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WKF – World Kickboxing Federation – is one of the greatest and World wide sanctioning body for Kick boxing and MMA in amateur and pro.

On our web site you could find all important facts and news about MMA in our World sanctioning body.

More than 5000 hits per month is the result of serious and hard work.


Just fill in the online fighter profile here, add a jpg photo and we will post you in our MMA  European or World ranking.

For any requests contact our MMA head office by mail and visit our main web site .


WKF MMA European champion
WKF MMA contintal champion belt

National Kickboxing Technical seminar in India

WKF INDIA president Mr. YOGESH K. SHAD announce our next event in India in co-operation with KFI, Kickboxing Federation of India !

Dear KFI members or lover,

Please note: Only 2 weeks are remaining for our upcoming National Kickboxing Technical seminar-2019.
Send your player & official names for the seminar.

A better chance to update your Technical position in KFI Technical Board.
Renew your old diploma with this year diploma. Upgrade your previous belt grading.

KFI – The Biggest Kickboxing Family in INDIA

TOP TEN countries in the World Championships

This is the Grand total medal record of our TOP TEN countries

from all WKF World Championships in the past !

Leading continent is today WKF EUROPA , nine countries in TOP TEN ranking

First NON European country is WKF ARGENTINA on pos. 3rd    60/61/36

First North American country is WKF CANADA on pos. 11th    16/24/9

first Asian country is WKF IRAN on pos. 15th  15/2/7

Best Africans are WKF SOUTH AFRICA on pos 18th,    9/4/3

Down under WKF AUSTRALIA hold on position 34th  1/2/3


At home, on his own local event,

everybody could be the champion … 

but to compete on the highest level, in our World championship and to challenge the best fighter of the world –

this is a different story.

So many countries attended in the past without any medals, we hope for better luck and more success in Cairo !

In total we had 72 different countries attending, in Egypt we expect a new record on countries and fighters.

Any WKF country is welcome in our WKF World Championships in Cairo, Egypt, October 21st to 26th 2020

Our WKF SOUTH AFRICA president Mark HEY passed away

Grandmaster Mr. Mark HEY

WKF AFRICA and WKF family World wide is in deep mourning.

We can hardly belief this message, but we understood unfortunately it’s true.

Our high respected former WKF SOUTH AFRICA federation president Mr. Mark HEY is unexpected and suddenly deceased on June 2nd, 2019.

Our WKF World president Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER was a closed friend of Mark. As well as so many officials World wide in our WKF family.

Our respected friend Sensei Rip MASHELE confirmed the sad message.

Now we all know !

Our beloved friend Mark HEY was a man of honor and had great respect in our world.

We will miss you Mark

WKF PRO-AM division – our elite amateur division

From the beginning in WKF we split very clearly amateur and pro business, in ring sport as well as in PPF and MMA. New is our SANDA & WUSHU division.

This is to follow many requests and wishes of our clients , managers and thousands of our fighters from all over the World. Today we are very successfully not only in pro sport but of course in amateur business too.

WKF PRO-AM title belt




With great pleasure we want your poster of WKF sanctioned tournaments, with our logo on the poster. We would like to help with online advertising free of charge, of course. Short reports after would be great.

We just want to remind every WKF country president World wide to send fighter profiles of your amateurs or just non-professional male/female fighters in ring sport. We have same system like in other pro sport in WKF.

We offer the chance to fight in all 4 ring sport divisions for our great demand WKF Champion belts. Here are our 5 WKF divisions, with valid World ranking lists, rules, title fight minimum requirements and much more


Our WKF PRO-AM titles has a great value because of our World wide network with today more than 140 member countries you have the chance to fight not only at home. And no fighter will lose his/her amateur status , he/she can fight still on any tournament, any World Championship World wide. You can be sure just to face another amateur fighter with perhaps 15 to 20 fights and not real pro with more than 100 fights.

