7. May 2018


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5th to 10th November in Argentina



20. August 2018

WKF Middle East is moving forward !

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WKF MIDDLE EAST president Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI sent last updates from North Africa and Middle east area.

Here is his report:

Brothers in all countries of the world
Please pay attention
We have members in the Arab region and the Echo do not appear in the formation of the Supreme Authority
They do not deny that they are members and enjoy all our rights
You are invited to form the Supreme Council for 2018
Brothers in the Arab region and the Middle East


Ladies and Gentlemen
Here is the formation of the supreme administrative body in the Arab region and the Middle East
Mohamed Dasouki Mohamed Desouki President of the World Union in the Arab Region and the Middle East
2 / Hassan Ghater d. Hassan Gadan Secretary of the Union in the Arab region and the Middle East
Hossam Majid Hossam Majeed  Vice President for Technical Affairs and President of the World Federation of Iraq
Omar Chebali Vice President for MMA Affairs and President of the World Federation of Morocco


5 / Mohamed Samir Kapten Mahmad Samir Vice President for Administrative Affairs
Ahmed Siam  General Coordinator, Media Spokesperson and Database Officer for the Arab Region and the Middle East
Ismail Al – Ansari Advisor to the supreme administrative body in the Arab region
8 / Mohamed Fathallah Cap Mohamed Fathalla Chairman of the Professional Committee in the Arab Region and the Middle East
9 / Rasha Shawki The General Organizer of the International Public Events in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East
Sarah Abou El Naga Consultant of therapeutic nutrition in the Arab region and the Middle East
Iman Ezz El Din Director of Training and Academic Accreditation in the Arab and Eastern Region
12 / Mustafa Commander Commander Managing Director of the Arab Region and the Middle East
13 / Waleed Al-Muji Waleed Elmogy Technical Manager in the Arab region and the Middle East



الأشقاء في جميع دول العالم
برجاء الإنتباه
يوجد لدينا أعضاء في المنطقة العربيه والشرق الأوسط لايظهروا في تشكيل الهيئه العليا
فهذا لايمنع أنهم أعضاء ويتمتعوا بكافة الحقوق لدينا
وإلي حضراتكم تشكيل الهيئه العليا لعام 2018
السادة الأشقاء في المنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط
السيدات والسادة
إليكم تشكيل الهيئة الإدارية العليا بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط
1/ محمد دسوقي Mohamed Dessouki
رئيس الاتحاد العالمي بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط
2/حسان غضبان Dr.Hassan Gadban
أمين سر الاتحاد بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط
3/حسام مجيد Husam Majeed
نائب الرئيس للشئون الفنية ورئيس الاتحاد العالمي بالعراق
4/عمر الشيبالي Omar Chebali
نائب الرئيس لشئون MMA ورئيس الاتحاد العالمي بالمغرب
5/محمد سمير Kapten Mahmad Samir
نائب الرئيس للشئون الإدارية
6/أحمد صيام ‏ ‏

المنسق العام والمتحدث الإعلامي ومسئول قاعدة البيانات بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط
7/إسماعيل الأنصاري

مستشار الهيئة الإدارية العليا بالمنطقة العربية
8/محمد فتح الله Cap Mohamed Fathalla
رئيس لجنة المحترفين بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط
9/رشا شوقي
المنظم العام للأحداث الدولية والعالمية بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط
10/سارة أبو النجا
استشاري التغذية العلاجية بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط
11/إيمان عز الدين
مدير التدريب والتثقيف الأكاديمي بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط
12/مصطفى القائدEl Kaed
المدير الإداري بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط
13/وليد الموجي Waleed Elmogy
المدير الفني بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط
14/عبدالكريم حلمي ‏عبدالكريم حلمي حماد‏ (‏‎Abd Elkarem Helmy‎‏)
مسئول اللياقة البدنية بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط

19. August 2018

WKF World title fight in Romania – Milea vs. Madicke

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WKF ROMANIA president Mr. Florin MINA announce next great event in beautiful Constanta on the black Sea.

Scheduled is the world title fight in Superwelterweight – 69,5 Kg / 153 lbs for 5 x 3 minutes rounds. According the international WKF rules with 8 OZ (!) gloves !

Our current Nr. 1 in the WKF World ranking Cristian “the fastest” MILEA from Tai Shin Do Gym in Bucharest. Cristian is World wide well know as tough fighter and fair sportsman. He is multiple Champion and his fight record ? About 200+, who cares?

He just said once he would like to beat the best US American in this weight 🙂

His french opponent Kamara MADICKE is from Gym USMT Pole Sport de Conatct , with official fight record: 116 fights, 79 Win and 6 by KO, 37 defeats.

