Important board of director meetings in Cairo, October 19th to 22nd, 2018


WKF president Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER and Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI

WKF head office in Vienna, Austria, confirm the various important meetings with our WKF middle east director Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI and more WKF middle east officials in Cairo.

Purpose of the various meetings with high international WKF board members is the fast growing of WKF in last two Years.

So many new events are coming up, so many new managers and promoters World wide want to be “part of our WKF game”.

On the African continent we are in final negotiation with Tanzania and Zambia as new members in WKF AFRICA continental federation.

WKF AFRICA logoAnd most important topic on the agenda is the upcoming World Championship 2018 in Buenos Aires in November.

Many of our African member countries are high interested to participate with their best male/female Champions and to represent their country proudly in such huge and important World Championships.

Challenge the best fighters in the World ! The organizer expect more than 1.500 fighters form more than 50 countries.

2017 WKF China Youth Kickboxing Championship in Zitong

“2017 WKF China Youth Kickboxing Championship”

will be held in zitong county, sichuan province from October 14 to 15 !

The purpose of the event was to select outstanding young athletes to compete in the 2018 WKF World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina !






WKF IRAN report about last event BEST OF THE BEST in Tehran

WKF ASIA continental office and president Mr. Amir MOSADEGH report about the last high class event in Iran:


This is to be announced that, WKF IRAN and Mr. Amir Mosadegh, jointly, held the “Best of the WKF’s Bests” Tournament. This tournament was held on the 7th of September, 2017. The style of the said tournament was low kick.

Furthermore, this tournament was held in an open setting, in a refreshing area of the city of Shahriar, in suburban of Tehran (the Capital city of Iran). The prizes awarded to the winners included: Medals, Championship Certifications, Trophies, and Handcrafted Persian Rugs, all carrying the WKF Logo.

The fighters selected to participate in this event were among the best and the most qualified athletes personally handpicked by the steamed Asia WKF President Mr. Amir Mosadegh.

The said event was also spectacled by some of the most highly influenced officials including:

Mr. Rahim Mosadegh (senior WKF Asia official and the director of the advisory board), Mr. Amir Mosadegh (the WKF Asia President and the main official), Mr. Mostafa Mosadegh (four times world champion), Mr. Jamshid Asghar Givehchi (world champion), Mr. David Sadeghi (the Director of WKF Asia International Affairs), Mr. Hadi Rahimi Khas (renowned movie director), Mr. Gholam Reza Satari (head of the organizing official committee),Mr. Mahmoud Satari (world champion), Mr. Ali Ramezani (renowned entertainer/singer), Mrs. Ghazaleh Aboulghasemi (training official), Mrs. Sara Ghasemi(national director of the women’s committee), Mr. Hussein Jafari, Mr. Saied Okhovat, Dr. Salehnia (JD/Professor of law), Mr. Aboulfazl Hatari, Mr. Behzad Moughimi, Mr. Shahpour Beyranvand, Mr. Mojtaba Honari(member of the WKF Asia Board of Directors), and Dr. Javad Najafi (member of the WKF Asia Board of Advisory).

This is to be added that the Grand Kickboxing World Cup and the World Seminar of WKF, due to be attended by some of the world’s champions will be held in Iran. The said event will be held from November 28th to December 5th, 2017.

International Best of the Best in Spijkenisse near Rotterdam

Next TOP class event in Nederlands, Spijkenisse near Rotterdam.

The show is called “Best of the Best” with so many international fights on the fight card.

Fred CORDEIRO / Portugal challenge Jaad ALAMI / Belgium for first WKF title.

For next WKF PRO-AM title dutch Jonathan MAAL challenge Austrian 4 times World Champion Florian BARTL in  Lightheavyweight – 81 Kg / 178 lbs


Amazing femals are in the ring !

Georgina VAN DER LINDEN is for sure one of the best talented fighter World wide and current IFMA World Champion. Her official fight record is 116 fights (!)

Her tough opponent is four times WKF World Champion Deshire KURTAJ. 

Kurtaj defend her World title by TKO in Vienna on September 16th vs. Brazilian top lady Thaynara LUSTOSA

Kurtaj has official record of 21 wins, 7 wins by KO and just one lose ! Weightcategory is  Lightweight – 57 Kg / 125 lbs in K-1.

Promoter is famous KAM-LUNG Team and Sijou VAN DER SPEK.

Henry JALLAH our new WKF TOGO president

Mr. Henry JALLAH, WKF TOGO president

WKF AFRICA head office confirm our new president in WKF TOGO.

With immediate effect Mr. Henry JALLAH and his team is responsibleto develope WKF in Togo, West Africa. He is not just our new official, he is also experienced promoter for international events.

He runs his “Pitpull Gym” in Hanoukope, Togos capital Lomé. Mr. Jallah speaks french and english language, plus several West African local dialects.

If you want to book any Togo fighters contact and for any further requests contact Mr. Jallah by mail.



WKF World Cup in October in Carrara, Italy


WKF head office  sanction the amazing “Unified World Championships” first time as our World Cup.

Our WKF General Manager Mr. Cristiano RADICCHI report:

This is unquestionably the greatest, unique and legendary event in all the history of Martial Arts and Combat Sports!!!

This is the fifth edition, the first edition in 2013 has involved 6 world federations, now we have reached over 28!!! Something unbelievable…

When we decided to organize an Unified World Championships, immediately the initiative has been a success, meaning that it was meeting the needs of many Federations, seeking an opportunity for their members to give their best in a World Championships that represents the highest levels in the martial arts sector.

Now, after the amazing experience of last year and the incredible success, we stepped up even more this aspect, inviting to participate many other World Federations and.

We are interested in unifying all the Federations in the World to give the opportunity for everyone to participate in this unbelievable event where participating thousands of athletes of any kinds and country.

To win it means to have reached the highest competitive level but, at the same time, only participating means emotions, friendship, respect, loyalty, passion, with a spirit of joy that sets us apart from any other event.

Over 28 World Federations, with 5.000 athletes and over 100 countries participate together in such an event and combine their forces to create the most incredible Championships that has ever been organized in the World throughout the history of Martial Arts because only together we can give our affiliates the prestige of such an amazing event.

The prestige of competing to be the Real Unified World Champion, recognized by over 28 International Federations. For more information send your mail !

Unified World Championships…the Greatest Martial Event ever…

For all kind of tatami sport …
… and for all kind of ring sport …

Charity event in Germany – Top Ladies fight and German title in K-1

WKF GERMANY president Mr. Roman LOGISCH confirm our next great event in Germany.

This is a Charity event in Weiden on 7th Oktober with international fight card.

First main fight is for German PRO-AM title. Marcel KROMMER from Spartan Team Weiden challenge Markus SCHÄFER from  Shuri Fighters Zwickau  in K-1 – 63,5 kg.


Tobias POTZLER from team FIGHTSPORTS PEGNITZ   is the head coach and has two of his fighters on the fight card. He fight in MMA – 80 Kg and his student Matthias VOIGT challenge TBA in super heavy weight.


René KREUZER from organising team Spartan Weiden vs. Peter GEBHARDT  from Samurais Nürnberg is next great fight in K-1  + 95 Kg !

Female WKF World Champion Deshire KURTAJ has challenged now three German champions for the Charity event superprestige fight. The first girl retired after her management confirmed the fight.

The new current WKU World and Vice World Champions from Ireland 2017 cannot make the fight as well.

Spartan Team Weiden is now looking for any other German female fighter – 54Kg or -57Kg in K-1 rules, please contact promoter Mr. Konstantin LAGIDIN.