Fantastic news from Latin America / Fantásticas noticias de América Latina

WKF LAC director Sr. Carlos SUAREZ

Our director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr Carlos SUAREZ, is working very successfully.
The focus is, among other things, on the upcoming World Championships in Egypt in October, and also on the following World Championships in China 2022 and France in 2024.
From today’s perspective, eight nations from Latin America will come to Egypt.

The largest team will likely come from Argentina.

Our WKF CHILE President Alejandro CONCHA and his partner Rodrigo Miño are also doing an excellent job in Santiago and are preparing a strong team for Cairo.

Sr. Oliver Fernando GUZMAN ESPINOSA

Our new team in the WKF Latin America Continental Association is Bolivia. Sr. Oliver Fernando GUZMAN ESPINOSAis based in the city of COCHABAMBA – the fourth largest city and metropolis in Bolivia. 
Our friend now has the international WKF promoter license for Latin America and enjoys an excellent reputation.
Soon we will see the first TOP fighters from Bolivia in all rankings, women and men. The first events with local WKF title fights are also planned.

Also in Vera Cruz, Mexico, we have a new promoter with an international WKF license. His name is Sr. JOSE LUIS RAMIREZ BARCELATA

Time for Cairo may be running out for our friend in Mexico, but he will try his best.

But at the next World Championship in China in 2022, champions, many women and men and also referees from Mexico will certainly be there.

Vera Cruz will soon register his best fighters for our international WKF rankings and the next dates for events

There is also a lot of good news from Argentina!

WKF ARGENTINA has two additional new organizers.

On August, Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th, Messrs. Adrián CURRULEF and Daniel PAINELAF received their certification as National Promoter of our WKF – World Kickboxing Federation.

Covid – International 🙂

Committed to their work, beyond naming competitors for Egypt, they are already planning an international characteristics event and developing a work strategy for the next World Championships in China and France.

Sr. Tomas Alejandro MELLADO

On the same day, TEAM MELLADO’s official membership in the World Kickboxing Federation was handed over.
Sr. Tomas Alejandro MELLADO is next big team and and would like to strengthen the Argentinian team in Cairo.

Argentinian course for new WKF judges with license!

On August 24th and 25th, the level 1 judges and arbitration workshop with official WKF certification took place in a double shift under the direction of Carlos Suarez.

This new work team consists of:
Agustina Vidal, Hugo Reinoso, Yocelin Balboa, Jonatan Morales, Cecilia Morales, Yonathan Borda, Lucas Astete, Vanesa Torres, Mauricio Sosa and Romina Martinez.

The 2 days lasted almost 6 hours and despite the cold they stayed in their seats with great joy in learning. Now they will move on to drills and then event times to get their certification and referee book.

Suarez emphasized: “I would like to personally thank you for your efforts and attention during the course.”

Agustina Vidal, Hugo Reinoso, Yocelin Balboa, Jonatan Morales, Cecilia Morales, Yonathan Borda, Lucas Astete, Vanesa Torres, Mauricio Sosa und Romina Martinez

Overview of our WKF forms discipline in Cairo

Dear friends in martial arts!

Respected WKF country presidents!

As everybody know, the World Championship is coming up in Egypt in October.

Sport has no racial, social or political barriers,
which means that it is the perfect way for all kids, junior boys and girls
men and women, veterans and masters to achieve amazing results,
regardless of race, creed or colour

Today we have 14 categories for forms/Kata/poomse/Hyong/creative   etc.


To avoid any misunderstandings on the tatami or mat, I would like to ask you kindly one more time to read carefully the online WKF rule book for forms.

To see what is a traditional form, have a look here in two lists of forms.

What are the dress codes?

When does the timer start e.g. for traditional forms with and without weapons ?

WKF Forms and age categories

Any traditional form / Kata etc. can be customized, but it still has to be recognizable. From our official WKF recognized List and a traditional Japanese or Korean form or Kata!

In creative and freestyle:  also compiled (with parts of existing forms) form using traditional techniques is permitted.

What is the time limit in creative forms or soft style forms?

