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WKF CZECH REPUBLIC is ready for your updates, from all our WKF Czech Republic members, promoters and clubs. 

Help WKF to help you for your event. If you want to promote any WKF event in Czech republic, amateur tournament, or PRO-AM , PPF, SANDA or MMA title fight send just a mail to our office.

On our web site you could also change the language, just have a look on the top right hand, easy to use.

For any requests to our Czech friends send just a mail to head office.

Předseda pan Raddy DIVIS

Česká Republika úřad mail: office@wkf.cz

Hledáme nové zaměstnance pro řízení WKF v České republice !!!

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International WKF event in Moldova

SAZONOV Genadii, WKF MOLDOVA president

WKF MOLDOVA president SAZONOV Genadii, announce our next international WKF event in Tiraspol, Transnistria region.

Promoter email contact

Full invitation is HERE !

Many international teams confirmed already their participation.

WKF EUROPE support this international tournament and ask all our WKF countries and teams for their participation’s as well.

AND: at the invitation of the Moldovan WKF President Genadii SAZONOV World President Fritz EXENBERGER will travel from Austria to Tiraspol for talks with old and new friends.

Welcome to Moldova !!!

Regional Kickboxing championships in PNG

As part of preparing a strong Kickboxing team from Papua New Guinea, its of the Regions in the country are preparing their regional Kickboxing championships to prepare their team for the national championship in June.

Following to several events been all scheduled for the month March, Desert Storm Kickboxing Promotion has taken the initiative to host the Southern Regional Kickboxing Championship on the 3rd March 2024 in Port Moresby at the CIS Training College Hall Bomana, NCD. Promoter Nelson Samson said the event will attract more then 120 fighters both male and female age range from 12yrs and over. The event is scheduled for 3rd March 2024.

PNG Kickboxing Federation is very optimistic in sending a strong Kickboxing Contingent to Spain in November for the WKF world championships. President of the PNG Kickboxing Federation, Mr Stanley Nandex thanked the regional presidents and Promoters for the great initiative to focus on developing the fighters to produce best results for the country.

Mr Nandex said Team PNG will be well prepared after the national championships in June with the plan to camp the selectors for squad training program for the next 3 months in preparation for the world championships.

Nandex said he is also looking forward to meeting other presidents from all around the world during the world congress.

Attached is the poster of the Southern Regional Kickboxing Championship- 3rd March 2024.

Authorized by PNGKBF

PRO POINT FIGHTING – the real challenge for all point fighters

always TOP ACTION in WKF PPF – Pro Point Fighting title fights

The idea behind is to upgrade our thousands of semi contact – or point fighting – fighters World wide.

Many tournaments on all continents has many competitors and now World Kickboxing Federation offers the Chance to fight for a real pro title with a great value and Champion belt, sanctioned by our World wide federation.

Posted in the weekly updated World ranking and with high value.

Valid with same PPF rules everywhere, same reqirements like in professional Ring sport. Professional weigh-in a day before, 3 international judges, WKF supervisor, flags and anthem and an amazing belt.

Send fighter profiles of your best point fighters male and female for the PPF World ranking, to get a chance to fight!

If you are interested to promote a PPF – PRO POINT FIGHTING title visit our web site and send just a request to our new office by mail.

  many new updates in the PPF World ranking.WKF Pro Point Fighting belt

Many new updates in our WKF World rankings

Cristina KAGUEYAMA, Goiania, Brazil







Alexandra PETRE, Vienna, Austria

So many new male and female fighters in our WKF PRO-AM World ranking as well as in our PPF – Pro Point Fighting World rankings.

Based on the results of the last World Championships 2021 in Cairo and European Championships 2022 in Triest, Italy all updates and reports of our World wide members. Our partners, licensed promoters and global WKF officials determine our world rankings.

Just in the last two weeks more than 50 new fighters are listed in the WKF World rankings.

Many photos of our Champions in the ranking are still missed, please check all rankings and send your photo by mail ASAP.

Everybody likes the idea to give the best amateur fighters a chance to fight for a real valuable title, and still to be amateur. This is to avoid any miss match, just to have an opponent in same amateur level.

How to get listed ?

Very simple and free of charge! Just fill in the online fighter profile on top left, add a jpg of your male / female fighter and send to our head office. Can´t be much easier !!!

If you want to book any PRO-AM title and / or PPF TITLE  for your next male/Female titlefight just contact our head office by mail.

WKF World Championships 2018 in Buenos Aires

News from WKF Papua New Guinea

PNG Kickboxing Federation, Chief Stanley Nandex

PNG Kickboxing Federation is preparing for another amateur Kickboxing championships early this year, bill as the Highlands Regional Kickboxing Championship from the 16th – 17th March 2024.

The event will be held in Wabag town in Enga Province known for the the world’s Largest Pogera Gold Mine  situated in the Highlands part of PNG. 

