Alexandra PETRE is looking for any K-1 fight in the World!




from Austria was at the last one European Championship 2022 in Austria four-time European champion.

Four Gold medals and best athlete on this Championships.

Her weight class is the Ladies Heavyweight + 66 Kg / + 145 lbs,  favorite discipline is K-1


Her remarkable fight record in K-1 is:

34 fights, 31 wins, including 12 KO!

Petre also won the K-1 European Cup in February 2022 in Poland against strong opponents.

“GODZILLA” is currently number 1 in the WKF PRO-AM world rankings and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find opponents.

Too many internet champions – too few real fighters ! 😈

“You’re not a champion, not the best fighter –

unless you beat the World champion”  – says Alexandra

GBF and WKF World Champion

Her management is negotiating a K-1 European title fight vs. the Oceania Champion in August in Papua New Guinea.

Plus World title defense in New Dheli, India, new date TBA.

And an World title in autumn 2023 in Vienna, plus possible title defense in Wellington, New Zealand, against Thai box expert Rosie SANDIFORT.

Alexandra PETRE is WKF European and World Champion and currently one of the best fighters in the K-1 female heavyweight division in the World.


Petre is looking for a suitable opponent for any 5 X 2 minute K-1 duel. All interested girls World wide have a chance of this fight. Re-match in Europe guaranteed and part of the deal.

Petre wants to challenge the best heavyweight girl at any event in the World!

Against any suitable female heavyweight opponent + 66 Kg / + 145 lbs! All you have to do is to send her fighter profile and attach a good 2-3 jpg photo and email it.

If you were looking for an opponent for YOUR Girl  + 66 Kg

at YOUR NEXT EVENT, it would be a real great fight!

WKF USA reports the next events in Miami


Since February 19, the WKF Sports Director in the United States Mr. Agustín ANDIARENA will implement a work plan with a view to the WKF international championships.

We have now our first WKF sanctioned event 2023 in “Wolfpack Boxing Club” Miami, Florida, on April 29th.

Mr. Andiarena will work to be represented in FRANCE 2024 at the great and historic World Championship with a team from all over the USA.

In all mats and Ring sport disciplines, for the best ladies and man.

1964 – 2024 means 60 years World Kickboxing Federation

If you have any questions for our WKF USA office, simply send an email with your request:  contact:

32nd Austrian Open tournament 22nd April 2023

WKF AUSTRIA president Tanja HELML
WKF LV. Tirol and Headcoach KBC Innsbruck Gerhard CORRADINI

WKF AUSTRIA president Mrs. Tanja HELML announce next great international event 2023 in Innsbruck, Austria.

Promoter Gerhard CORRADINI and his team organize one more time in Innsbruck Austrian Open tournament. Open for all countries, federations and teams.


full invitation HERE

only for the best

men and Woman !

Full Invitation

You can compete in new form divisions, point fighting, light contact , kick light and K-1 rules.

Registration deadline:

Friday, April 14th, 2023

Upon your request by e-mail, you will receive your access and password


registration NOW open


Welcome to Austria

Welcome to Innsbruck 

PPF – important Pro Point Fighting News 2023 !

Senor Fernando GUERRERO, PPF World president, Chile
Our respected WKF PPF World president Mr. Fernando GUERRERO from Santiago de Chile want to move on with our PPF division.
Please contact him for your next scheduled PPF title fight and any further request !
ANNOUNCEMENT: As President of Pro Point Fight and TATAMI SPORTS of the WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION I am waiting for the WKF Presidents of each country to contact me to formalize their Pro Point Fight Directors or TATAMI SPORTS in their country.
Along with this, it’s time to start programming Pro Title Fight and Title Tables.
Without your participation and collaboration this will not be possible. I urge you to contact me as soon as possible.
To get to work ….. Competitors and fighters are waiting for our efforts.
ANUNCIO : Como Presidente de Pro Point Fight y TATAMI SPORTS de la WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION  estoy a la espera de que me contacten los Presidentes de WKF de cada país para formalizar sus Directores de Pro Point Fight o TATAMI SPORTS en su país.
Junto con esto es hora de empezar a programar Peleas por Titulo de Pro Point Fight y de Tatami Sports. 
Sin su participación y colaboración esto no sera posible. Los insto a contactarme a la brevedad.
A ponerse a trabajar ….. Los competidores y luchadores están esperando de nuestras gestiones.
Atentamente / contact:
Fernando Guerrero T. 
Presidente Mundial de PPF WKF World KickBoxing Federation
Vice Presidente de WKF Chile 
Escriben directamente a: 

WKF GREECE: Referee and judge seminar in Greece !

WKF GREECE president Mr. Annis DOMETIOU announces its next event in Greece !

We inform you that there will be a seminar for referees and  judges by Vangelis MASTI, responsible for the Department  of referees and judges in WKF HELLAS.

Η WKF GREECE πραγματοποιεί Επιμορφωτικό Σεμινάριο Διαιτητών/Κριτών, με σκοπό την στελέχωση αντίστοιχου σώματος για τη σωστή διεξαγωγή των αγωνιστικών της υποχρεώσεων. Το εν λόγω σεμινάριο είναι ανοιχτό για όλους και θα πραγματοποιηθεί δια ζώσης, σε Αθήνα και Κιάτο.

