7. September 2018


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5th to 10th November in Argentina



20. September 2018

African continental open Championships 2019

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African continental


open Championships 2019



Which country can promote this 5 days event ?

With good Hotels, international airport and great sport hall ?


WKF AFRICA logoWhich team, which African country, which city, who are the real best on the African continent ?

This is the greatest event 2019 for all African countries.

From Tunisia to South Africa, from Ethiopia to Senegal.

Send Your proposal by mail to our office !

All our 32 member countries in our WKF AFRICA continental federation must send their best amateur fighters, tatami and Ring sport for male and females, to find out who have the real best team, the best Champions !

Your country is not yet member in WKF AFRICA continental federation ?

Contact our office please !

17. September 2018

Radek ROUSAL /CZE vs. Karl PRODERUTTI/AUT fight for the K-1 European Title in Vienna

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WKF EUROPE head office confirm the next WKF European title fights in Vienna, September 22nd.

Our current Czech European Champion Radek “Ruchy” ROUSAL defend his title vs. Austrian Karl PRODERUTTI.

Weight class Lightmiddleweight – 71 Kg / 156 lbs , scheduled for 5 rounds 2 minutes in K-1.

Radek is a very tough fighter and won his title by clear KO. Now its time to defend the belt! Many Czech people will come from Brno to Vienna to support their local hero and European Champion.

knock-out sport promotion

In the other corner Proderutti is very experienced as well, his fight record is positive with more than 25 wins.

In 2015 he was already European champion in another little federation vs. a Swiss guy.


NOG 16

Second European WKF title fight in Lightweltergewicht – 63,5 Kg /138 lbs is scheduled and now official confirmed. The team around Austrian PPF European Champion Stefan ZELLER is in preparation for the European title fight.

Like our event 🙂

The promoter www.knock-out.at Mr. Josef KURTA has yet decided to book Russian Champion Vladimir KARPELA from St. Petersburg.


Third WKF European title polish European Champion Michal ZAJAC defend his title vs. Czech Robin SMID. Weight class Lightmiddleweight – 71 Kg / 156 lbs , scheduled for 5 rounds 2 minutes in K-1.

Many international fights are on the fight card, ladies fights, Champions from 8 countries, show and more !!!


Updated FIGHTCARD  and all photos here in the GALLERY

16. September 2018

45 countries are registered today for World Championships in Argentina

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WKF ARGENTINA president Mr. Carlos SUAREZ is putting all the team’s energies into the preparation for this upcoming championship, so that everything that is being offered in this great event becomes a flawless reality.
Mr. Suarez invite the World for the next WKF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018, November 5th -10th. Beautiful City of Buenos Aires in Argentina is the host City.
Until today we have 45 country registrations from all 6 continents. Many competitors e.g. in Formsor in MMA and point fighting, a huge WKF CHINA team for Sanda will attend too.
Please note: Muay Thai in Argentinas is in full Muay Thai rules, here  many photos from the past …
Sport has no racial, social or political barriers, which means that it is the perfect way for all men and women, boys and girls to achieve amazing results, regardless of race, creed or colour.
The opportunity to represent one’s country in the name of sport at an international level is probably one of the greatest achievements an individual can make.
The pressure that the competitors have at this level is enormous, and goes far beyond normal physical endurance. To win, especially at such a high level, competitors will have to tap into inner resources that their years of training will have prepared them for.
Come to see charming City Buenos Aires, friendly people, Tango and best steaks, fair accommodation offers, excellent food, famous fish and wine culture, pastry and cakes and a real great World Championship in Argentina.


This is was you get in Buenos Aires


Argentina welcomes you

15. September 2018

WKF World Cup in Goiania, Brazil was an amazing event and great success !

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WKF BRAZIL motor and heart  Mr. Stivi WAGNER send first photos about our amazing World Cup in Goiania, Brazil.

It was a success the 1st World Cup of WKF Kickboxing held in Brazil. With the participation of Chile, Peru, China and the host country Brazil. This was the last official competition of the Brazilian athletes before the World Championship in Argentina.

At the occasion, the presentation of black belt certificates and the annual meeting of the state representatives of WKF Brasil were held, which defined that the Brazilian Kickboxing and Martial Arts Championship of 2019 will be held in the city of Gurupí-TO on June 21 and 22 .

For next World Cup in Brazil 2019 team WKF AUSTRIA, WKF GERMANY  and others confirmed already their participation in great hospitality from our Brazilian friends. See you in Goiania !

Latest news: Mr. Stivi WAGNER´s name comes up for the position as new LAC continental director as well !

Full story and more is coming soon ! Please be patient …

See the short report Video !

Master Thiago PASCHOAL



Stivi WAGNER with State Tocantins Federation Directors

15. September 2018

WKF PNG president Stanley NANDEX confirm team for Buenos Aires

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Stanley “head hunter” NANDEX, PNG legend and idol

This amazing belt is for the Champions !

