Next European Open Cup in Poland, February 21st to 23rd !!!

Dariusz ZAJAC, WKF POLAND president

WKF POLAND president Dariusz ZAJAC invite and confirm next



European Cup

Date is 21st to 23rd February 2020 !

open for all countries in the World !!!


Invitation is here !

Registration deadline on February 14th !!!

In Kick-light for male/female juniors 13-18 Years, for men and women in Lowkick and K-1 only, in the city Mikolow in Poland.

Plus WKF title fights on the fight card in the Charity event on Sunday.

YOU think you´re tough ? Come to Poland and prove it !

For further information please contact WKF POLAND by mail.

All TOP teams, fighters and real Champions are most welcome to Poland !!!

PPF – important Pro Point Fighting News !

Senor Fernando GUERRERO, PPF World president, Chile
Our respected WKF PPF World president Mr. Fernando GUERRERO from Santiago de Chile want to move on with our PPF division.
Please contact him for your next scheduled PPF title fight and any further request !
ANNOUNCEMENT: As President of Pro Point Fight and TATAMI SPORTS of the WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION I am waiting for the WKF Presidents of each country to contact me to formalize their Pro Point Fight Directors or TATAMI SPORTS in their country.
Along with this, it’s time to start programming Pro Title Fight and Title Tables.
Without your participation and collaboration this will not be possible. I urge you to contact me as soon as possible.
To get to work ….. Competitors and fighters are waiting for our efforts.
ANUNCIO : Como Presidente de Pro Point Fight y TATAMI SPORTS de la WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION  estoy a la espera de que me contacten los Presidentes de WKF de cada país para formalizar sus Directores de Pro Point Fight o TATAMI SPORTS en su país.
Junto con esto es hora de empezar a programar Peleas por Titulo de Pro Point Fight y de Tatami Sports. 
Sin su participación y colaboración esto no sera posible. Los insto a contactarme a la brevedad.
A ponerse a trabajar ….. Los competidores y luchadores están esperando de nuestras gestiones.
Atentamente / contact:
Fernando Guerrero T. 
Presidente Mundial de PPF WKF World KickBoxing Federation
Vice Presidente de WKF Chile 
Escriben directamente a: 

World referee seminar 2020 in Cairo, Egypt

WKF World president Fritz EXENBERGER and Middle East Direktor Mohammed DESSOUKI in the last meeting in Casablanca, Morocco

WKF EGYPT  president Mohamed DESSOUKI is the host of the next World referee seminar 2020 on October 16th to 18th. Venue is the amazing 5 star „Hotel Le  Méridien Pyramids“.

This is the perfect weekend, just before the World Championships in Cairo. First time in history since 100 Years on the African continent.

We got already many requests from our male / female referees and officials of 6 continents and we hope everybody who would need Visa start in time with Visa procedure.

Invitation is here !    

Registration deadline October 9th!

World Championships 2020 in Egypt

For details about the World seminar, Visa invitations, any requests about airport transfer, Hotel booking and more contact our organizing team Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI by mail !

Our update WKF licensed referee list is here ! Many photos of our international WKF referees here ! All rule books in 4 languages and more free to down load here !

All International WKF referees, who not has attended the last seminars in Santorini 2017, Buenos Aires 2018 or Baia Mare 2019 must extend their license 2020 in Egypt.

The extended license is valid for three Years again.

Many photos from all WKF seminars since 2011 are here in the gallery!

Next World referee seminar in October 2021 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands before the upcoming European Championships !

Please note: without valid WKF license you are not qualified for WKF events !

our seminar Hotel Le Meridien in Cairo


WKF African continental Championships 2020


Which country is the best on the African continent ?

WKF World Amateur office and WKF AFRICA has now official confirmed.

The African continental championships 2020 are in Uganda´s capital City Kampala. This is the greatest event 2020 for all African countries, from Egypt to South Africa, from Ethiopia to Senegal.

All our 27 African member countries must send their best amateur fighters male and female, to find out who have the best team.

Who are the real best fighters ? Who is the best female fighter on the African continent? Tatami and ring sport, MMA and Kata or forms !

This is best Chance for qualification for the great and historical World Championship in Cairo, Egypt, 19th to 26th October.

Soon we have full invitation and all costs for our African national teams, poster and more, For any requests like Hotel booking, airport transfer to the Hotel and more contact here mail.

Welcome to Cairo in October 2020

Kickboxing Southern Zone Championship in Iraq

Mr. Husam MAJEED

في العراق البصرة

بطولة المنطقة الجنوبية بالكيك بوكسينج للناشئين الشباب والمتقدمين بأشراف اتحاد الكيك بوكسينج العالمي.


In Iraq, Basra Kickboxing Southern Zone Championship for young and advanced youth

under the supervision of World Kickboxing Federation.

