7. May 2017


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5th to 10th November in Argentina



19. March 2018

World Championships in Argentina 2018 ! Welcome in Buenos Aires

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full invitation here online !


Dear friends in sport,

WKF ARGENTINA is putting all the team’s energies into the preparation for this upcoming championship, so that everything that is being offered in this great event becomes a flawless reality.

Each athlete, nonstop but at their own pace, goes around the world seeking in  different places for new sportive experiences that will allow them to reach a personal fulfilment.  Because of this, our organization, wishes to  deliver an opportunity to those who are looking for this sort of experiences and achievements.

Just the weekend before is the upcoming WKF World referee seminar, best chance to get or extend international Referee license as well.

We look forward to having every country from the WKF family -from competitors to professors, judges, trainers and athlete’s families- joining in this intense competition, seizing as well the opportunity to meet our local landscapes and incredible sightseeing places of our beautiful country, given the favourable exchange rate of our currency.

Our organization is deeply submerged in addressing the best in us to provide you with a great proposal as this next Championship in Argentina is aiming to be,  focusing on creating a joyful space to bind, making the experience an unforgettable collective experience along together with all of our brothers from foreign lands.

We are looking forward to receiving  you in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Sincerely yours,

Carlos Suarez

Organizing Committee and WKF Argentina Representative

South American Division

Plaza de la República, Buenos Aires

18. March 2018

WKF/ВКФ Full contact World title in Ulyanovsk, Russia

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Alexey TRIFONOV / Алексей Трифонов
CAVALCANTE Gilvan Silva, Brazil

WKF RUSSIA supervisor Mr. Roman LOGISCH announce next amazing World title fight in Russia, April 28th.

On request of our partner and manager Mr. Mikahel GERASIMOV we have an amazing WKF World title in Full contact in the City Ulyanovsk in Bantanweight – 54,5 kg / 120 lbs.

One of the best Champions from Russia Alexey TRIFONOV is three times WAKO World Champion and WAKO-PRO champion as well.

Now we have the confirmation from our supervisor Mr. Roman LOGISCH: WKF professional Full contact World title Russia vs. Brazil !


WKF LAC confirm Gilvan SILVA CAVALCANTE is Brasilian National Champion 2017 and International Champion 2017 as well. His coach is one of the best and well known masters in Brazil, Mr. Anderson Kiyoaki KAGUEYAMA.

For further information contact Mr. Logisch by mail !


Чемпиона Мира по Кикбоксингу / WKF World Champion belt

28 апреля 2018 в г. Ульяновск, Россия, состоится бой за звание Чемпиона Мира среди профессионалов в разделе фулл- контакт по версии Всемирной Федерации Кикбоксинга ВКФ. Этот бой пройдёт в рамках любительского Чемпионата России по фулл-контакту.

За чемпионский пояс в весовой категории -54,5 кг будет бороться Gilvan Silva Cavalcante (Бразилия), Чемпион Бразилии 2017 и Интернациональный Чемпион 2017 по Кикбоксингу WKF.

Его тренер- один из лучших и известных мастеров в Бразилии, японец Anderson Kiyoaki Kagueyama.

Противником бразильца выступит самый титулованный кикбоксёр Ульяновской области – Алексей Трифонов.

Напомним, Алексей является трёхкратным Чемпионом Мира по любителям (WAKO) и Чемпионом Мира среди профессионалов по версии WAKO- PRO.

В 2013 году Алексею Трифонову было присвоено звание лучшего кикбоксёра Чемпионата Мира WAKO с вручением сертификата. Мы уверены, что бой представителей разных континентов вызовет интерес и поддержку любителей кикбоксинга по всему миру!

Супервайзер этого боя -Президент Федерации WKF Германии Роман Логиш, е-мейл

18. March 2018

WKF Golden state warrior open in California

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WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN has more and more new state directors in USA.

He announce next event in May 19th -20th in Los Angeles, California.



WKF Golden state warrior open
all fighters, countries and teams are welcome !
 Special Guest: Troy DORSEY
Promoter Master Anthony von Sager report latest TOP news:

Were:  7229 Atoll Ave. ,N. Hollywood, CA 91605

            Hayastan Academy   (contact WKF USA only!

When:  19th & 20th of May 2018

Time:   Sat & Sun,  doors open 8.00 am

Scale:  8.30-10.30 am (spectators entry 10.30 am)

Event:   Full, Light (continues), Semi and Kata, 

              Weapon Kata’s – Forms, Able body division,

              Self-defense, Weapons F.  Grand Champion

              Title Belts, large Trophy’s and Price Money!



with 8 x World Kickboxing Karate & Boxing Champion, living Legend,

Shihan Troy Dorsey !!!

