WKF MOLDOVA has new Leadership

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SAZONOV Genadii, WKF MOLDOVA president

With Genadii SAZONOV we have a new WKF MOLDOVA President and a new, better team in WKF EUROPE.

Here is a brief overview, and the email contact:

About the Academy!

The beginning of the way
The Kickboxing Academy appeared in March 2016 as a branch of the Tiraspol Sports and Youth Sports School of Wrestling and Boxing.

Over the course of ten years before the official opening, the President of the RO “National Federation of Kickboxing” and “Muay Thai of Transnistria”, Gevlich Alexander Slavyevich and enthusiastic trainers: Derkachenko I.V., Afanasyev S.I., Samoilenko A.D., a huge amount of work was done work on beautification of the adjacent territory and renovation of the building, which was in critical condition, where the youth club “Rovesnik” was located, on the site of which the Kickboxing Academy is now located.

Official establishment of the academy

In 2015, a kickboxing division appeared in the Tiraspol Sports and Youth Sports School represented by the Academy, where the process of preparing the premises for work was already underway.

The above-mentioned trainers, sparing no effort and time, were able to obtain funding from the city leadership.

At the beginning of 2016, the mayor of Tiraspol (at that time Bezbabchenko A.I.) made a decision to help complete the renovation work and equip the Kickboxing Academy with modern equipment.
In March 2016, the grand opening of the capital’s Kickboxing Academy was held.

Our achievements

For five years now, the academy’s athletes have been achieving high results and winning at various sporting events, including world-class fights.

Today in Pridnestrovie there are six Honored Masters of Sports, one of whom is an athlete at the Kickboxing Academy, an Honored Master of Sports, world and European champion – Kazaku Maxim. A graduate of the Nichitaelo Academy, Victor became a master of sports of the Russian Federation, winner of the Russian Championship, European champion and silver medalist of the World Junior Championship as part of the Russian national team.