Τα σεμινάρια Διαιτητών-Κριτών βελτιώνουν συνεχώς την ποιότητα και την τεχνογνωσία των διαιτητών/κριτών της WKF Greece, ενώ μεριμνούν και για την εναρμόνιση με τους κανόνες της Παγκόσμιας Ομοσπονδίας WKF World.

Για πληροφορίες συμμετοχές επικοινώνηστε με τον υπεύθυνο διαιτητών/κριτών Βαγγέλη Μαστη – 6945154250 .

Θα δοθεί πιστοποίηση στους συμμετέχοντες από την WKF World.

Vangelis MASTIS, WKF Greece Chief referee

Two new WKF pro World Champions from Australia

WKF PRO World Champion in K-1 – Matt STAPLEFORD

On March 18th in the Franz Guggenberger Hall in Korneuburg; Austria, the International “24. Night of Glory”.

Male and female, international fighters from many nations were back in Korneuburg in the boxing ring.

The current results can be found online here:

For the first time in the history of Austrian sports, two Australian Champions (!) were invited to Austria and booked by the organizer

WKF PRO World Champion in K-1 – Milos RASTOVIC

Both Australians successfully defended their WKF PRO World Champion titles in K-1 rules kickboxing.

The reigning professional world champion Matt STAPLEFORD won his world championship title against Vienna’s Kristian ZECEVIC on points.

Matt holds now two World titles – lowkick and K-1 !

Another main event was the K-1 World Champion fight of Milos RASTOVIC from Sydney against Milivoja DUKIC from Wels, Austria. This World Championship title fight also went to Sydney with a victory on points.


Alexandra PETRE and Nikita MÜLLER – currently the best Austrian ladies in the boxing ring

For the first time in history, the LADIES LEAGUE was held very successfully in Korneuburg.

Alexandra “GODZILLA” PETRE from Vienna is currently number 1 in heavyweight in many world associations.

She is four times amateur world champion since Cairo 2021 and 8 times European champion. In addition, Petre holds the intercontinental title in the world associations GBF and WKF. Petre is #1 in many major world rankings. Her ring name is GODZILLA,

her fight record today: 36 fights, 33 wins and 12 of them by KO.

Her tough opponent Elena NEFINTIDI was signed from Greece and is a multiple champion. After a tough five-round battle, the international judges from Australia, Italy and Austria awarded another clear 3:0 victory for Petre.

Re-match is agreed for June 17th again in Austria in the “Wienerwald Grand Prix” event.

The next 25th Night of Glory will take place on September 23rd in Korneuburg

News from WKF LATIN AMERICA / Noticias de América Latina

BOLIVIA, Capital Fight Champion

El pasado 11 de marzo en la ciudad de Sucre – Bolivia se llevó a cabo el “Capital Fight Champions” organizado por el Profesor Vismar Rueda y fiscalizado por WKF Bolivia a la cabeza del Promotor Internacional Oliver Guzmán.

Evento en el cual se disputó el primer cinturón nacional Pro Am del año en la categoría de los 60 Kg.


Para esto se programó un súper cuatro donde competidores de Cochabamba, La Paz y Sucre dejaron todo en el ring para obtener el tan deseado título.

Después de 2 duras peleas finalmente Alejandro Galarza representante de la Academia “Alianza Bolivia” de la ciudad de La Paz, se consagró como el Campeón nacional de su categoría y pudo llevarse a casa el aclamado cinturón.


COPA CHILE, Un EXITO fruto de un gran trabajo.

La copa Chile se desarrolló el día 4 de marzo en Santiago, fue una jornada llena de emociones dónde competidores de todo el país se dieron cita para dar vida a esta maratón del kickboxing chileno.

En esta ocasión se realizaron 320 combates en 4 ring (!)  dónde los campeones de cada categoría llevan un cupo al campeonato Panamericano que se realizará en el mes de noviembre en buenos Aires.

El evento marco historia en el país ya que año a año crece nuestro amado deporte de la mano de toda la directiva y equipo de trabajo de WKF CHILE dirigida por Rodrigo Miño.

Welcome to China and in our WKF SANDA-WUSHU division !

WKF Sanda Logo
Sifu YAN Dinan, WKF CHINA and WUSHU World president

WUSHU LOGOFollowing our many members from all over the World, WKF head office started  with our SANDA & WUSHU division.
World president is Mr. YAN DINAN from WKF CHINA.
This includes all Sanda male/female fighters, fill in the online profile, add a jpg photo to be listed in the SANDA World ranking. For professionals we offer same SANDA title belts like in ring sport or MMA.

For Wushu we have our WKF Wushu forms and many more !
The World Kickboxing Federation is the leading organization World Wide in the promotion of amateur and professional kickboxing in all styles, Muay Thai and MMA -mixed martial arts hosting professional fighting events.
WKF CHINA International

Our modern and interactive approach to this sport highlights our commitment to keeping you updated with the latest events taking place worldwide.

The WKF SANDA & WUSHU DIVISION was formed in February 2015, the WKF stresses its strong belief in offering equal opportunities to sufficiently skilled athletes who have practised  Kickboxing, enabling them to display their talents in the National and International Amateur and Professional arenas.

Also to ensure the credibility of their “world championship” titles and gives these world class athletes an international platform on which to perform.

Read more here