Next Week World Grand Prix in Chengdu, China


Just one more week to go !

WKF CHINA president Mr. YAN Dinan announce next World Grand Prix in China.

Date is April 22nd in Hongya City in Sezuchan province.

Champions from 4 continents build up a team to challenge the best Chinese champions.

Champions from Austria, Germany, Russia and Czech Republic, plus Iran, South Africa, Mongolia and …

WKF PORTUGAL confirm huge team for Santorini too

Mr. Cesar MOREIRA, WKF EUROPE president

imagesWKF PORTUGAL and WKF EUROPE continental division president Mr. Cesar MOREIRA confirm next huge team for the European Championships.

Mr. Moreira is also our great promoter in World famous Arena Matosinhos near Porto.

In the last Years Portugal fighters had great Champions in amateur as well as in professional Kickboxing and MMA as well.

Many famous Portuguese fighters are in our World rankings.


Full information about the European Championships here online




Last referee seminar in Brazil in cooperation with CONKICK

Paschoal (Brasilia representant), De Paula ( Member of the national board of arbitration), Stivi (President of CONKICK), João (Representative of Ducati Motos, partner of CONKICK), and Kiyoaki (Member of the national board of arbitration)

The National Kickboxing Confederation of Brazil (CONKICK) held the National Referee Course last weekend, aiming at the strong calendar of activities in 2017, and already preparing the referees for the “King’s of War 3” that will be held on 08 April.


For Master Stivi, president of CONKICK and organizer of the event, the course was a success, and we are already organizing others for the first semester, one in the city of Brasilia-DF (central region of Brazil) and another in the city of Gurupi-To (Northern region of Brazil)

Participants and course organizers

European Championship in Greece, Santorini welcomes you


WKF GREECE president Mr. George PERGIALIS is the promoter of the upcoming European Championships 2017.

Venue is amazing Island of Santorini.

We expect again more than 30 countries in Greece.

Your team can compete in 14 forms divisions, tatami sport semi contact and light contact, ring sport, MMA and Sanda !

Two boxing rings, 3 tatamis and a cage is ready for you!


For all your requested details contact our WKF EUROPE president Mr. Cesar MOREIRA by mail.


Sport has no racial, social or political barriers, which means that it is the perfect way for all men and women, boys and girls to achieve amazing results, regardless of race, creed or colour

The opportunity to represent one’s country in the name of sport at an international level is probably one of the greatest achievements an individual can make. The pressure that the competitors have at this level is enormous, and goes far beyond normal physical endurance. To win, especially at such a high level, competitors will have to tap into inner resources that their years of training will have prepared them for.


Promoter Paul KABAALE

WKF AFRICA continental head office confirm next international TOP event in Kampala.

Legendary MTN Arena in Lugogo is again the venue for the second strike of Paul KABAALE´s  “XTREME KOMBAT FIGHT SERIES 2”.

This time is The battle of the river Nile.

The event is part of the preparations to select Team East Africa that shall compete under a Unified WKF Europe – Xtra Kombat Intercontinental Competition between WKF Europe / Austria and WKF East Africa.


WKF NETHERLANDS confirm for the European Championships


The Dutch WKF team is working hard for the European Championship in Santorini Greece. It will be held from 1st of May till 6th May 2017.

Athletes of the Dutch team will participate in various disciplines. The Dutch team also have referees who are going to take part of The World Referee seminar. The Team is led by the WKF Dutch President Sijou van der Spek.

If you are interested to join the Dutch team, please contact a.s.a.p. Sijou van der Spek. You can send your request to:

You can participate in various disciplines and categories:

For kids  under 13,  juniors  under 18, adults 16-35, veterans 35 -40 and masters 40 +: Forms, Semi contact, Light contact.

For adults 16-35 Years: Kick light, Full contact, Low kick, K-1, Thai Boxing, Sanda, MMA.

Don’t wait any longer. Join the best and biggest organization of the world and be a member of the WKF.

WKF POLAND is successfully with seminars and election for Santorini

Mr. Arkadiusz HULAK, president WKF POLAND
Maciej LISOWSKI, General secretary WKF POLAND

Our new WKF POLAND team with president mr. Arkadiusz HULAK, Maciej LISOWSKI, Roman STERNIK famous multiple World Champion Frenky PAWLAK.

Of course both Mr. Hulak and Mr. Lisowski represented our WKF World federation in Poland plenipotentiary.

This is valid for all activities to establish all legal structures in Poland to be real WKF Poland association – and WKF World member.

As chief coach he appointed two real polish experts, Frenky “Flash” Pawlak and Roman Sternik from  “TOP FIGHT GYM”

Our WKF POLAND head office is located in Katowice and candidate for next European Championships 2019 !

WKF in Poland

Many strong Poland teams, promoters and managers send mail to our WKF head office for various requests, new events and how to register for the upcoming European Championships in Greece.

Since the last great event with WKF World title, we have a new WKF POLAND plenipotentiary country president with all authorities.

After the European Championships in May in Santorini, Greece, next huge project in June is the first event of our new “WKF World Grand Prix” league. The future begins in Poland 🙂

More details about our new WKF WGP LEAGUE is coming soon !

BUDWELT-logowkf-poland-logo_2Mr. Hulak is CEO and director of the “BUDWELD” company, and he is international well known as serious promoter with excellent TV contacts in Poland. Just with sponsor and TV contacts, promoters can do serious events, invite foreign Champions for WKF title fights and to get so a chance to get a re-invitation abroad.

The next mega event is scheduled for June, stay tuned !!!

WKF największa Federacja Sportów Walki na świecie zrzeszająca ponad 130 krajów.
Wyjazd na Mistrzostwa Świata MMA do Włoch w Listopadzie 2016.
Jeżeli masz rekord dodatni na Zawodach Amatorskiej Ligi MMA to jest szansa że pojedziesz na Zawody Mistrzostw Świata do Włoch. Mamy też miejsca dla widzów i fanów.
Całościowy koszt z licencjami, dojazdem, tygodniowym noclegiem i śniadaniami to tylko 2900zł.

Szczegółowe Informacje:

Oficialnie Nowym Prezesem na Polske Federacji WKF jest Arkadiusz HULAK jest nam bardzo milo slyszec takie wiadomosci,bo tacy ludzie na taka posade zasluguja i jestesmy pewni ze Prezes Arek Hulak bedzie pelnil ta Funkcje na 1000 Prozent dobrze beda Gale i Turnieje a najlepsi beda wyjazdzac na Mistrzostwa Swiata i europy i godnie reprezentowac POLSKE?

WKF fighters license for all WKF Championships and events

For new sports passes or current annual stamps, please fill in the FIGHTER PROFILE , add a jpg Photo at and show your fighter license by registration in the venue.

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WKF SWITZERLAND moves on again

WKF SWITZERLAND LogoWKF SWITZERLANDwe move on forward again in the lovely country of chocolate and cheese.

We have an new team in WKF SWITZERLAND and they will participate in Buenos Aires in the next World Championships 2018.


We are in negotiations with few serious promoter in Switzerland for WKF sanctioned events.

Many fighters and managers in Switzerland are tired about 2nd class promoters and/or so called fake World federations, perhaps just existing in Internet. Pretending to be a world federation but only one or two Club contacts in neighbouring countries.

No structure, no real federation, no updated World rankings like we have, nothing. Often just a “one man show federation” in real 🙂

And how great are any title of this events, what value ?

Anyway – Swiss fighter and all peoples understand more and more the big advantage to become member in WKF SWITZERLAND.

For more informations and any request send just a mail.

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