African continental open Championships 2019


African continental

open Championships 2019


Which country can promote this 5 days event ?

With good Hotels, international airport and great sport hall ?

Which team, which African country, which city, who are the real best on the African continent ?

This is the greatest event 2019 for all African countries.

From Tunisia to South Africa, from Ethiopia to Senegal.

Send Your proposal by mail to our office !

All our 32 member countries in our WKF AFRICA continental federation must send their best amateur fighters, tatami and Ring sport for male and females, to find out who have the real best team, the best Champions !

Your country is not yet member in WKF AFRICA continental federation ?

Contact our office please !

Latin America continues moving and the weekend presents 3 events 2 of Them with professional evening

WKF LATIN AMERICA director Carlos SUAREZ announce next events:


On Saturday, April 27, the National Professional Championship in Temuco of the K1 modality takes place, the 63,500 Ignacio Leon and Jona Lorca face each other in the Bernardo Ohiggins stadium.




On Saturday April 27 will be developed in Ushuaia -Tierrra del Fuergo, the evening ushuaia Fight Night where the current champion of the 88,200 Full Contact Cristian Bosch and Tomas “El Chacal” Aguirre, will also be part of the Velada Martin Velazco, Florence Greco and Fueguino Agustin Jara who will seek to qualify for the World Cup qualifiers in Egypt.

Ushuaia Fight Night will count in the afternoon with the qualifier to the World Cup, with more than 30 amateur fights, looking for a place for the World Cup that will take place in Egypt 2020 and in the evening the Evening of 6 professional players, this event is sponsored by the Government Ushuaia and Ushuaia sports and develops in the stadium Cochocho Vargas.

Combat Fighter, a qualifying event for the World Cup qualifiers in Egypt, will be held in Espeleta by the promoter Vanesa Olmedo and supervised by WKF Argentina. This event will have 2 Amateur titles and 50 fights during the day.

America se sigue moviendo y el fin de semana presenta 3 eventos 2 de Ellos con velada profesional.


El Sabado 27 de Abril se realiza el campeonato Nacional Profesional en Temuco de la modalidad K1, se enfrentan en los 63.500 Ignacio Leon y Jona Lorca en el estadio Bernardo Ohiggins.



El sabado 27 de abril se desarrollara en Ushuaia -Tierrra del Fuergo, la velada ushuaia Fight Night donde peleara el actual campeón de los 88,200 de Full Contact Cristian Bosch y Tomas “El Chacal” Aguirre, ademas serán parte de la Velada Martin Velazco, Florencia Greco y el Fueguino Agustin Jara quien buscara clasificar a las eliminatorias del mundial de Egipto.

Ushuaia Fight Night contara por la tarde con el clasificatorio al mundial, con mas de 30 pelea amateurs, buscando una plaza para el Mundial que se desarrollara en Egipto 2020 y por la noche la Velada de 6 pelas profesionales, dicho evento es Auspiciado por El Gobierno de Ushuaia y Ushuaia deportes y se desarrolla en el estadio Cochocho Vargas.

Combat Fighter, evento rankeable para las eliminatorias del mundial de Egipto se desarrollara en Espeleta a cargo de la promotora Vanesa Olmedo y fiscalizado por WKF Argentina. Dicho evento tendra 2 titulos Amateurs y 50 peleas durante la jornada.

MMA in the WKF World wide network

WKF MMA World title belt


WKF – World Kickboxing Federation – is one of the greatest and World wide sanctioning body for Kick boxing and MMA in amateur and pro.

On our web site you could find all important facts and news about MMA in our World sanctioning body.

More than 5000 hits per month is the result of serious and hard work.


Just fill in the online fighter profile here, add a jpg photo and we will post you in our MMA  European or World ranking.

For any requests contact our MMA head office by mail and visit our main web site .


WKF MMA European champion
WKF MMA contintal champion belt

WKF forms, poomse,Tul, Hyong, Taolu and Kata – scoring system

score board Formen
electronic score board

Following many requests from our World wide  WKF members about forms. We get many inquiries about various competition rules in the WKF. Waiting in 4 languages for your download.

The rules for all WKF Forms in English language are here, en Español, in Deutscher Sprache hier. Soon we will have translation in Russian languages as well.

Today, the WKF has 14 various Forms disciplines.

Participants could compete in divisions with and without music, as well as with and without weapons.

Plus, our “creative and freestyle” forms. Here a small selection of approved Budo weapons.


selection of Budo weapons

IRC – Internationale Rules Committee –  has on request a list of approved official traditional forms for Japanese and Okinawa Kata.

The same list for official forms in  Taekwondo ITF / WTF. Visit our WKF AMATEUR division web site, please.

Int. Referee from Italy, China, Austria, Germany and Spain

Scoring by 5 international WKF judges. The rating is performed simultaneously and displayed electronically.

The highest and lowest ratings are deleted, the remaining three give the score to one decimal place.

If you like to know more about rules and regulations in WKF and to get official referee license join our next World referee Seminar on october 18th  in Baia Mare, Romania.

Just the Weekend before the World Championship !


TOP TEN countries in the last world Championships

This is the Grand total medal record of our TOP TEN countries

from all WKF World Championships in the past !

Leading continent is today WKF EUROPA , nine countries in TOP TEN ranking

First NON European country is WKF ARGENTINA on pos. 3rd    60/61/36

First North American country is WKF CANADA on pos. 11th    16/24/9

first Asian country is WKF IRAN on pos. 15th  15/2/7

Best Africans are WKF SOUTH AFRICA on pos 18th,    9/4/3

Down under WKF AUSTRALIA hold on position 34th  1/ 2/ 3

At home everybody could be the champion

but to compete on the highest level, our World championship and to challenge the best fighter of the world – this is a different story.

