1. January 2016


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2016.11.07  World Championships_rot2016.11.07  World Championships_rot WKF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016


7th to 12th November in Italy



28. August 2016

Open air summer event in Dunaujvaros, Hungary

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DSC_0145jjWKF HUNGARY president Mr. Istvan ROZMAN report about last great open air event in the city Dunaujvaros.

Many photos here in the gallery !


More than 3.000 (!) people rings side, live TV and five nations participated on the show. Hungary, Austria, Uganda, Slovakia, Turkey. First time in the history was 3 Ugandan fighter on the same show for pro fights.

All 3 WKF title fights was on the TV and the TV team was very happy with this show,  “… best event in last 5 Years …” they said.

The show was started with 2 national pro boxing match and after was ‘only’ 11 K-1 fights.

The first international fight is started a WKF  PRO-AM am international title fight between the home boy David SZAPPANOS (Sukothai Team, Dunaujvaros, Hungary) and Sado UCAR (Turkey) in Middleweight – 75 kg/165 lbs.

The fight was a real war in the ring. David started well and won the first 2 rounds and unfortunately he got a foot injured on the 3rd round, but he continuing, but the referee was counted him cos of the injured 2 times and finally the corner stopped the fight in the 4th round. Bad luck and the winner and the new international PRO-AM K-1 champion is Sado Ucar.

Next title fight on the show:

After the Slovakian Viktoria LIPIANSKA from Bratislava challenged the famous best African lady from Uganda, Kampala. Patricia APOLOT the Black Pearl is currently 2 times international champion and the number one of the pro World rankings. The fight was for the vacant pro Intercontinental title in K-1 in Lightweight – 60 Kg/132 lbs.


This was a world class amazon fights, what we don’t see too much time on any show. The warriors both want to take the belt. The Slovakian lady tried to stop and to destroy the African lady, but she can’t and got a lot of punch to the head and also kicks. But she was stand and don’t gave up. After 5 tough rounds , where the Ugandan black pearl won all rounds the winner and the new Intercontinental Champion is Patricia Apolot and she took the new belt.

The nexted international fight was between the Hungarian Sandor JOO and the Ugandan Mubiru SHAKEY in 3×3 min. This fight was same like where the fighters fight for the life. Finally the winner was Mubiru Shakey from Uganda by 3:0.

After Martin ORSULIAK from Slovakia fought against Gergely BUSAI from Hungary in 3×3 min.
This fight was finished in the first round by TKO. Busai knock out the Slovakian with the low-kicks and won by TKO.

In the 3rd title fight the Hungarian Csaba GYÖRFI (Sukothai Team, Dunaújváros) challenged the International Champion Alex MATSIKO from Kampala in Uganda for the title in Light middleweight – 72,30 Kg / 159 lbs.

The first class level fight was the real battle in the ring , the 3.000 people saw an attractive and hard fight. The champion want to stop the Hungarian hero, but his defense was perfect and in the second round Györfi knocked out the Ugandan champion. First with the knee, following by a big punch, and so he took the title from the Ugandan fighter. The new International champion is Csaba Győrfi.

In the final fight home-town boy and local hero Balint MUSKOTALY (Sukothai Team, Dunaújvaros) fought after 6 year stop with an Austrian fighter in 3×3 min.

After a hard fight and 2 more counting the referee stopped the fight and the winner again after 6 year pause is Balint Muskotaly. 

27. August 2016

Our WKF team in middle east, based on African and Asian continent

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WKF middle east teamWKF has in the Arabic world and middle east our office in Cairo.

Head of the hard Working team is Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI.

He is responsible for managing all WKF belongings in his area, support our members, answer requests in Arabic language. Mr. Dessouki is also A1 supervisor and hold many international referee seminars in Africa and Asia.

Our team from left:

Dr. Hussam MAJID, WKF Iraq, technical director and Vicepresident of WKF middle east

Mr. Issa IBRAHIM, WKF Egypt, Vicepresident of WKF middle east

Mr. Omar CHEBALI, WKF Morocco, our African continental MMA director and K-1 expert

Mr. Ibrahim HAMAD, WKF EGYPT, PR and media office for WKF middle east

Dr. Hassan GHADBAN, WKF Lebanon, General secretary of WKF middle east

Read full story here in Arabic language

WKF Middle east

27. August 2016

MEXICO nuevo miembro a bordo – Bienvenido WKF MEXICO

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WKF Latin America & Caribbean director Mr. Alfredo SUAREZ confirm our new 130th member in the WKF World wide family.

Señor Arturo Brito HERNANDEZ  is our new WKF MEXICO president.

Mr. Hernandez is well know in his country as promoter for great and TOP Class events.

WKF LAC head office is happy to have Mr. Hernandez in our team, for cooperatrion and development of WKF in Kickboxing, MMA Sanda and more in Mexico.

All Gyms, Clubs and teams who want to join WKF MEXICO should just send a mail (wkfmexico@hotmail.com) to our new Mexico office.

The new web site is in progress, soon we are online !!!

Bienvenido WKF MEXICO !!!


Las oficinas centrales de la WKF  tienen el agrado de dar la bienvenida a un nuevo miembro ante la WKF sudamericana dirigida por el señor Alfredo SUAREZ.