Don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity

Stay tuned for full update, sign up pre-registraion…

please email all your fighters, team, official info to: clouddancermedia@gmail.com , attention : WKF golden State

For more info go to: www.getfit4yourlife.com


17. March 2018

PPF European title in Vienna in April

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Stefan ZELLER, Austria

Heiko STEIERT, Germany

WKF AUSTRIA announce the interest for next PPF European title fight in Lightwelterweight – 63,5 Kg / 138 lbs.

Current Champion is Austrian Stefan ZELLER, he won the title on September 16th 2017  vs. famous Italian Francesco TURCO.

Now he want to defend his PPF title for the first time on Night of Glory.

Scheduled re-match vs. Turcu is not possible, because the Italian is still injured.

First idea of his management is German Heiko STEIERT.

He is current WKF amateur World Champion from Italy 2016 and for sure  qualified opponent for this title fight.

Do you have a good pointfighter in this weight ?

Soon we will know more , stay tuned  …

WKF PPF European title belt

17. March 2018

Night of Glory 15th on April 28th in Vienna

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WKF AUSTRIA and www.knock-out.at announce next international TOP event in Vienna,

Promoter is KNOCK-OUT SPORTPROMOTION, partners are WKF CZECH REP. , WKF GERMANY, WKF USA, WKF CANADA, WKF POLANDGIBU Gym in Brno and Octagon pro Gym in Vienna, few more teams will come.

Negotiations with USA are done and clear !

Date is April 28th !

Four main fights are on the fight card! Female pro World Title Uganda vs. Czech Republic, pro World title USA vs. Germany, PRO-AM European title Poland vs. Austria. Plus Champions from Canada, Netherlands, Cezch rep. Germany, Poland and many more.


Plus 2 ladies fights, plus, plus …

KNOCK OUT SPORTPROMOTION is since long time serious partner in Vienna, promoter of many TOP events in last 30 Years.

Stay tuned, more details soon !






16. March 2018

Female World title in Austria – Africa vs. Europe !

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Patricia APOLOT , Team Rozman, Uganda
Tereza DVORAKOVA, Hakim Gym, Czech Republic

WKF EUROPE head office confirm the amazing World title in Vienna, Austria,on April 28th !

After her great performance in 2017 and her great victories in the past many promoters World wide want to get Patricia APOLOT from Kampala on the fight card.

KNOCK-OUT SPORTPROMOTION in Austria, is one of the oldest promotion teams in Europe.

World famous are the “Night of Glory” series since more than five Years.

Swiss Lara COGLIANESE retired now and new opponent is Czech Champion Tereza DVORAKOVA from HAKIM GYM in Kladno.

Tereza is ready to challenge Apolot for the great WKF World title in Lightweight  – 60 Kg /132 lbs in Lowkick.


This title fight is scheduled for April 28th in Vienna. Dvorakova is a very tough and experienced female fighter with 22nd fights and for sure most dangerous opponent for the Black Pearl.

More details about FIGHTCARD and photos in the GALLERYSport hall is here ! 

16. March 2018

27th AUSTRIAN OPEN 2018 in Innsbruck on May 12th

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Register your WKF referees as well

International referees are welcome


WKF AUSTRIA president Mr. Gerald DITTRICH announce proudly the next

International Austrian Open


May 04th

This event is like in the last 27 Years open for all teams, clubs and federations.

Kickboxclub Innsbruck welcomes you !

Goldenes Dachl in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria

Your team can compete in 14 form divisions, semi contact, light contact and K-1 rules.

Cash price for Semi contact

Grand Champion.

All rules for amateur events here to down load.

WKF licensed international referees are very welcome. Photos here

The City Innsbruck welcomes you, the invitation in English language is here, in Deutscher Sprache hier. Registration FIGHT and FORMS

15. March 2018

WKF BRAZIL announce next referee seminar in Catalao – GO

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14. March 2018

Campeonato Nacional de Kickboxing in Chile

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WKF CHILE president Sr. Alejandro CONCHA announce next event on March 17th

el presidente Alejandro CONCHA anuncia el próximo torneo el 17 de marzo:


Prepárate se viene el nacional de kickboxing con más trayectoria en chile, además puedes clasificar para un cupo al mundial de kickboxing a realizarse en argentina por la WKF este año 2018, ¿ te quedarás fuera?

… ven y partcicipa, la batalla comienza este 17 de marzo

@liganacionaldekickboxing, Rodrigo MIño SIlva     mail: ligawkfchile@gmail.com



14. March 2018

German Championships on April 21st in Breitenfelde

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Stephan ZILM, promoter and WKF official

WKF GERMANY promoter Stephan ZILM announce next event in Germany !

Inside famous Kampfsportschule Zilm in north German City of Breitenfelde Mr. Zilm promote the great German Championships on April 21st.

Many Gym´s send already their interest on this event.
You can participate in all Tatami and ring sport divisions.
Send all further requests directly to Mr. Stephan ZILM by mail