7. May 2017


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5th to 10th November in Argentina



17. January 2018

WKF GERMANY president get so many new members !

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WKF World title belt
WKF Kickboxing World Champion belt
WKF Supervisor Roman LOGISCH

WKF GERMANY president Mr. Roman LOGISCH report:

More and more German teams, clubs and officials are interested and send their request for membership in WKF GERMANY. 

After the successfully World championships in Italy many German teams want to become “part of the German team” in World Championships in Buenos Aires in November 2018, 5th to 10th.

For new membership in WKF GERMANY and for further requests about WKF in Germany send your e-mail in Deutsch, English or На Русском языкеto Mr. Roman Logisch.

Become our friend of WKF GERMANY in facebook

WKF MMA World champion
WKF MMA World Champion belt

Full information about WKF amateur division is here !

Many Champions, managers and promoters in Germany are interested in our WKF and want to get a chance to fight for WKF sanctioned titles.

Many people are disappointed from fake “World federations” in Germany, but just existing in internet only or in perhaps 3 European countries. No value, no events, no service, no real World ranking !

More and more promoter and top organiser in Germany want to cooperate with WKF, because:

“WKF – We are the real global player”

WKF Germany Banner_

16. January 2018

This is our WKF FRANCOPHONE Champion belt

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WKF Francophonie Belt
WKF Francophone Belt

WKF head office present our new heavy FRANCOPHONE Champion belt. This is the new professional title for the Francophone member countries. Perfect for a pro title fight between Champions with French language history countries.

Pascal DELFOSSE, directeur de la Francophonie au sein de la WKF
2016 Francophone Logo
notre WKF Frankophone logo

Je me présente, je suis Pascal DELFOSSE, Président de la FKBDA (Fédération de kickboxing en France), membre de la WKF, et je viens d’être nommé directeur de la Francophonie au sein de la WKF.

La Francophonie dans le monde via O.I.F. (Organisation internationale de la Francophonie) c’est 53 pays membres + 3 pays membres associés et 23 observateurs (l’équivalent du Commenwealth pour les pays Anglo-saxon).

Cette organisation est membre de l’ONU et du CIO, il existe d’ailleurs les jeux de la Francophonie (que j’espère intégré pour le kick boxing), et en France nous avons un Ministère de la Francophonie qui aide à l’organisation de rencontre entre pays membres.

Many fighters, managers and promoters like our new belt, for more information about this International title contact:

Directeur de la Francophonie WKF
FB: Francophonie WKF
mail: lidfkb@gmail.com

13. January 2018

Welcome to China and in our WKF SANDA-WUSHU division !

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WKF Sanda Logo
Sifu YAN Dinan, WKF CHINA and WUSHU World president

Following our many members from all over the World, WKF head office started  with our SANDA & WUSHU division.
World president is Mr. YAN DINAN from WKF CHINA.
This includes all Sanda male/female fighters, fill in the online profile, add a jpg photo to be listed in the SANDA World ranking. For professionals we offer same SANDA title belts like in ring sport or MMA.
For Wushu we have our WKF Wushu forms and many more !
WKF CHINA International

The World Kickboxing Federation is the leading organisation World Wide in the promotion of amateur and professional kickboxing in all styles, Muay Thai and MMA -mixed martial arts hosting professional fighting events.

Our modern and interactive approach to this sport highlights our commitment to keeping you updated with the latest events taking place worldwide.

The WKF SANDA & WUSHU DIVISION was formed in February 2015, the WKF stresses its strong belief in offering equal opportunities to sufficiently skilled athletes who have practised  Kickboxing, enabling them to display their talents in the National and International Amateur and Professional arenas.

Also to ensure the credibility of their “world championship” titles and gives these world class athletes an international platform on which to perform.

Read more here

12. January 2018

Next US champion fight in Europe for WKF World title

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Jarrod HORATH und Trent „the head hunter“ HARJO

WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN negotiate since long time with international managers to send US Champions to Europe, Asia and Africa for WKF title fights.

Now WKF EUROPE head office confirm not just one but four (!) events with US champions.

Hardly to belief, but not many American fighters has passports to travel to Europe or Asia.


For 2018 its scheduled a team fight, four man one women, all in K-1 style, 5 rounds two minutes.

Weight for the girl is 119 lbs / – 54 Kg, four man weight categories on request.


Top tough fighters wanted,

to represent TEAM USA  !!!


If you are interested fighter contact our WKF USA president Mr. Ric SNIFFEN

First confirmation is for Jarrod HORATH fighting on April 28th in Austria for WKF World title in K-1 rules in Lightheavyweight – 81,4 Kg / 179 lbs. Promoter KNOCK-OUT SPORT PROMOTION, web site is here ! Second is Oklahoma Champion Trent HARJO, he fight in K-1  Middleweight  – 75 Kg / 165 lbs.


latest news:

On the last World congress in Italy WKF head office present the new league:  

WKF USA, Ric and Robin SNIFFEN


This is just for our AAA WKF promoter only.

What are the conditions?

International Champions from at least 3 continents! Two air tickets for fighter and coach abroad, food and good Hotel budget from the organizing team, good hospitality. International WKF licensed referee and supervisor, appointed by our head office. TV contract for the event. At least one professional World title !

WKF sanction fee for the World Grand Prix is part of negotiation. And we are looking for any new serious AAA promoter in USA !

11. January 2018


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Giannis Papadopoulos of Arena Gym


WKF GREECE president Mr. George PERGIALIS report about last event:

The Greek promoter and WMC champion Pavlos Kaponis put on the main event card of the KGP New Heroes event at Athenian Enastron venue, the prestige WKF national lightweight title, on 3rd  December in Athens Greece. 

