Next TOP event in Argentina – La Gran Cruzada Championship

Sábado 30 de noviembre

El director continental de WKF LAC y CARIBE, el Sr. Carlos SUÁREZ y el múltiple campeón mundial Cristian „Serpiente“ BOSCH promueven el próximo evento internacional increíble. La supervisora ​​de medios Sra. Florencia GRECO apoya el evento.


WKF LAC & CARRIBEAN continental director Mr. Carlos SUAREZ and multiple World Champion Cristian „Serpiente“ BOSCH promote next amazing international event. Media supervisor Mrs. Florencia GRECO support the event.

Lucas ALSINA/ ARG new K-1 World Champion

great show in Buenos Aires

Amazing event in Buenos Aires, final “BOSCH TOURS” , WKF LAC continental title and WKF K-1 World title!

WKF LAC & CARRIBEAN continental director Mr. Carlos SUAREZ and multiple World Champion Cristian “Serpiente” BOSCH organized next amazing international event. Media supervisor Mrs. Florencia GRECO supportet the event. Dojo Serpiente Sede Central, Arias 2845, Castelar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

More than 60 (!) local, national and international fights on the fight card, plus 8 man “BOSCH TOUR” tournament wit 4 Argentinians vs. Bolivia, Paraguy, Uruguay and Mexico, plus WKF LAC continental full contact title in Lightweight – 60 Kg / 132 lbs Ignacio CAPLLONCH/ARG vs. Nicolas BERRUTTI/URU.

Capllonch won in 7th round by “technical decisson” after an injury in 8th round.

LAC continental Champion Ignacio CAPLLONCH

The international referees from Uruguay, Argentina and Austria decide for “no-fault collision” and the score card shows an unanimous decision for the Argentinian.

Beside the final for the 8 man last standing tournament second main fight was the WKF World title fight in K-1 in  Supercruiserweight – 91,8Kg / 202 lbs with local hero Lucas ALSINA/ARG vs. Mexican champion Juan Manuel Rosas ROBLES. The result was clear KO in first round !

Another WKF regional title fight in low kick won Franco AGOSTO from Team BOSCH vs. Ariel BRUNO, Team Gionco by points.

More than 1.000 people in the sold out venue saw many amazing fights. Also many strong females made excellent performance, e.g Pierina SEGURA/ARG beat Marilyn CONTIN from Uruguay, or Tamara FERNANDEZ/Team Joya beat Yamila NUNEZ/Team warriors.

WKF K-1 World Champion Lucas ALSINA, Argentina

The 8 man “BOSCH TOURS” final start after official drawing and in the final Marcos RIOS beat Alan SOSSA, both from Argentina.

Gracias flaco un evento mas Cristian Gonzalez Bosch como remamos en este, nos cambiaron las condiciones del país a ultimo momento, se bajaron competidores, muchos lesionados a ultima hora e imprevistos y siempre le metimos el pecho para sacarlo adelante, no bajamos los brazos y trabajamos el doble para conseguirlo. Gracias por poder compartir estas experiencias que nos llevan a mejorar día a día. Podemos cometer algún error fruto del trabajo pero eso nos impulsa a mejorar y perfeccionar los que hacemos en cada evento.

Trabajamos duro en equipo para lograrlo y como bien decís el equipo ganador no se cambia!! y me animaría a sumar que el fin de semana trabajando en equipo gano el deporte que nos une!! Gracias.

Next WKF sanctioned event in China !

Date is November 29th, venue Qinghai-xining Station

International WKF Referee seminar and World title in Argentina

WKF LATIN AMERICA president Carlos SUAREZ announce next international WKF referee seminar in Buenos Aires and TOP international event with best fighters for the K-1 World title in Supercruiserweight – 202 lbs/91,8 Kg  and  full contact continental title Lightweight – 132 lbs / 60 Kg. 

For more information and registration for the Int. referee seminar contact Mr. Suarez by mail, please.

El presidente de WKF LATIN AMERICA, Carlos SUAREZ, anunciará el próximo seminario internacional de árbitros de WKF en Buenos Aires y el evento internacional TOP con los mejores luchadores por el título mundial K-1 en Supercruiserweight – 91,8 Kg /202 lbs  y título continental de contacto completo Peso ligero – 60 Kg /132 lbs

Para más información e inscripciones para el Int. seminario de árbitros contactar al Sr. Suárez por correo, por favor.