So many countries attended in the past without any medals, we hope for better luck and more success this Year !

In total we had 72 different countries attending, this Year we expect a new record on countries and fighters.

Any WKF country is welcome in our WKF World Championships in Cairo, Egypt, October 21st to 26th 2020


Russia vs. China – Россия против Китая в Тартастане 4 июня

«Один пояс, одна дорога» – это кусочек воды, и китайско-российская дружба глубока! По приглашению Республики Татарстан Российской Федерации 26 апреля в Казани, Россия, состоится Чемпионат мира по боксу 2019 – WKF!

     Соревнования проводились под руководством Республики Татарстан и правительства провинции Цинхай, при поддержке Министерства спорта Республики Татарстан и Спортивного бюро провинции Цинхай, организованной Национальной ассоциацией свободных боев Татарстана и Ассоциацией спортивных единоборств провинции Цинхай, Всемирной федерацией свободных боев WKF, TNA. Certification Сертификация Международного нефтяного приза Petroleum International Fighting, прямая трансляция по национальному российскому телевидению, спутниковое телевидение Цинхай в течение всего путешествия.


Этот конкурс – первый раз, когда «Всемирная свободная борьба WKF – Fighting Power – WKF» отправилась в Россию для проведения конкурса. Он направлен на то, чтобы использовать спортивную борьбу в качестве связующего звена и практиковать национальную инициативу «Один пояс, один путь». Мы углубим дружбу и доверие между китайским и русским народами, будем содействовать дружественным обменам и сотрудничеству между Китаем и Россией в области культуры, спорта, торговли и торговли, а также туризма и откроем новую главу в гармоничном развитии Китая и России.





Next WKF event in Pakistan

WKF PAKISTAN is going to organise International Kickboxing/ MMA Championship in Karachi Pakistan from 19th to 21st April 2019 with the collaboration of Albushra Foundation.

Chief Organizer and promoter

Mohammad Ashfaq, WKF President Pakistan, Secretary General, Pakistan Kickboxing Federation.
Who want to join this Championship most welcome and let me know on my WhatsApp No. +923003396974 or email me.  

WKF ARGENTINA report Bosch Tour S8, Incredible Event !!!

Sr. Carlos SUAREZ, WKF Latin America director

An Incredible evening was lived in Argentina on April 14, 2019 at the event organized by Cristian BOSCH WKF International Promoter and Carlos SUAREZ WKF Director in Argentina and Latin America.

23 professional fights of the highest level were disputed, among them a Super 8 of Full Contact which was the winner of the Argentine Nicolas JARA in an electrifying final.

Muay Thai World Champion Pablo ROA, Argentina


The highlight of the evening was the WKF World title dispute of Muaythai in the Welterweight – 66,8 Kg / 147 lbs where after 5 rounds and in unanimous decision on the cards the Argentine Pablo ROA was champion before the Mexican Johan Olivares.

The show had more than 1000 spectators at Estadio Lleno !!

And where the next S8 will be promoted on November 17 where we hope to have the presence of the President of the World Kickboxing Federation Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER and where a Super 8 International will be deputized in the 64,500 Kilos in the K1 modality.

World Champion Pablo ROA












Results of the evening:
• Super 8 Full Contact:
* Tomás Aguirre (GKOT) vs Sebastián Uribe.
* Nicolás Diéguez (GPP) vs Miguel Ortiz.
* Nicolás Jara (GKO) vs. Ulisses López.
Semi Finals:
* Tomas Aguirre (GKO) vs Nicolás Dieguez.
* Nicolás Jara (GPA) vs Nelson Castell.
* Nicolás Jara (GPP) vs. Tomas Aguirre.

International Combat
* Ignacio Capllonch (GPP) vs. Alexander Silva (PAR).
* Daniel Barahona (CHI) (GKOT) vs. Antonio Anaya (MEX).
* Ivan Valdez (GKOT) vs. Enrique Gómez (MEX).

* Pablo Roa (GPP) vs. Johan Olivares (MEX)

more than 1.000 people ring side

PPF – Pro Point Fighting – Benvenido, Willkommen, Bienvenue, Добро пожаловать, 欢迎

PPF World president Fernando GUERRERO

Dear Friends of WKF,

My name is Fernando GUERRERO and since last World congres in Buenos Aires I am World director for PPF – Pro Point Fighting.

I’m from Santiago de Chile and I’m now responsible for the development in PPF.

Together with the best point fighters in the world, I want to continue the high standard and improve it with YOUR help.

I look forward to receiving your inquiries by e-mail in English or Spanish in my PPF World office.


Welcome in our WKF PRO POINT FIGHTING division.

our amazing PPF World title belt

The idea behind is to upgrade our World wide best Semi contact and point fighter, to give them a chance to fight on a special event, for a special title and a special belt, as main fight on the event.

The fees (on request) are fair, the rules are clear, the conditions easy.

World Kickboxing Federation sanction World wide continental, Intercontinental and World Champion titles for adults, man and woman.

Like in ring sport just send fighter profile and photo of your top class point fighters and we post them in the World ranking.

Have always a look on our updated pro point fighting ranking and event schedule, many downloads, gallery and much more on WKF Pro Point Fighting , just have a look.

We are ready for any request

Fernando GUERRERO,

PPF World president

KUNG FU in China on May 4th


The unveiling of the 2019 wkf Chinese Wushu Sanda Kung Fu Professional League will take place on May 4 at the Guangzhou Sports Academy!