WKF QATAR now in WKF World wide family

مرحبًا بقطر في عائلة WKF

انقر هنا للمزيد من المعلومات

WKF HEAD OFFICE welcome our new 143th member in our World wide family.

CV of our new president in Qatar

President is Mr. Mohammed Hassen AL-MANSOORI , a member of the Qatar Olympic committee as well.

Mr. Al-Mansoori is a high respected sportsman and manager in the Arabic world and runs the “International sport centre” in Doha.

Our team in Qatar practice many disciplines with experts in martial arts for Years.

In tatami sports Karate and Taekwondo, forms and kata.

All divisions of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Sanda.

For amateurs as well as for professional fighters, male and female.

Very soon we will have our events in Doha, and we appreciate to have a national team by the upcoming World Championships 2024 in France.

Perhaps we can Welcome Qatar officials and referees in our World referee seminar in Austria in October !

International training in Colombia

On July 16-26, Latin America director Carlos Suarez visited Colombia for a series of ring authority training sessions and for the PRO-AM continental title contention of 71 kilos in the K1 modality.

The first day was Saturday 16th in Bogotá by promoter Héctor Gómez, where 18 people took part in the training and on Sunday 17th in Bucaramanga, 38 people from different departments of Colombia and Venezuela met to take part in the training given by promoter attend the training organized for Colombia by Luis Midworld.

Both days were intense and back and forth with great participation from the participants. These trainings will focus on the World Kickboxing Federation’s next international commitments, such as the South American/Pan American 2023 in Argentina and the 2024 World Championship in France, where a large participation from the American continent is expected.

Colombia retained the 71 Kilo – K1 Rules title On Saturday, July 23rd, as part of the Andean League of Colombia, the fight for the PRO-AM Continental Title took place at 71 kilos. The intended format was Super 4 and Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina participated.

In the first round, Argentina’s Leonel Garnica defeated fellow Venezuelan Leonel Barreto on points in an intense 3-round bout. On the other hand, Colombian Carlos Mario Gutierrez defeated his Chilean Diego Araya by KO in the first round. Reaching the final Argentina and Colombia.

The final lasted only one round, the Colombian hitting an uppercut on the Argentine’s nose, causing the technical KO in the first round. In this way the belt stayed in Colombia and we congratulate the current continental champion Carlos Mario Gutiérrez who joins the CHILE champion of the 67 kilos of K1.

We appreciate the participation of the countries CHILE, led by Rodrigo Miño Silva, VENEZUELA, led by Alfredo Cuevas, COLOMBIA, led by promoters Luis Mediomundo and Hector Gomez, and Argentina, represented by Carlos Suarez.

What’s coming in America in the second half. Latin America continues to grow at a steady pace, working and uniting the continental distances. In the second semester we will have another 3 continental titles and international cup challenges.

More international training planned for the World Cup in France 2024.

August 14 Carlos Suarez will visit Paraguay.

August 27 Training in Bolivia Level 1

August 28 Andean Cup between Bolivia and Chile in Cochabamba.

October 8th Continental Title 140lbs – Low Kick.

November 5th Level 2 training in Chile. November 6th Trasandina Cup – Chile vs. Argentina. November 6 Chile Continental Women’s Title K1 – 50 Kilos.

November 20th Level 2 training in Colombia. November 21 Colombia Women’s Low Continental Title – 56 kilos.

17 December Bolivia Men’s Continental Low – 71 kilos.

No one is stronger than all of us together!!


Capacitación Internacional en Colombia

Del 16 al 26 de Julio el director de latinoamerica Carlos Suarez visito Colombia en una serie de capacitaciones para autoridades de ring y para la disputa del título continental PRO-AM de los 71 kilos en la modalidad de K1.

La primera jornada fue el sábado 16 en Bogotá a cargo del Promotor Héctor Gómez donde 18 personas tomaron la capacitación y el domingo 17 en Bucaramanga se reunieron 38 personas de diferentes departamentos de Colombia y Venezuela para sumarse a la capacitación organizada por el Promotor para Colombia Luis Mediomundo.

Ambas jornadas fueron intensas y de ida y vuelta con gran participación de los concursantes.

Estas capacitaciones están enfocadas a los próximos compromisos internacionales de la Federación Mundial de Kickboxing como lo será el Sudamericano / Panamericano a realizarse en Argentina en 2023 y el Mundial de Francia 2024 donde se espera gran participación del continente Americano.

Colombia se quedo con el titulo de los 71 Kilos – K1 Rules

El sábado  23 de Julio en el marco de la Liga Andina de Colombia se desarrollo la disputa del Título Continental PRO-AM de los 71 kilos. El formato designado fue de Super 4 y participation Chile, Colombia, Venezuela y Argentina …

El informe completo se puede encontrar en nuestro sitio web WKF LAC

Energy Fight in Hong Kong – now sanctioned with WKF

click HERE for more details

Energy Fight was founded in 2010, organized by China

HK Mixed Combat Sports Federation.