For sure another real WKF World title fight. If anybody want to challenge the winner of this bout send just your request by mail to our head office !

here is the original post:

Mai sunt 3 săptămâni până la “OSS FIGHTER 2” unde dupa 7 ani de la cucerirea Centurii Europene la profesioniști K-1 rules WKF, Milea Cristian deținător al Centurii Mondiale Colosseum Tournament și titlul Local Kombat va lupta de această dată pentru Centura Mondiala World Kickboxing Federation K-1 Rules 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴
Vă așteptăm pe toți fanii sporturilor de contact și susținătorii nostri să fiți alaturi de noi, vă promitem un meci exploziv și plin de spectacol 💪💪💪 Ossu !!!


19. August 2018

Radek ROUSAL /CZE vs. Karl PRODERUTTI/AUT fight for the K-1 European Title in Vienna

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WKF EUROPE head office confirm the next WKF European title fights in Vienna, September 22nd.

Our current Czech European Champion Radek “Ruchy” ROUSAL defend his title vs. Austrian Karl PRODERUTTI.

Weight class Lightmiddleweight – 71 Kg / 156 lbs , scheduled for 5 rounds 2 minutes in K-1.

Radek is a very tough fighter and won his title by clear KO. Now its time to defend the belt! Many Czech people will come from Brno to Vienna to support their local hero and European Champion.

knock-out sport promotion

In the other corner Proderutti is very experienced as well, his fight record is positive with more than 25 wins.

In 2015 he was already European champion in another little federation vs. a Swiss guy.

NOG 16

Second European WKF title fight in Lightweltergewicht – 63,5 Kg /138 lbs is scheduled and still in negotiation. The team around Austrian PPF European Champion Stefan ZELLER is in negotiation for an opponent. Today three possible fighter are still under negotiation.

The promoter www.knock-out.at Mr. Josef KURTA has not yet decided definitively which opponent from the ranking he will book for Zeller.

Many international fights are on the fight card, 3 ladies fights, Champions from 8 countries, show and more !!!


Updated FIGHTCARD  and

all photos here in the GALLERY



19. August 2018

TOP TEN countries in the last world Championships

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This is the Grand total medal record of our TOP TEN countries from all WKF World Championships in the past !

Leading continent is today WKF EUROPA 

First NON European country is WKF CANADA on pos. 10th  16/24/9.

first Asian country is WKF IRAN pos. 13th  15/2/7

Best Africans are WKF SOUTH AFRICA on pos 17th, 9/4/3

Our next host country WKF ARGENTINA is best Latin American country on pos. 19th   7/10/12

Down under WKF AUSTRALIA  hold on position 35, two silver and one Bronze medal.


At home on his own local event everybody could be the champion …

but to compete on the highest level, our World championship and to challenge the best fighter of the world – this is a different story.

So many countries attended in the past without any medals, we hope for better luck and more success this Year !

In total we had 72 different countries attending, this Year we expect a new record on countries and fighters.

Any WKF country is welcome in our WKF World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 5th to 10th.  2018.

Full invitation in PDF HERE free to download !

















Czech Republic

















































17. August 2018

World title fight in Grosny/Chechnya – Russian TOKAEV Turpal became new world champion

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President Ramsan Achmatowitsch KADYROW and World Champion Turpal TOKAEV

Федерации Кикбоксинга ВКФ

WKF Supervisor Mr. Roman LOGISCH, WKF EUROPE and WKF RUSSIA office confirm our new World Champion.

Alexander BEREZKIN from FKR  was chief referee in duty.

Chechnya´s capital Grosny was the host of the amazing WKF World title fight Russian hero Turpal TOKAEV vs. polish TOP fighter Mateusz DUCZMAL.

So many top legends was invited on the show, Very special Guest was his Excellency Chechnya President Ramsan Achmatowitsch KADYROW.

The president is happy about the WKF World champion belt

After the victory ceremony Tokaev has passed on his world champion belt to his president !

All time great Belarusian K-1 superstar Alexey Viktorovich IGNASHOV is 4 times (!) Superheavyweight Muay Thai World Champion, 2001 Nagoya Champion and K-1 World Grand Prix Paris 2003 Champion.


Roman LOGISCH and Russian officials / российский чиновник и руководитель WKF г-н Роман Логиш

And of course Russian superstar Sergej Valerievich KHARITONOV, MMA Champion and Kickboxer , well know from huge events like Bellator MMA, M-1 Global and  Glory. In the past he fought also in Pride and for Strikeforce as well. He is one of few who beat 4 times K-1 World grand Prix Champion Semmy SCHILT and Strikeforce and K-1 World Grand Prix Champion Alistar OVEREEM !


The World title fight itself was the expected hard battle of two real Heavyweight champions , Superheavyweight + 96,5 Kg / + 212 lbs .

First round was equal, the polish Champion was taller and made few good jabs and punches, Tokaev was smart and tried to go closer for infight. In third round a good right punch and Duczmal was counted first time. Tokaev saw his chance and tried to finish the polish, but he was tough and clever enough to use its longer range. After a second counting the fight continue again.

