International licensed WKF female referees and officials


WKF HEAD OFFICE work very hard in cooperation with our IRC- “International rules committee” to train our international officials and referees, to answer protests and requests for the competition rules and to develop our various WKF rules.

Spiridoula MOUTOU / Greece

History has shown that nothing is set in stone.

Daniela GARRIDO ASENJO / Chile

As the world know – our next World referee seminar will be held October 15th to 17th in Cairo 2021, Egypt, just the weekend before the WKF World Championships.

The next but one World referee seminar will be held in October 2022 in Hainan, the weekend just before the World  Championships in the China.

He WENJU / China
Susanna ARRIGHI / Argentina

Without valid WKF license you are not an official in our World Kickboxing Federation!!

Today WKF has more than 100 international licensed referees on 6 continents.

Patrizia APOLOT / Uganda

Of these, unfortunately, we only have just seven (!) international licensed female officials.

Adriana TATU / Romania

Like all knowledge, more and more strong female champions and athletes are fighting

Our executive board therefore emphatically requests all WKF country presidents to send more female referees to the seminar in Egypt.

It’s in your hands and we just need


more female licensed officials

30th Austrian Open in Innsbruck – a review

At the “30. International Austrian Open 2021 ”on June 12th in Innsbruck

numerous WKF teams were there again

Austrian Alexandra PETRE und Shana HEGGLIN from Switzerland

Participants from Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Switzerland and of course Austria were each with many teams at the start. This Austrian Open will go down in history as “post Corona”.

Unfortunately, many clubs at home and abroad have also canceled at short notice due to Corona.

Nevertheless, around 100 fighters from five nations were present in Innsbruck.

We would like to particularly highlight the Swiss Shana HEGGLIN from Team Phönix, who not only won her own class – 60 kg against teammate Chiara TSCHOPP in the kick-light.


Verena LEITNER with nice jab

In addition, she faced the Austrian multiple European champion Alexandra PETRE from Octagon pro Gym in Vienna in the open class + 60 kg in the kick light and showed a great performance against the significantly heavier and larger Petre.

Honor and thanks for her coach Roland HATT and respect for Shana!

The Swiss champions from Team SPARTA and DEZDO Gym also showed a great performance and brought medals from Innsbruck.

German teams such as KAMPFSTARK in Munich, LIONS FIGHTCLUB or MAKKABI and the GLADIATORS WAGHÄUSEL team were also able to place themselves TOP.

The list of results is already online HERE! The first photos are online, we are also looking forward to YOUR photos by email – for the website.

The next “31. Austrian Open ” will take place again in

Innsbruck on May 24th, 2022.

WKF AFRICA continental selection of board of directors


As everybody know, we have our World Championships in Cairo, Egypt, October 18th to 24th 2021 !

There will be the World congress like every second Year, each country must send its president in jacket and tie well dressed for this important meeting and the official photo of all attended country presidents.

Very important!

Here are just 10 of our 37 WKF presidents on the African continent. All our full  member countries in WKF AFRICA could nominate candidates for the

WKF African

continental election



For president, Vice president, head referee and all other positions in the board of directors, for the next 4 Years.

We will have many separate meetings with all interested African presidents, prepare your suggestions, concept and annual planning.

Send your proposal on time BY MAIL to Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI !

Why are you the best WKF AFRIKA continental federation president?

To select a new board of directors of WKF AFRICA continental federation!

Every full member of the African country presidents has the right to vote or to be elected


WKF AFRICA continental president, Vice president, treasure, African continental head referee and so on.

If you are interested to become candidate send by mail your official nomination – for which position you are interested in. Here are just 10 of our 37 very active WKF AFRICA country presidents.

WKF HEAD OFFICE will send an official supervisor as observer to this selection.

Date is October 19th, venue: Hotel TOLIP, El Orouba str, Heliopolis, Cairo. Time and venue for the election of African continental federation will be announced on your arriving !




Africa be ready! The best champions of the World are coming 2021 to challenge all of you



As everybody know we have our World Championships in Cairo, Egypt, October 18th to 24th 2021 !

All African women and men have the unique opportunity to be the first World Champion on the African continent in history

full invitation here



There is no second chance

to be the first

You cannot miss this first and historic World Championships in Africa

And – If you don’t participate, the whole world will know!

WKF AFRICA continental federation

European Cups in forms and team semicontact












In Korneuburg near Vienna on September 18th again three TOP sporting events take place!

European Cup in 10 forms classes, for U 13 / U 18 and general class, with and without music


European Cup team fight in semi-contact 2 women and 3 men

Bonus for the winning team € 2,500 in cash


In the evening from 4 p.m. the “21st Night of Glory” with the best fighters from Austria and international champions

MMA in the WKF World wide network

WKF MMA World title belt

WKF – World Kickboxing Federation – is one of the greatest and World wide sanctioning body for Kick boxing and MMA in amateur and pro.

On our web site you could find all important facts and news about MMA in our World sanctioning body.

More than 5000 hits per month is the result of serious and hard work.

Just fill in the online fighter profile here, add a jpg photo and we will post you in our MMA  European or World ranking.

For any requests contact our MMA head office by mail and visit our main web site .

WKF MMA European champion
WKF MMA contintal champion belt

30th Austrian Open in Innsbruck – 11h/12th June 2021


Registration deadline today:

invitation is HERE

WKF AUSTRIA president Gerald DITTRICH announce next great international event in Innsbruck, Austria.

Promoter Gerhard CORRADINI and his team organize one more time in Innsbruck Austrian Open tournament. Open for all countries, federations and teams.

Invitation is here, you can compete in Forms, point fighting, light contact , kick light and K-1 rules.

now activated

The online registration is now activated.

Upon your request by email, you will immediately receive your access and password

In the past many teams from neighboring nations have registered too, but have not come. At the same time, they claim to have “the best fighters”.

Please in the future only sign up, if you really want to participate!


AUSTRIA  welcomes you!


Welcome to Innsbruck  😀

WKF IRAN confirm best team for the World Championships in Cairo

Mr. Amir MOSADEGH, WKF IRAN /MMA division World president

We are delighted to announce that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s National Kickboxing Team is fully ready to attend the World Kickboxing Championship tournament in Egypt.

The WKF Iranian team is made up of some of the best and talented gladiators registered.



خوشحالیم که اعلام می کنیم تیم ملی کیک بوکسینگ جمهوری اسلامی ایران کاملاً آماده حضور در مسابقات قهرمانی کیک بوکسینگ جهانی در مصر است. تیم ایران از بهترین و با استعدادترین گلادیاتورهای ثبت شده تشکیل شده است.


WKF IRAN president Mr. Amir MOSADEGH is our high respected WKF ASIA continental director.

On the World meeting of board of directors 2016 in Italy, majority vote for Mr. Mosadegh as new WKF MMA division World president.

Best decision, than we had already Asian continental title in MMA in Thailand (!) and few other MMA titles in Asia.

In the World Championships in Italy  fighters from WKF IRAN was so strong and successfully in ring sport division.

Mr. Mosadegh was like an ambassador for his country, and many people was surprised about this nice and friendly style.

And from 8 fighters in Low kick, one each weight category – 

WKF IRAN won seven Gold and one Silver medals !

For the World Championships in Cairo 2021 many tough Iranian Champions will come to challenge the World. 

In MMA as well as in ring sport, of course. WKF IRAN could be again one of the biggest and strongest team.

Just the weekend before is the upcoming WKF World referee seminar 2021, perfect to get or extend international Referee license as well.

WKF World Championships October 18th to 24th in Cairo.

meeting WKF IRAN board of directors