (worldwide), WFC (Slovenia, Bulgaria and Serbia), Legend (Russia), Abu Dhabi Warriors (Abu Dhabi), Superior Challenge (Sweden)

Mr. Mohamed Dessouki is looking to push in Egypt MMA forward in these areas of MMA Unified Rules and Judging Seminar with top referee Grant Waterman.

The seminars include :

Refereeing Duties /Positioning / Rules Breakdown / Stopping a fight analysis / Scoring system

CONTACT :  Mohamed Dessouki , mail, phone ‎+20 1004148647