Top WKF event in Tehran

WKF IRAN and WKF Asian continental director Mr. Amir MOSADEGH report about the last event in Tehran.

This is to be announced that, Iran WKF and Shihan Amir Mosadegh, jointly, held the Tehran Province Championship Tournament, as part of the national tournament championship, in August 11th 2017, at the 34th Station of the Tehran Fire Department, in the city of Tehran.

The above mentioned tournament was attended by the about 300 athletes and champions in different styles such as; light contact and form.

Accordingly, the said tournament was held in the age groups of Kids, Teenagers, Youths, and Adults and the bests of the Tehran Province were elected for the National Championship Tournament.

Consequently, new champions and rising stars were introduced to the Iranian sports community.

The prizes awarded to the winners included: Medals, Championship Certifications, Trophies, and Handcrafted Persian Rugs, all designed by the WKF Logo.

The highly attentive presence of the Iranian sports authorities and their support of these events created a joyful and sense of achievement for the athletes attending these events.


At the end of these tournaments the prize awarding ceremony was held attended by the sports broadcasters and reporters as well as VIP including Master Rahim Mosadegh, World Champion Mostafa Mosadegh, and Mr. Aboulfazl Hatari, Mr. Shahpour Behyranvand, Mr. Reza Safaipour, Mr. Jamshid Asghar Givehchi, Mr. Hamid Mohamad pour, Mr. Ali Takaloo, Mr. Masoud Kashfi, Mr. Ali Ramezani, Mr. Ali Aslani, Mr. Iman Javadi, Mr. Sasha Kia, Mr. Abbass Al Sadegh, Mr. Askari, Mr. Alireza Rasti, Mr. Mehdi Azadvari, Mr. Arian Madani, Mr. Amin Alipour, Mr. David Sadeghi, Mr. Abbass Dindar, Mr. . Hamzeh Moradian , Mr. Koroush Pour Rostami, Mr. Bahram Heydari, Mr. Mehdi Hedayati, Mr. Ramin Mazaheri, Mr. Saeid Akbari, Mr. Mohammad Jabari, Mahdad Akbari,

With special appreciation to the Director of the Tehran Fire Department, Mr. Saeid Sharifzadeh for his sponsorship and support of these tournaments.

Shihan Amir Mosadegh has expressed hope that withholding such WKF events in the city of Tehran we would experience the promotion and develop and introduction of the WKF and the sport of Kickboxing in Iran and through the world.

WKF EGYPT – next international tournament in Cairo GLORY 2

WKF EGYPT head office and WKF AFRICA continental office confirm next international event in Cairo.

WKF EGYPT president Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI announce next great international event in Cairo.


After the great success last Year he promote “GLORY 2” September 8th to 9th in famous Cairo Sport Forum. Invitation is here !

Last Year 14 countries attend, from WKF World federation many international managers and presidents support this event.

Mr. Husam MAJEED president of WKF IRAQ was an excellent referee for the ring sport fights. Mr. Omar CHEBALI president of WKF MOROCCO was supervisor for all MMA fights.

All fighters must send their pre-registration by mail to WKF EGYPT head office.

The country Representatives must report to the promoter registration list country team full of forms and Fight.
Beside this great tournament on the African continent Mr. Dessouki is organizing the annual WKF MIDDLE EAST conference and all important presidents will come and report.


Open World Cup for Forms in Vienna, Austria in September

Open World Cup for

all forms and styles!

Invitation in English language is here !


All international experts from all countries World wide are very welcome.

Rules to down load here !

Martial artists from Karate, Taekwondo, Wushu and freestyle are on the schedule. All WKF Forms divisions on the schedule.

Gerald DITTRICH, WKF Form division World president

With weapons or empty hand, musical or non musical forms, single and team forms, every system and style is possible.


For further information contact Mr. Gerald DITTRICH by mail

WKF AFRICA continental selection of board of directors





As everybody know, in November 2018 we have our World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

There will be the world congress like every second Year, each country must send the president in jacket and tie for this important meeting and the official photo of all attended country presidents.

All our full member countries in WKF AFRICA could nominate a candidate for the African continental president, Vice president, head referee and other positions in the board of directors.

We will have a separate meetings of all attended African presidents, to select a new board of directors !

Each full member (!) African country president has the right to vote or to be chosen.

WKF AFRICA continental president , Vice president, treasure, head referee and so on.