In round 4 a sweet body shot to the liver of Duczmal brought count Nr. 4, him to the brink of defeat. But the fight continues because “brave heart” Duczmal stand up again and fought back!

Tokaev was clear the better fighter in each round, but he could not finish his opponent before and so the result goes to the score cards of the international judges. Clear result was 3:0 for the hometown hero Turpal TOKAEV.


Legends: Alexey IGNASHOV, Alexander BEREZKIN, WKF supervisor Roman LOGISCH and Sergey HARITONOV

17. August 2018

Many countries are registered today for World Championships in Buenos Aires

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WKF ARGENTINA president Mr. Carlos SUAREZ and his team invite the World for the next WKF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018, November 5th -10th.
Beautiful City of Buenos Aires  the capital of Argentina is our host City.
Until today we have 45 country registrations from all 6 continents. Many competitors in MMA and Semi contact, and point fighting, plus a huge WKF CHINA team for Sanda will attend too.
Muay Thai in Argentina again in full Muay Thai rules and everybody enjoy this decision
Sport has no racial, social or political barriers, which means that it is the perfect way for all men and women, boys and girls to achieve amazing results, regardless of race, creed or colour

The opportunity to represent one’s country in the name of sport at an international level is probably one of the greatest achievements an individual can make.

The pressure that the competitors have at this level is enormous, and goes far beyond normal physical endurance. To win, especially at such a high level, competitors will have to tap into inner resources that their years of training will have prepared them for.

Come to see charming City Buenos Aires, friendly people, culture, fair accommodation offers, excellent food, famous fish and wine culture, World famous steak and Tango, pastry and cakes and a real great World Championship in Argentina.

This is was you will get in Buenos Aires

Argentina welcomes you

16. August 2018

African continental open Championships 2019

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African continental


open Championships 2019



Which country can promote this 5 days event ?

With good Hotels, international airport and great sport hall ?


WKF AFRICA logoWhich team, which African country, which city, who are the real best on the African continent ?

This is the greatest event 2019 for all African countries.

From Tunisia to South Africa, from Ethiopia to Senegal.

Send Your proposal by mail to our office !

All our 32 member countries in our WKF AFRICA continental federation must send their best amateur fighters, tatami and Ring sport for male and females, to find out who have the real best team, the best Champions !

Your country is not yet member in WKF AFRICA continental federation ?

Contact our office please !

15. August 2018


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Champion Dimitris TZEIRANIDES, Paphos, Cyprus
… and the new Champion is …

WKF EUROPE head office and WKF BULGARIA confirm:

One more series of the huge promotion By WKF promoter Christos Nicolaou in Cyprus, ‘CASTLE GLADIATORS IV’,  came to an end with the participation of some of the elite fighters on the island against foreign ones.

This was the fourth show in a row and we have to say that is growing fast more and more every year.

our amazing WKF International champion belt

Main fight of the night of course a WKF International Kickboxing title on Super Bantamweight 56,4 kg / 124 lbs  between the Cyprus Muay Thai champion Dimitris Tzeiranides from Paphos Thai Boxing & MMA Fight Club versus the Bulgarian champion Hristiyan Kanchev from Sport club Boil/ Bulgaria.

Winner by unanimous decision and title holder is Dimitris Tzeiranides ( Paphos Thai Boxing & MMA Fight Club)


15. August 2018

WKF BRAZIL announce next referee seminar in GOIANIA – GO

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13. August 2018

World Championships in Argentina 2018 ! Welcome in Buenos Aires

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full invitation here online !


Dear friends in sport,

WKF ARGENTINA is putting all the team’s energies into the preparation for this upcoming championship, so that everything that is being offered in this great event becomes a flawless reality.

Each athlete, nonstop but at their own pace, goes around the world seeking in  different places for new sportive experiences that will allow them to reach a personal fulfilment.  Because of this, our organization, wishes to  deliver an opportunity to those who are looking for this sort of experiences and achievements.

Just the weekend before is the upcoming WKF World referee seminar, best chance to get or extend international Referee license as well.

We look forward to having every country from the WKF family -from competitors to professors, judges, trainers and athlete’s families- joining in this intense competition, seizing as well the opportunity to meet our local landscapes and incredible sightseeing places of our beautiful country, given the favourable exchange rate of our currency.

Our organization is deeply submerged in addressing the best in us to provide you with a great proposal as this next Championship in Argentina is a

iming to be,  focusing on creating a joyful space to bind, making the experience an unforgettable collective experience along together with all of our brothers from foreign lands.

We are looking forward to receiving  you in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sincerely yours,

Carlos Suarez

Organizing Committee and WKF Argentina Representative

South American Division


Plaza de la República, Buenos Aires