Weight category Superwelterweight – 69, Kg / 153 lbs.

Giannis Papadopoulos of Arena Gym , won Dionisis Gkikas of Victory Camp, by TKO and get the WKF Greek title and belt.

Supervisor of the WKF title and the KGP was the CEO of WKF Greece Mr. George Pergialis.


11. January 2018

Cavit KAPLAN represent WKF in Bavaria, Germany

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Mr. Cavit KAPLAN is a WTF Taekwondo expert with 4. DAN/Black belt . His graduating was issued and approved by the Kukkiwon head office in Korea.

And he has already acquired WTF TKD coaching license A and for smaller associations judges’ and referee licenses.

Further more he is licensed Pilates and Tae-Bo trainer too.

His final aim is to build up further the WKF Bavarian Association, organising events in pro and amateur in all disciplines.

If you want to join with your team and Club the WKF in Bavaria or have other questions, please contact Mr. Kaplan by mail.


WKF Almanya Derneğinin bu yıllki toplantısı Köln Şehrinde yapıldı.
Toplantı sonrası Cavit KAPLAN Bavyera Eyaletinin WKF temsilcisi seçildi.
Cavit 4. DAN a sahip bir TaeKwonDo uzmanı. Lisansi Kukkiwon dan verilmiştir. Kukkiwon Dünya taekwondosuyla ilgili aktivitelerin yerine getirilmesi için inşa edilmiş bir arenadır.
Cavit bunun yanında TaeKwonDo Antrenör Lisans A ya sahiptir.
Pilates ve Tae-Bo sporları da uzmanlık alanları içerisindedir.
Onun misyonu WKF Bavyera yı temsil etmek ve ilerletmek olacaktır.
WKF Bavyera ile ilgili soruları olanlar sayın Cavit Kaplan’la irtibata geçebilirler posta.

10. January 2018

WKF BRAZIL is moving 2018

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The work of the WKF in Brazil are very strong.

Some states in Brazil announce their 2018 state championships.

The first Brazilian states to confirm the selections for the national are:

Goiás (state seat of the National Kickboxing and Martial Arts Confederation),

Pará (state where the 2018 national championship will be held),

Tocantins (state that organized the 2017 National Championship and will organize the Brazil Open 2018), and Espirito Santo.

Other states must confirm the dates of their state championships and their official selections in the coming days.

7. January 2018

First event in WKF CHILE – president Alejandro CONCHA TRIVIÑOS is busy

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WKF CHILE president Alejandro CONCHA TRIVIÑOS announce first event in 2018 in Chile:

7. January 2018

World Championships in Argentina 2018 ! Welcome in Buenos Aires

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full invitation here online !


Dear friends in sport,

WKF ARGENTINA is putting all the team’s energies into the preparation for this upcoming championship, so that everything that is being offered in this great event becomes a flawless reality.

Each athlete, nonstop but at their own pace, goes around the world seeking in  different places for new sportive experiences that will allow them to reach a personal fulfilment.  Because of this, our organization, wishes to  deliver an opportunity to those who are looking for this sort of experiences and achievements.

Just the weekend before is the upcoming WKF World referee seminar, best chance to get or extend international Referee license as well.

We look forward to having every country from the WKF family -from competitors to professors, judges, trainers and athlete’s families- joining in this intense competition, seizing as well the opportunity to meet our local landscapes and incredible sightseeing places of our beautiful country, given the favourable exchange rate of our currency.

Our organization is deeply submerged in addressing the best in us to provide you with a great proposal as this next Championship in Argentina is aiming to be,  focusing on creating a joyful space to bind, making the experience an unforgettable collective experience along together with all of our brothers from foreign lands.

We are looking forward to receiving  you in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Sincerely yours,

Carlos Suarez

Organizing Committee and WKF Argentina Representative

South American Division

Plaza de la República, Buenos Aires

6. January 2018

Two US fighters are on the fight card for NIGHT OF GLORY in Vienna, Austria

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Jarrod HORATH and Trent „the head hunter“ HARJO


goes Europe !


WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN confirmed already the mega deal !

WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN
These are our two US Champions from Oklahoma, Jarrod HORATH and Trent HARJO.

Jarrod is long time fighting and very well experienced Champion.

Today he is seventh in the world rankings.

He will fight for the WKF pro World title in Light heavyweight – 179 lbs/– 81,4 kg.

Frenky PAWLAK, multiple World Champion, Poland

Possible opponent is current World Champion Frenky PAWLAK from Poland. Pawlak is very famous Champion in Europe, and a tough guy as well.

In his long career Frenky won world titles in all real world wide federations.

In the last fight end of November 2017 he got an injury and soon we will know if he can make the title fight in April 28th or not.

Trent HARJO is a young talented fighter with a top fighting record. He is a tough puncher with a fantastic KO record and he is facing “a tough young European fighting machine” , says the promoter Josef KURTA.


Florian BARTL, 6 times World Champion, Austria

Florian BARTL 6 times World Champion in K-1  – 178 lbs/81 Kg !

Florian BARTL –  is a tough puncher as well and a young 19th Years old talented fighter. He fought World wide vs. the best local Champions.

Today he has an unbelievable fighting record of  25 fights, 23 wins and 15 KO ! Bartl is PRO-AM World Champion and fought on 6 continents (!) in many huge events.

Now he is looking for a good fight in USA after summer !

Who have a tough 178 lbs fighter ?


Two young Gladiators in the ring  – can´t be much better !!!

Promoter is famous knock-out sport promotion

The contracts for Vienna are now concluded and agreed

Stay tuned !