Int. Referee from Italy, Germany, Supervisor Paone Italy, Ukraine and Russia

All traditional Forms must be using traditional moves only. A traditional Form / Kata / Pommse / Hyong etc. must resemble a traditional work, an adaptation will be acceptable if added moves are of a traditional nature.

Any so called “allstyle” form is not a traditional one!

Budo weapons for forms 1
Budo weapons for forms 2

For any creative forms is just the division creative forms with music, with and without weapon.

Once again I kindly ask you read the online forms rule book , available in 4 languages!

There you will find exactly what is a traditional form, where is which time limit, what is a creative form and so on.

I thank you for the cooperation so far and wish all of us many traditional participants and a successful World Championship in Cairo, Egypt.

Welcome to Cairo in October


WKF NETHERLANDS confirm huge team for the World Championships


Voor het eerst in de geschiedenis op het Afrikaanse continent!


Het Nederlandse WKF-team werkt hard voor het Wereldkampioenschap in Caïro, Egypte. Het wordt gehouden van 18 tot 24 oktober 2021. Promotor WKF AFRICA continentale federatie!

Atleten van het Nederlandse team zullen deelnemen aan verschillende disciplines. Het Nederlandse team heeft ook scheidsrechters die deelnemen aan het World Referee seminar.

Het team staat onder leiding van de WKF Nederlandse president Sijou VAN DER SPEK.

Als u zich bij het Nederlandse team wilt aansluiten, neem dan vandaag nog contact op met Sijou VAN DER SPEK.

U kunt uw verzoek sturen naar:

Je kunt deelnemen aan verschillende disciplines en categorieën:

Voor kinderen onder de 13, junioren onder de 18, volwassenen 16-35, veteranen 35-40 en meesters 40 +: Formulieren, Semi-contact, Licht contact.

Voor volwassenen van 16-35 jaar: kick light, full contact, low kick, K-1, Thai Boxing, Sanda, MMA.

Wacht niet langer

Word lid van de beste en grootste organisatie ter wereld en word lid van de WKF

The Dutch WCF team is working hard for the World Championship in Cairo, Egypt. It will be held from October 18 to 24, 2021. Promoter WKF AFRICA Continental Federation!

Athletes from the Dutch team will participate in different disciplines. The Dutch team also has referees who participate in the World Referee seminar. The team is led by WKF Dutch president Sijou VAN DER SPEK.

If you would like to join the Dutch team, please contact Sijou VAN DER SPEK today. You can send your request to:

You can participate in different disciplines and categories: For Children Under 13, Juniors Under 18, Adults 16-35, Veterans 35-40, and Masters 40+: Forms, Semi-Contact, Light Contact. For adults aged 16-35: kick light, full contact, low kick, K-1, Thai Boxing, Sanda, MMA. Do not wait any longer. Join the best and largest organization in the world and become a member of the WKF


Representa a tu país en el Mundial de Egipto, representar a Sudamérica ante el resto de los continentes en El Cairo

Queridos amigos del deporte,

Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre la Copa del Mundo 2021 en El Cairo, comuníquese con su oficina de LAC en Buenos Aires con confianza, el Sr. Carlos SUAREZ puede responder sus preguntas.

Correo electrónico WKF director LAC:

ABIERTO AHORA – hasta el 30 de septiembre

Tenga en cuenta también que cada nación participante debe traer al menos un árbitro de la WKF con licencia. Por lo tanto, recomendamos encarecidamente asistir al Seminario Mundial de Árbitros el fin de semana anterior.

Allí puede obtener todas sus licencias o extender su licencia por 3 años más.

Con esta carta, me gustaría recordarle que registre su equipo nacional en El Cairo en línea ahora.

La invitación completa a El Cairo está aquí:

El registro en línea de los luchadores del equipo nacional con foto para El Cairo está aquí:   ¡Utilice solo el navegador estándar de Google!





Después del virus mundial, es un momento difícil para todos encontrar patrocinadores y formar un equipo. Esto se aplica a América Latina, pero también a Europa y aún más a todos los países de África. Gracias a todos y espero verlos en El Cairo en la histórica primera Copa del Mundo sobre la continuación africana.

WKF GERMANY president get so many new members !