Se trata del Señor Arturo Brito HERNANDEZ quien tendrá la presidencia ante el país de México, nuestro nuevo miembro es bien conocido esta país por su gran cantidad de eventos que realiza en las artes marciales, es para nosotros un placer de tenerlos con nosotros y trabajar mutuamente en el crecimiento del Kickboxing en México a nivel profesional y Amateur

Escuelas y gimnasios mexicano podrán contactar al señor Brito a través de su nuevo correo electrónico (wkfmexico@hotmail.com) pagina web esta en proceso les informaremos en cuanto la tengamos..

Suerte en su nuevo cargo.



26. August 2016

WKF MMA Europa director is nominated supervisor in Andria

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Ettl Gerhard_AUT
WKF MMA European director Gerhard ETTL

WKF head office confirm:

Our MMA WKF EUROPE director Mr. Gerhard ETTL is herewith nominated supervisor for the MMA cage in Andria, Italy.

Mr. Ettl is long time member and official in WKF, has a long history as promoter for high class international MMA events.

2016.11.07 POSTER World ChampionshipsAs coach and manager of so many MMA champions he is the best man for this job.

If you would have any requests for MMA in the upcoming World Championships do not hesitate to send a mail to Mr. Ettl.

25. August 2016

PRO POINT FIGHTING – the real challenge for all point fighters

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DSC_0013The idea behind is to upgrade our thousands of semi contact – or point fighting – fighters World wide.

Many tournaments on all continents has many competitors and now World Kickboxing Federation offers the Chance to fight for a real pro title with a great value and Champion belt, sanctioned by our World wide federation.

Posted in the weekly updated World ranking and with high value.

Valid with same PPF rules everywhere, same reqirements like in professional Ring sport. Professional weigh-in a day before, 3 international judges, WKF supervisor, flags and anthem and an amazing belt.

Send fighter profiles of your best point fighters male and female for the PPF World ranking, to get a chance to fight!

If you are interested to promote a PRO POINT FIGHTING title visit our web site and send just a request to our new office by mail.

Para mayor información en Español comunicarce con el señor SUAREZ bajo el e-mail  ppfworldoffice@gmail.com

  many new updates in the PPF World ranking.WKF Pro Point Fighting belt


24. August 2016

Open World Cup for Forms in Vienna, Austria in September

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2016.09.25 Worldcup Forms, Vienna, AustriaOpen World Cup for all forms, style, teams and experts from all World wide Countries are welcome.

Invitation in English language is here !

All international experts from all countries World wide are very welcome.

Martial artists from Karate, Taekwondo, Wushu and freestyle are on the schedule.

With weapons or empty hand, musical or non musical forms, every system and style is possible.

For further information contact Mr. Gerald DITTRICH by mail

Mr. Gerald DITTRICH, WKF AUSTRIA president

22. August 2016

This is our WKF international Champion belt

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WKF International Champion belt

WKF head office present our new heavy Champion belt. This is the second highest professional title after national pro Champion. Perfect for a pro title fight between Champions of neighbouring countries.

Many fighters, managers and promoters like our new belt, for more information about this International title send just your request, please.

20. August 2016

WKF forms, poomse,Tul, Hyong, Taolu and Kata – scoring system

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WKF-Formular-FORMS_8_01score board FormenFollowing many requests from our World wide  WKF members members about forms. We get many inquiries about various competition rules in the WKF.Waiting in 4 languages for your download.

The rules for all WKF Forms in English language are here, en Español, in Deutscher Sprache hier. Soon we will have translation in Russian languages as well.

Today, the WKF has 14 various Forms disciplines.

Participants could compete in divisions with and without music, as well as with and without weapons.

Plus, our “creative and freestyle” forms. Here a small selection of approved Budo weapons.

WKF Waffen Teil 2


IRC – Internationale Rules Committee –  has on request a list of approved official traditional forms for Japanese and Okinawa Kata. The same list for official forms in  Taekwondo ITF / WTF. Visit our WKF AMATEUR division web site, please

Scoring by 5 international WKF judges. The rating is performed simultaneously and displayed electronically. The highest and lowest score be deleted, the remaining three give the rating to one decimal place. 

If you like to know more about rules and regulations in WKF and to get official referee license join our next World referee Seminar on May 5th 2017 in Santorini, Greece.


19. August 2016

Brazil Open Kickboxing in October in Goiania

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2016.10.08 Brazil Open

With the expectation of more than 10 participating states, the city of Goiania will host again a national event, “Brazil Open Kickboxing”

For some athletes who are part of the Brazilian team, this event will be preparation for the world championship in Italy.

Simplesmente Fantástico o 1o treinamento com os atletas goianienses convocados para representar o Brasil no campeonato mundial, e convidados.

Agradecemos a todos os participantes, e aos Faixas Pretas WKF, Samuel Silva, Felipe Tiger Costa, e Ricardo Fernandes Pires que auxiliaram na condução do treino.

WKF (Federação Mundial de Kickboxing) www.wkfworld.com


18. August 2016

WKF fighters license for all WKF Championships and events

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For new sports passes or current annual stamps, please fill in the FIGHTER PROFILE , add a jpg Photo at and show your fighter license by registration in the venue.

WKF 6 continent Banner_web