World Kickboxing Federation in Iraq decides to establish the Southern Region Championship in Iraq, Basra.  On 24-25 January 2020. Players will be named the winning fighters to represent Iraq at the World Championships in Egypt 2020.




Sijou van der Spek has more than 54 years of experience with Martial Arts. He is the founder of the Gham Long Pai Kung Fu and Special Combat self-defense system which is still in development. The Special Combat system is a realistic and modern self-defense system based on different kind of Martial Arts. Sijou will explain the effectiveness of the style and his vision and ideas about self-defense during the seminar.


  1. Unarmed self-defense techniques from Special Combat System.
  2. Defending yourself in different scenarios with beginning and advanced self-defense techniques.
  3. Extra attention ground skills (how to defend yourself on the ground).

The seminars start with basic techniques. Followed by more advanced techniques. Advanced techniques with flow and specials will also be trained.

Special offer:

All members of Kam-Lung, ICMAF & IWSF, WCA, FIMAC, CIOS, SRDG, SKMO, WKF and FOG receive a 20% discount.

The Special Combat self-defense day can be attended by participants of all experience levels (beginning and advanced). All styles and organizations are welcome. The minimum age for participation is 16 years. Participation only by registration form. Participation at own risk.

Be sure you don’t miss this Special Combat self-defense seminar.

Date: Sunday 9th of February 2020

Time schedule from 11.00 a.m. until 15.00 p.m.

First part 11.00 – 12.30 p.m.  Second part 13.00 -15.00 p.m.

Location: Sport & Education Institute Kam-Lung

Address: Hugo van Voorneweg 39

City: 3218 VE Heenvliet (near Rotterdam/Spijkenisse), The Netherlands

Cost: 35.00 euro (for four hours of training) Certificate of participation included!

Taking pictures and recording videos are not allowed.

For registration send an email to




WKF NETHERLANDS president Mr. Sijou VAN DER SPEK is our promoter of the WKF European Championships 2021.

KAM-LUNG organise !!!

Now he announce the next interesting event in February 2020:

Next year, on Saturday the 8th of February 2020. We will have a surprise workout for you from 24.00 a.m till 12.00 p.m.

Open registration for all athletes and organizations. Who have the Guts. There are no excuses. There is no way back. There can be only one winner.

All aspects of sports will be trained: Special tasks route, observation methods and techniques, survival, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, MMA, Special Combat, Fitness, Cardio, Bootcamp, Total Body Workout.

We see you at  “The Kokoro Challenge” 2020.

This work out will be indoor as well as outdoor. Needed for the KOKORO Challenge:

European Championships 2021

Complete training outfit/sports bag containing the following items: Running shoes, Tracksuit, Muay Thai shorts, MMA Shorts or Kung Fu outfit, Boxing gloves, wraps, mouth guard, groin protection, shin protection, a water bottle(can), pen and paper and regular clothes.

Sign in now for the Ultimate Kokoro Challenge 2020. The Kokoro Challenge will start at 24.00 a.m. Be sure you be there

Date: Saturday the 8th of February 2020.

Location: Sport & Education Institute Kam-Lung

Address: Hugo van Voorneweg no 39    City: 3218 VE Nissewaard (Heenvliet) near Rotterdam

Check in: from 22.30 p.m till 23.30 p.m.      Start: 24.00 a.m.     Finish: 12.00 p.m.

Fee: 37.50 p.p. including certificate

Special offers:  all members of Kam-Lung, ICMAF & IWSF, WCA, FIMAC, CIOS, SRDG, SKMO, WKF and FOG receive a 20% discount.

For any further information and directly registration contact Mr. VAN DER SPEK by mail !

WKF National Youth Free Fight Grand Prix (Shandong Division)

The feast of the 2019 king – WKF National Youth Free Fight Grand Prix (Shandong Division)

WKF CHINA International

In order to implement the important exposition of the internship of General Secretary Jin Ping on youth work and sports work, promote the traditional Chinese martial arts culture, and promote the development and popularization of Wushu Sanda fighting sports among young people. “The feast of the 2019 King – WKF National Youth Free Fighting Grand Prix (Shandong Division)” will be held from December 30, 2019 to January 1, 2020 in Jining City, Shandong Province.

     “Ignite the canal capital, enter Shandong Jining!” The “2019 King’s Feast – WKF National Youth Free Fight Grand Prix (Shandong Division)” series of events, in the spirit of friendship, health, cooperation, and win-win, give Young martial arts fighters build a fair, just, formal and professional event exchange and display platform. This competition is for the whole society and accepts the registration of young martial arts fighters.




    “点燃运河之都 ,走进山东济宁!”本届“2019王的盛宴-WKF全国青少年自由搏击大奖赛(山东赛区)”系列赛事活动,本着友谊、健康、合作、共赢的宗旨,给青少年武术搏击爱好者搭建一个公平、公正、正规、专业的赛事交流、展示平台。本次赛事面向全社会,接受青少年武术搏击爱好者报名。