WKF World title belt
WKF Kickboxing World Champion belt
WKF Supervisor Roman LOGISCH

WKF GERMANY president Mr. Roman LOGISCH report:

More and more German teams, clubs and officials are interested and send their request for membership in WKF GERMANY. 

After the successfully World championships in Argentina many German teams want to become “part of the German team” in European Championships in Baia Mare in October 2019, 21st to 26th.

For new membership in WKF GERMANY and for further requests about WKF in Germany send your e-mail in Deutsch, English or На Русском языкеto Mr. Roman Logisch.

Become our friend of WKF GERMANY in facebook

Full information about WKF amateur division is here !

WKF MMA World champion
WKF MMA World Champion belt

Many Champions, managers and promoters in Germany are interested in our WKF and want to get a chance to fight for WKF sanctioned titles.

Many people are disappointed from fake so called “World federations” in Germany, but just existing in internet only or in perhaps 3 European countries. No value, no events, no service, no real World ranking !

More and more promoter and top organizer in Germany want to cooperate with WKF, because:

“WKF – We are the real global player”

WKF Germany Banner_

European open Cups in Austria













In Korneuburg near Vienna on September 18th again three TOP sporting events take place!

All athletes

regardless of the sports association or nationality,

are eligible to participate


European Cup in  forms, 10 classes, for U 13 / U 18 and general class, with and without music


European Cup team fight in semi-contact or points for 2 women and 3 men

Bonus for the winning team € 2,500 in cash

Registration deadline September 10th!


Godzilla needs food 🙂

In the evening from 4 p.m. the “21st Night of Glory” with the best fighters from Austria and international champions.

Main fight Ladies WKF K-1 heavyweight + 66 Kg / + 145 lbs European title  Alexandra “GODZILLA” PETRE from Vienna vs. Czech European current Champion Petra NEMCOVA from Brno.

Plus Austrian titel in K-1 in Superheavyweight +91 Kg / 200 lbs, Manuel RAINER vs. Daniel HIRLAU !

YES – More than 2.500.000 (!) visitors here on our main web site !

WKF photo
WKF – Semper et ubique


As everybody know, many federations existing in our sport.

What makes the different, why do we have that success since more than 50 Years World wide?

Our high class events World wide speak for themselves. The answer is simple, our global team and our head office work really hard and serious. 

„Pacta sunt servanda“ , for our clients, promoters, Champions and members – to satisfy

YOU !!!

We all love our sport, and of course we want to make business, but a deal must be a deal, any World ranking must getting updated weekly, Champions must be real and not a “fairy tail” story and an event schedule must be serious, without fakes of copies of other events, or not even existing events.

More than 1.200 (!) posters from our WKF World wide events here in the gallery are the proof of our hard work.

Here are our 5 divisions, with valid World ranking lists, rules, title fight minimum requirements and much more


And because we are serious, have no fakes in the event schedule, have weekly updated World ranking, real Champions and promoters World wide on 6 continents in more than 140 member countries – because of that all

“we are the real global player” 





Украинская федерация кикбоксинга WKF: о нас

Олексій Миколайович Казанцев / WKF UKRAINE president and TOP promoter Alexey Nikolayevich KAZANTSEV

Учеба.. Познание. Самореализация.

В основе концепции федерации «WKF UKRAINE» лежит простая идея: обеспечить качественные и доступные соревнования для всех желающих.

«WKF UKRAINE» является одной из лучших в Украине благодаря прекрасному тренерскому и судейскому составу.

Приглашаем вас познакомиться с динамичным календарем соревнований.

Присоединяйтесь к WKF UKRAINE.




Новини федерації «WKF UKRAINE»

Федерація «WKF UKRAINE» запрошує тренерів, спортсменів до складу збірної команди України, щоб разом прийняти участь у Чемпіонаті Світу з Кікбоксингу WKF у Каірі, Єгипет, 18-24 жовтня 2021 року.

Заявки на участь надсилати на електрону пошту:



Ukrainian kickboxing federation WKF: about us Study .. Cognition. Self-realization.

The concept of the WKF UKRAINE federation is based on a simple idea: to provide high-quality and affordable competitions for everyone. “WKF UKRAINE” is one of the best in Ukraine thanks to its excellent coaching and judging staff. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the dynamic competition calendar.