Now sanctioned by WKF, World Kickboxing Federation.

All fighters here are in the WKF World rankings on best possible positions.

It holds 4 events annually in a series of Mixed Combat Sports, who’s also the first organizer in Hong Kong who holds Shoot Boxing competitions.

WKF CHINA international

Energy Fight Youth Challenge 2022 will be held on 26 August at the Telford Recreation Club, which will be a whole day event with 25 matches.

On the fight card we will have Shoot Boxing Rule and Sanda Rule.


The match will be divided into 2 halves, including Cadet, Teens, and Professional Group under the rules of Shoot Boxing and Sanda.

The first team match will also be held this year with Red Team “文薈隊” and Blue Team “武萃隊”, each sending 6 fighters from the Male Cadet Group and 8 fighters from the Female Teens Group.

Also there will be a live streaming on YouTube , send your request to WKF HONG KONG, Mr.Ronald YEUNG by mail !

European Championships in Austria, Добро пожаловать в Австрию


An excerpt from our WKF statutes valid over 20 Years

WKF Россия

WKF’s aim was and always will be to enjoy the sport of Kickboxing and martial arts as an international sport, without discrimination over nationality, race or ethnic origin.

The WKF head office strongly believes in and upholds an Equal Rights Policy with all its members and those who wish to participate in it. With such a policy we here, at WKF wish to create a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy the sport of Kickboxing and martial arts.

Добро пожаловать в Австрию

Sport has no racial, social or political barriers, which means that it is the perfect way for all men and women, boys and girls to achieve amazing results, regardless of race, creed or colour.

The opportunity to represent one’s country in the name of sport at an international level is probably one of  the greatest achievements an individual can make.

The pressure that the competitors have at this level is enormous, and goes far beyond normal physical endurance.

To win, especially at such a high level, competitors will have to tap into inner resources that their years of training will have prepared them for.





Выдержка из нашего устава WKF за более чем 20 лет!


Международная федерация кикбоксинга ( ВКФ / WKF) придерживается принципа равных возможностей для спортсменов независимо от пола, цвета кожи, религии, политических взглядов и места жительства.

В этом виде спорта нет расовых, социальных или политических барьеров, а это означает, что это идеальный путь для всех детей, взрослых, ветеранов и ремесленников к достижению потрясающих результатов, независимо от расы, вероисповедания или цвета кожи.

Возможность представлять свою страну на международном уровне во имя спорта, вероятно, является одним из величайших достижений человечества.

Próximo curso de árbitros en Santiago de Chile

Nuestro Presidente Mundial de la PPF el Sr. Fernando GUERRERO

Nuestro Presidente Mundial de la PPF el Sr. Fernando GUERRERO anuncia el próximo curso de árbitros en Santiago de Chile.

La primera parte se realizará en Santiago el 25 de julio.

La próxima parte está prevista para octubre y noviembre para PPF y Tatami.

Para todas las consultas adicionales, envíe un correo electrónico a: Fernando Guerrero   ppf.wkfworldpresident@gmail.com

Our World President of the PPF Mr. Fernando GUERRERO

announces the next course for referees in Santiago de Chile. The first part will be held in Santiago on July 25. The next part is scheduled for October and November for PPF and Tatami.

For all further inquiries please send an email to:

Fernando Guerrero ppf.wkfworldpresident@gmail.com

1. WKF Wienerwald Grand Prix – WKF title fight in Austria

Jindrich KRAJCA, Czech Rep.
Jakub SAJECKI, Poland

For the first time WKF AUSTRIA has a first-class superlative kickboxing event in the City Eichgraben near Vienna.

The WKF Grand Prix – Wienerwald consists of 14 matches with 3 or 5 rounds of 2 minutes each.


The fighters of the preparatory fights come from Austrian clubs or other EU countries and are classified according to the WKF in categories B and C  class.

Preliminary matches consist of kickboxing in the K1 discipline and two classic boxing matches. All Boxing matches sanctioned by GBF – AUSTRIA

The highlight is the international tournament for 8 Champions, in which 4 Austrian fighters will compete against 4 fighters from Europe through the KO tournament system.

… The winner Takes It All …

The winner of the tournament can look forward to considerable prize money provided by the sponsors!

Another highlight of the evening is the heavyweight fight for the International Pro-Am WKF title.

Here the strong Czech Champion Jindřich KRAJCA defends his KO-winning title against the Polish Jakub SAJECKI, who finished his last fight in Poland by KO in first round!