If you are interested to become a candidate, send by mail your official nomination – for which position you are interested in. Here are just 8 of our 28 very active WKF AFRICA country presidents.

WKF HEAD OFFICE will send an official supervisor as observer for this selection, following our WKF rules.

Date and venue of the African continental meeting in Buenos Aires will be announced on your arriving !




Sidzou Samuel_CAM




Next World Cup in December in Stockholm, Sweden

After the amazing World Cup in Italy end of October we have scheduled the next great event and first World Cup in Scandinavia.

WKF EUROPE head office in cooperation with WKF SWEDEN confirm the next

World Cup December 01st -03rd in Stockholm, Sweden.

Supervisor of this event is Mr. Samer HALIMEH, information and more by mail:

Full invitation is here, more details coming soon.


MBATTA Ausi new African continental Champion

African continental champion Ausi MBATTA

WKF AFRICA continental office and WKF UGANDA president Mr. Hassan SEKIRIME confirm our new African continental Champion Ausi MBATTA in Lightweight – 60Kg / 132 lbs from Mbarara in Uganda.

Full house in Mbarara

Promoter Kasaka TWAHA , sponsored by discount hardware in Mbarara, promoted a great and sold out event.

Uganda Champion Ausi MBATTA challenge Tanzania hero Mwishee MAGWILA for a real battle and WKF title fight of five rounds with two minutes break.


… and the winner is …

The the fight ended in the forth round, after MBAATA AUSI of Uganda knocking down MWISHEE MAGWILA from Tanzania in the 1st minute of the 4th round. and the fight ended by a clear KO decision for Ugandas new African continental Champion.

After the fight Magwilla requested for a rematch, claiming that he had some injuries. This fight must be either in Tanzania’s capital Dodoma or in Daressalam.


End of a dream – and new WKF AFRICA Champion from Uganda Ausi MBATTA

WKF BRAZIL – regional championship of the state of Goiás

Stivi with the Championship organizers Acacio Roberto and Rodrigo Monteiro

The next report from our last event in WKF in Brazil .

Last weekend, the regional championship of the state of Goiás was held in the city of Catalão-GO.

Some of the Brazilian national team fighters had the opportunity to do the last preparatory fight before “Night of Glory”  event in Vienna, Austria.

Daniel Silva, Rodrigo Stivi, and Samuel Silva were the 3 athletes who competed and all won in Full Contact.

Daniel Silva

Now they are ready and well prepared for the big challenge in September in Austria.

Samuel Silva
Rodrigo Stivi

SPARRING WARS 2 – in Bangladesh

WKF MMA division head office confirmed:

Trials!  Get ready!
August 19 2017

Straw-weight under 115 pounds (-52.1631 kg)
Flyweight over 115 to 125 pounds (52.1631 kg – 56.699kg)
Bantamweight over 125 to 135 pounds (56.699 kg – 61.235kg)
Featherweight over 135 to 145 pounds (61.235kg – 65.7709kg)
Lightweight over 145 to 155 pounds (65.7709kg – 70.3068kg)

Welterweight over 155 to 170 pounds (70.3068kg – 77.1107kg)
Middleweight over 170 to 185 pounds (77.1107kg – 83.9146kg)
Light Heavyweight over 185 to 205 pounds (83.9146kg – 92.9864kg)
Heavyweight over 205 to 265 pounds (92.9864kg – 120.202kg)
Super Heavyweight over 265 pounds 9+120.202kg)

We will allow 1 kg from inscription weight.

Sparring trials will be run as follow:

– Fighters will arrive in groups of 10 from 10AM.
– Fighters will have 10 minutes to warm up,
– Fighters will do a 2-3 minutes round of pad work.
– Due to the high number of people signed fighters will sparr:
– 1 round of Submission Grappling
– 1 round of K1 Kickboxing
– 1 round of MMA   Rounds 3×1

The sparring partner will be another fighter assigned by the organizer.
In the next few days you will get an email with the time and the sparring partner assigned to you.

Remember this are trials, we want to see what you are capable off. The best qualified fighters will earn their
pass to the main event on HFC 1 and will be selected as a team member for the “Clash of Nations” amateur MMA and Kickboxing India vs Bangladesh.

Earn the right and represent your country!  Make the history!

This time sanctioned by the WKF World Kickboxing Federation, who affiliate more than 130 countries around the world.