The rules and regulations for PRO-AM are easy to understand and waiting for your download.

All you have to do is just send your fighter profile and jpg photos like always and we post your champion online in the PRO-AM World ranking. For male and female, of course !

Because: only male/female fight in our PRO-AM World ranking are qualified to fight for our WKF titles.

For further requests or interest on any possible PRO-AM title fights do not hesitate to send a mail, please.

WKF PRO-AM World title belt

Golden League 23 / King Auto Cup in Bucharest, Romania







WKF ROMANIA president Mr. Florin MINA announce next great event in Bucharest on Mai 7th / 8th !

One of best international open tournaments with long tradition is “Golden League”, this year for the 23rd time.

Thank you Mr. Marian NECULAI Honorary President of Tai Shin Do Gym always supporter and our sponsor of contact sport.

Full invitation and further information, Hotel booking and more contact Mr. Florin MINA by mail


WKF EUROPE family meets 21st to 26th October in Baia Mare, for the official European Championships !!!

Sponsor Mr. Marian NECULAI and Mr. Florin MINA

Many new updates in our WKF World rankings

Cristina KAGUEYAMA, Goiania, Brazil

Dominika CHMIEL, Mikolow, Poland




So many new male and female fighters in our WKF PRO-AM World ranking as well as in our PPF – Pro Point Fighting World rankings.

Based on the results of the World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Just in the last two weeks more than 50 new fighters are listed in the WKF World rankings.

Many photos of our Champions are still missed, please check all rankings and send your photo by mail ASAP.

Everybody likes the idea to give the best amateur fighters a chance to fight for a real valuable title, and still to be amateur.

This is to avoid any miss match, just to have an opponent in same amateur level.


How to get listed ?

Very simple, just fill in the online fighter profile on right hand, add a jpg of your male / female fighter and send to our head office. Can´t be much easier !!!

If you want to book any PRO-AM title and PPF TITLE for your next event title just contact our head office by mail.

WKF World Championships 2018 in Buenos Aires

2019 WKF CHINA Youth Free Fighting Gold Belt Tournament

WKF CHINA president Mr. YAN Dinan announce next event in China:

In response to the call of the state, the implementation of the “national fitness, military strength and strong country” guiding ideology. Promote the exchange and development of martial arts fighting sports, and enrich the sports and cultural life of young children. Oppose campus violence, improve the physical and mental health of young children, improve the hard work and hardship of young children, and be tenacious and willful.

The 9th National Fitness Games in Tongnan County and the “2019 WKF-CHINA Youth Free Fighting Golden Belt Competition (Southern Railway Station)” will be held in mid-July, in the “Hongyan Hometown, Zhisheng Hometown” Junnan County Junyue Mushroom Street is grandly launched!
The event was hosted by the Yinan County Sports Bureau and certified by the WKF World Free Fighting Federation in China. Linyi City Sanda Fighting Sports Association, Yimeng Red Film and Television Base, Yinan County Wushu Sanda Association, Baohua International Hero Soul World Fighting Professional League jointly created. In the spirit of friendship, health, cooperation and mutual benefit, we will build a fair, just, formal and professional event exchange and display platform for young children’s martial arts fighters. This competition is for the whole society and accepts the registration of young children’s martial arts fighters.






European Championships 2019 in Romania

see you in Romania 2019

10505502_820041654735865_7604123373968430296_nWKF ROMANIA president Florin MINA announce next European Championship 2019 in Baia Mare.

From October 21st to 26th our European WKF family meet in beautiful Romania.

Over 30 countries will participate and there will be matches from kids to juniors to seniors.

In the final day will be 12 fights with important and great fighters like Cristian “The Fastest” MileaCostin Mincu  and many others.

For full information, Hotel booking and more contact Mr. Florin MINA by mail.

Come and visit the real original “Dracula castle” in Transylvania …

… and don´t forget your garlic  🙂

Bran castle – real home of count Dracula