WKF head office confirm:

WKF PNG president Stanley NANDEX confirm a strong team for the upcoming world Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The date is November 5th to 10th and time is running. Visa must be required, Hotel and air tickets must be booked, sponsor contracts must be signed, a lot to do in next days.

If you want to join team WKF PNG contact Mr. Nandex by mail.

If you want to represent your team from Australia and Oceania by the World Championships contact our WKF head office by mailwkf-australia-logo

13. September 2018

WKF IRAQ president Mr. Husam MAJEED confirmed for Buenos Aires too

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On our last meeting in Dubai, middle east WKF IRAQ president Mr. Husam MAJEED confirmed a team for the upcoming World Championships 2018 in November in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Of course, because of the costs not a full team,

but at least few of the best fighters and officials will represent Iraq in Argentina.



12. September 2018

26th German Open 2018 tournament in Lübeck on December 8th!

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Для получения информации на русском языке, пожалуйста, отправьте электронное письмо нашему руководителю  Роман Логиш;  е-мейл



 من الأسئلة ، يرجى إرسال بريد إلكتروني باللغة الإنجليزية


WKF EUROPE confirm and WKF GERMANY president Roman LOGISCH announce next German Open 2018 in the City of Lübeck on December 8th !


International German Open


Info: marcotank@gmx.de


This event is like in the last Years open for all teams, clubs, countries and federations. Promoter is Mr. Marco TANK and his team.

Register your licensed WKF referees as well

Our international referees are welcome


Cavit KAPLAN, WKF GERMANY, Chief referee

Your team can compete in form divisions, semi contact/pointfighting, light contact and ring sport.

Cash price for Semi contact Grand Champion.

Day before will be hold a referee seminar as well. Supervisor Mr. Cavit KAPLAN, WKF GERMANY Chief referee. All rules for amateur events here to down load.

WKF licensed international referees are very welcome. Photos here

The City LUEBECK welcomes you, the invitation in English language is COMING SOON, in Deutscher Sprache hier.


For Visa invitation, Hotel reservations, airport transfers and any further request

contact directly Mr. Marco TANK by mail.


11. September 2018

WKF Global Boxing Championship in Xining, China – 将于10月12日在青海省西宁市隆重举行!

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2018.10.12 Xining City, Quinghai



“The 2018 Boxing Power – WKF Global Boxing Championship” will be held on October 12th in Xining City, Qinghai Province!



9. September 2018

Elohim Give Intercontinental title Defense in Kumi, Uganda

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Patricia APOLOT, Istvan ROZMAN and Patrik LYUOOZA

WKF UGANDA president Patrik LYUOOZA and WKF AFRICA continental federation confirm next top class event in Kumi, Uganda, promoter “The Black Pearl” sport promotion.

Many good local Champions are on the fight card.

Two international title fights are the main fights !

Africa’s female TOP Lady and nr. one Patricia APOLOT fight vs. Bosnian & Herzegovina Lady Sandra ZIVKOVIC from capital City Sarajevo.

Weight is Superlight 62,3 Kg / 137 lbs  for the WKF pro Intercontinental title fight in Kickboxing with low kick.

Here is the video from the press conference in Secret Heart Hotel in Kumi.
Apolot is already lowkick World Champion and Intercontinental Champion in K-1 in lower Lightweight – 60 Kg / 132 lbs.
Ronald ODOCH won his WKF international title in Hungary on June 30th clear by KO in third round in Superwelterweight – 69,5 Kg / 153 lbs .
Marko DMITROVIC  from Bosnia & Herzegovina challenge now our champion for his title.

8. September 2018

WKF PAPUA NEW GUINEA proudly present on September 26th !!!

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PNG´s Best of the Best

WKF head office confirm:

WKF PNG president Stanley NANDEX moving forward with next promotion in capital City Port Moresby.

Venue is the famous “Sir John Guise Stadium”

For 2018 we start with this great event now on  September 26th, with Champions from 5 countries ring side.


WKF World Champion Rickson YAMO vs. Jordan JEFFRIES and WKF Intercontinental Champion Jeffery DAKA vs. Ben REGAN for the second world title.

Plus Australian & Oceania continental title John KWIWA vs. McKenzie CUNNINGHAM.

WKF World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Plus two more international title fights with Jonathan TUHU and Timothy LOMAI from Papua New Guinea.


More events in PNG, New Zealand and Australia in the online schedule. If you want to join our WKF PNG contact Mr. Nandex by mail.

Our next huge amateur

World Championships 

in Buenos Aires!


If you want to represent your team and Country (!) from Australia, the Australian continent, New Zealand or anywhere in Oceania by the next World Championships 2018 in Argentina contact by E-mail our WKF head office please


legends at work in Papua New Guinea