What gloves for PPF title fights ?

The use of any boxing gloves however is not possible

For further requests download the rules in English, Espanol , На Русском языке and Deutsch in pdf files.


PPF World title belt

WKF AFRICA continental federation is looking for new partner, focus on Cairo 2020

World Championships 2020 first time in history in Africa, see you all in Cairo

WKF – World Kickboxing Federation

is the oldest and one of the largest World wide sanctioning body for PPF – Pro Point fighting, Kickboxing, Thai boxing and MMA. New in the program is SANDA !

For amateur events as well as for professionals. We have continental office on 6 continents and more than 140 member countries World wide.

Now we want to invite YOUR champions for international events and we are looking for WKF promoters and managers everywhere in Africa.

To get listed in our World rankings fill in the fighter profile and add a jpg of your fighter, male and female.

If you´re interested to become part of the WKF World wide family send just a mail to our WKF head office.

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WKF IN AFRICA has 27 member countries

WKF ARGENTINA – Reportaje y fotos del último evento del 6 de julio

On July 6, one of the biggest events of the Latin American circuit BOSCH TOUR Challenge Argentina vs Thailand was held in Morón Buenos Aires, which was a great success. Nearly 1500 spectators vibrated during the day, where the outstanding fight was the title of the WKF world in Muaythai mode to 69,500 between Songthai of Thailand and the Argentine Martin Velazco, where Velazco was the winner by default, not the abandoned product of the fourth round of the Thais. ,

The event included 27 PRO-AM fights and 23 professional fights, including belt results.

Martín Velasco, Muay Thai World Champion WKF
Pablo “El Mudo” Roa, champion of the Bosch tour of Muay Thai

Marcos “Wasabi” Ríos, Master Bosch Tour of Muay Thai
Leandro “El Zurdo” Dapueto, champion of Bosch Kick Boxing Tour

Lucas “El Niño Pro” Correa (Uruguay), Bosch Tour Champion of Muay Thai

Brian Fernández, Bosch Full Contact Tour Champion

Latin America continues to grow hand in hand with the international promoter Cristian Bosch and the director of Latin America, Carlos Suárez. International class A events of international quality hand in hand with the World Kickboxing Federation.


El pasado 6 de julio se realizo en Morón Buenos Aires uno de los mayores eventos del circuito Latinoamericano BOSCH TOUR desafío Argentina vs Tailandia el cual fue un gran éxito.

Cercano a las 1500 espectadores que vibraron durante la jornada donde la pelea destacada fue el titulo del Mundo WKF en la modalidad Muaythai hasta 69.500, entre el Thailandes Songthai y el argentino Martin Velazco donde quedo ganador Velazco por abandono al no salir el Thailandes el cuarto round producto de una lesion.

El evento conto con 27 peleas PRO-AM y 23 peleas Profesionales, entre ellas los resultados de los cinturones fueron.

Martín Velasco, Campeón Mundial de Muay Thai WKF
Pablo “El Mudo” Roa, Campeón Bosch Tour de Muay Thai in Superwelterweight – 69,5 Kg / 153 lbs





Marcos “Wasabi” Ríos, Campeón Bosch Tour de Muay Thai
Leandro “El Zurdo” Dapueto, Campeón Bosch Tour de Kick Boxing

Lucas “El Niño Pro” Correa (Uruguay), Campeón Bosch Tour de Muay Thai

Brian Fernández, Campeón Bosch Tour de Full ContactLatinoamérica sigue apostando al crecimiento de la mano del promotor Internacional Cristian Bosch y El Director para Latinoamérica Carlos Suárez.

Eventos clase A de calidad internacional para el mundo de la mano de la Federación Mundial de Kickboxing.

1st Black Forest Battle in Freiburg, Germany, on Juli 20th


WKF GERMANY head office confirm the next WKF European title fight in Freiburg, Germany, on July 20th.

Today the promoter team confirmed  5 WKF title fights on the international fight card.

Many international fights are on the fight card, ladies fights, Champions from 8 countries, show and more !!


European title -63,5 kg / 138 lbs Hamid NAJAFI vs. Samim SAHIL / AUT

European title -75 kg / 165 lbs Valentin KNAU vs. Razvan IVORCIUC / ROU

European title  -86 kg / 189 lbs Filip TOPIC vs. Ivo CRHAK / CZE

German title -67 kg / 147 lbs , Ahmat RAHMANI vs. Rosario FALSONE

German title  -81 kg / 178 lbs , Andrej KRIEGER vs. Hüseyin ÖZDEMIR

plus International lowkick prestige

Ladies fight +66 / + 145 lbs Kg Stefanie REUTER vs. Annette B. STAHL / AUT

More WKF fights in Freiburg are still in negotiation, stay tuned !

African continental open Championships 2019


African continental

open Championships 2019


Which country can promote this 5 days event ?

With good Hotels, international airport and great sport hall ?

Which team, which African country, which city, who are the real best on the African continent ?

This is the greatest event 2019 for all African countries.

From Tunisia to South Africa, from Ethiopia to Senegal.

Send Your proposal by mail to our office !

All our 32 member countries in our WKF AFRICA continental federation must send their best amateur fighters, tatami and Ring sport for male and females, to find out who have the real best team, the best Champions !

Your country is not yet member in WKF AFRICA continental federation ?

Contact our office please !

Important news from WKF PAKISTAN

ASHFAQ Mohammad, president WKF PAKISTAN

Our WKF ASIA continental head office confirm:

Updates from our very busy WKF PAKISTAN president Mr. Mohammad ASHFAQ.

Samiullah Kakar and Mansoor Ahmed Durrani who were fake Robert Wilesmith WKF PAKISTAN set up has finished by the strict action taken by Abdul Khaliq Hazara Baluchistan Sports Minister.

Just to make it very clear one more time and to avoid any further mails again:

Robert W. is NOT MORE MEMBER in WKF, he was dismissed in August 2016 !


They took 3 millions 8 lacs (Thirty Eight lacs) from Government to take part in fake World Kickboxing Championship and other International events.
Their Affiliation has cancelled from Baluchistan Government and Samiullah Kakar and Mansoor Ahmed Durrani are going to face accountability court of Government regarding misusing the government fund by cheating way.