European Championships in Baia Mare, Romania

WKF EUROPEAN officials

WKF ROMANIA president Mr. Florin MINA was our host for the last European Championships in Baia Mare.

Although other championships were held in Europe in the same week, we were able to welcome 18 nations in Baia Mare. More than 300 participants went over the scales, together with the multiple and double starts we had over 500 fights.

Mr. Cesar MOREIRA, WKF EUROPE director
Mr. Pascal DELFOSSE, chairman of the technical commission

The best teams were Romania, ahead of France and Austria.

As always, the performance in the ring sport was as expected high. Also in tatami sport there were great Semi contact fights. The strongest discipline was once again kick-light.

Euro 2019 Medals rating
World Championships 2020

Very pleasing was the participation of the many children U13 and youth classes U18.


In the finals of the semi contact team fights Austria beat the German team clearly with 3: 2 victories.

The most successful participant was the only 17-year-old Alexandra PETRE from Octagon pro Gym in Vienna, who won four gold medals. The tough girl won both finals in + 66 Kg/147 lbs  in Low kick and K-1 prematurely.

Alexandra PETRE, 4 x Gold

All results and statistics are already online, many photos in the gallery.

At the European Congress, the new board of the WKF EUROPA continental federation was re-elected to next 4 years. At the European Championship in Ukraine 2023 the next elections will take place.

The President was again the Portuguese Cesar MOREIRA, Vice President Florin MINA from Romania, technical director is the French Pascal DELFOSSE, treasurer René REINHART from Austria, Advisory Alexey KAZANTSEV from Ukraine and Roman LOGISCH from Germany.

The coordinator for professional kickboxing in the WKF EUROPA was again the Hungarian Istvan ROZMAN.

WKF UGANDA send two experts to European Championship in Romania

multiple World champion Patricia APOLOT

WKF AFRICA confirm two of our African “ambassador in sport” in the official Kickboxing European Championships in Romania next week.

Best African female and multiple World Champion Mrs. Patricia APOLOT is very special guest in Romania.

She comes to Europe to represent “Kickboxing in Africa”, and to advertise our historical first huge Kickboxing World Championships on the African continent in October 2020!

Mrs. Apolot is well known in Europe, because she fought many of her best fights in Europe.


WKF UGANDA president Mr. Patrick LUYOOZA

WKF UGANDA president Mr. Patrick LUYOOZA is today the second highest licensed international referee on the African continent.

Because of the upcoming World Championships in Cairo in October 2020 Mr. Luyooza could be next WKF AFRICA supervisor on the World Championships in Egypt.

He want to attend the World referee seminar in Romania, to get the next higher WKF license.

We hope Mr. Luyooza can open his EU visa in time.

2019 WKF World Free Fight Championship and WBU International Professional Boxing Championship

On the New Year’s Day, the festival, the Belt and Road, the city! “The 2019 WKF World Free Fight Championship and WBU International Professional Boxing Championship” will be held on October 27th at the Mao County Gymnasium in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province!

    The “New Year of the Lunar New Year”, also known as the “Japanese Mai Festival”, is named after the Yi people’s Pingyang calendar. It is a grand festival in which the Yi people celebrate the harvest in a year, send blessings, and pray for peace as the main content.
The activity mainly reflects the early farming and cultural activities. From the way of expression, we can still see many shadows of nomadic, hunting and animated times. The “Chinese ancient city” in Maoxian has completely preserved the traditional culture of ethnic minorities and the cultural characteristics of the ancient Yi people. It has been listed as an AAAA-level scenic spot by the state.

The “2019 WKF World Free Fighting Competition and WBU International Professional Boxing
WKF CHINA international

Competition” was hosted by Maoxian County People’s Government; Maoxian Cultural and Sports Tourism Bureau and Sichuan Yuao Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd.; Maoxian Rong Media Center, Maoxian Land Culture Co-organized by Tourism Development Co., Ltd.; WKF World Free Fighting Federation, WBU World Boxing Federation event certification.
The competition will be held during the “New Year’s Day Mai Festival”, when athletes from China, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, France and other countries along the Belt and Road will gather in the city, and they will compete against each other!