Seven provinces in the Highlands region are preparing to attend with fighters age from 12 years over both male and female.
This is part of building or a lead up match for the world cup in Spain,  said President Mr. Stanley NANDEX, the PNG most famous Champion. 
More then 150 fighters will be taking part in the two days event followed by the main events and grand finals are set for Sunday the 17th of March.
Mr Nandex said, selection towards the world cup will be tough process and only the best of the best both male and female will be selected to represent the country for the world meet.
Nandex further elaborated that 4x regional championships have been programed this year with the national championships in June to determine the full team for the world cup.  
PNG will be looking forward to  team up with Australia and New Zealand as a strong Oceania team from the Region for the World Championships in SpainNovember 11th to 16th

WKF RUSSIA confirms participation in Spain

Mikhail GERASIMOV and WKF World president Fritz EXENBERGER

Sports policy decisions were made at the international Eastern Europe meeting in Armenia’s capital Yerevan. WKF RUSSIA is moving on!

Our long-time friend and highly respected manager Mr. Mikhail GERASIMOV from Moscow was proposed by German WKF President Roman LOGISCH as designated World Vice President of the WKF for the Amateur Division at the conference and has already been confirmed by the Presidium.

ВКФ Россия
Россия международная

Gerasimov is well know as the promoter and CEO of the World famous “Rage Arena” events in Russia.

At the upcoming World Congress in Spain in November there will be new elections for the WKF board and there the new directors will be democratically elected and confirmed!

Dynamo sport hall in Yerewan

The new WKF ARMENIA President Mr. Artak BRUTYAN has officially applied in Yerevan to host the WKF European Championships 2025.

The chairman of the WKF EUROPE Technical Commission, Mr. Gerhard CORRADINI, visited the sports hall, the planned main hotel and confirmed the application for the European Championships in autumn 2025. To date, three nations have officially applied for the European Championship: Armenia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The decision on this will also be made at the World Congress in Spain in November.

Welcome to China and in our WKF SANDA-WUSHU division !

WKF Sanda Logo
Sifu YAN Dinan, WKF CHINA and WUSHU World president

WUSHU LOGOFollowing our many members from all over the World, WKF head office started  with our SANDA & WUSHU division.
World president is Mr. YAN DINAN from WKF CHINA.
This includes all Sanda male/female fighters, fill in the online profile, add a jpg photo to be listed in the SANDA World ranking. For professionals we offer same SANDA title belts like in ring sport or MMA.

For Wushu we have our WKF Wushu forms and many more !
The World Kickboxing Federation is the leading organization World Wide in the promotion of amateur and professional kickboxing in all styles, Muay Thai and MMA -mixed martial arts hosting professional fighting events.
WKF CHINA International

Our modern and interactive approach to this sport highlights our commitment to keeping you updated with the latest events taking place worldwide.

The WKF SANDA & WUSHU DIVISION was formed in February 2015, the WKF stresses its strong belief in offering equal opportunities to sufficiently skilled athletes who have practised  Kickboxing, enabling them to display their talents in the National and International Amateur and Professional arenas.

Also to ensure the credibility of their “world championship” titles and gives these world class athletes an international platform on which to perform.

Read more here

WKF Latin America continental director is Mr. Carlos SUAREZ from Buenos Aires

WKF continental director Mr. Carlos SUAREZ

On the WKF World congress in Buenos Aires 2018 we had on request of few member countries few changes in our Board of directors.

Our WKF Latin America continental director is Mr. Carlos SUAREZ from Buenos Aires.

Mr. Suarez is high respected and busy WKF Vice-president, one of 6 in WKF World federation and was nominated supervisor by the last WKF European Championships 2022 in Austria.

Mr. Suarez has an important vote and voice, to represent all LAC – Latin America and Caribbean – matters.

Toda la información adicional AQUÍ

Very soon he will bring again strong Latin American Champions on many WKF events World wide. Mr. Suarez is long time in our business, well know as serious promoter in Latin America.

All promoters, fighters, managers are invited to contact Mr. Suarez in Buenos Aires by mail, for further cooperation in WKF World wide.


„Nadie es más fuerte que todos nosotros juntos.“

Desde hoy comenzamos un nuevo camino innovaremos para hacer crecer WKF en América Latina y les propongo que trabajemos en Equipo. Pero trabajar implica compromiso, implica que podamos contar unos con otros, implica el poder superar diferencias y tirar todos hacia un mismo lado. 

Aquí no hay nada mágico, nada va a caer del cielo, ni saldrán conejos de la galera, tenemos que lograrlo con esfuerzo y trabajo, unidos por un fin y con un objetivo.

Les propongo una América latina Unida, les propongo innovar con nuevos conceptos, abrir la mente y crear „EN EQUIPO“ lo impensado. Les pido que se sumen, que apoyen, se que podemos hacerlo, se que vamos a trabajar en equipo para que así sea.

Algunos ya lo sabían, otros tal vez lo escucharon, les quiero contar que me enorgullece formar parte del Directorio de WKF ya que fui nombrado en la ultimo reunión de presidentes en Buenos Aires Director para Latinoamerica. Desde el 1ro de diciembre comenzare en el cargo con una propuesta innovadora para la Región. Gracias por la confianza a todos los Directores continentales (Europa, Asia, África, Medio Oriente, Australia y Norte América) y todos los que apoyan desde Sudamérica por su voto que me permite ocupar el cargo.Vamos a revolucionar el deporte, con trabajo, nivelando para arriba, América unida bajo la bandera del deporte de contacto!!

WKF, we are the real global player!!

„Nadie es más fuerte que todos nosotros juntos.“


Director WKF

América latina & Caribe