WKF supervisor for CIS and Baltic States – Супервизор ВКФ

Роман Логиш / Roman LOGISCH

WKF head office has appointed Mr. Roman LOGISCH as Supervisor for CIS and Baltic States.

Mr. Logisch is now since long time member and WKF GERMANY president. He speaks perfect German and is native Russian speaker as well.

For any further requests in this area please contact him by mail.


Роман Логиш

Президент Федерации ВКФ в Германии.

Супервизор ВКФ в СНГ и Прибалтике

Роман родился в Казахской ССР. В 7 лет переехал с семьей в Белоруссию. Закончил БГУФК, учился на кафедре спортивно-боевых единоборств и спецподготовки.

Неоднократный победитель и призер международных турниров по рукопашному бою, тайландскому боксу и кикбоксингу. Чемпион Евразии по муай-тай, чемпион Европы среди профессионалов по кикбоксингу, боец “Суперлиги”.

С 2001г. проживает в Германии. Активно занимается тренерской и промоутерской деятельностью. Подготовил многократных чемпионов Германии и Европы по кикбоксингу.

Успешно развивает Федерацию ВКФ на территории Германии, является совладельцем спортивного профессионального клуба. По вопросам организации совместной работы обращайтесь на адрес электронной почты: wkfgermany@web.de

Confirmed: WKF World title in Port Moresby – Papua vs. Australia

Rickson YAMO, Papua New Guinea

WKF AUSTRALIA confirm the pro World title with PNG hero and former WKF World Champion Rickson YAMO from Port Moresby vs. Australian ISKA World Champion Ben REGAN.

For sure a great World title fight of two real Champions. Official weight category is Welterweight- 66,8 Kg / 147 lbs. 

More title fights on the international fight card coming soon, stay tuned !

Welcome to our WKF BULGARIA website !

WKF BULGARIA Logo This is the WKF BULGARIA Web site.

In the last weeks WKF EUROPE head office got more and more requests from many Gym´s, fighters and manager from various Cities in Bulgaria, to become member and part of  our WKF.

photoMany teams want now to participate on the next World Championships in Buenos Aires in November 2018.

But each participating country must have (!) at least one WKF incensed referee.To have new Bulgarian WKF officials we remember all interested and well experienced officials to come to our next World referee seminar in Argentina 2018.



The World Kickboxing Federation is one of the leading organisations World Wide in the promotion of amateur and professional kickboxing in all styles, Muay Thai and Mixed martial arts hosting professional fighting events.

New is our SANDA & WUSHU division.

Our modern and interactive approach to this sport highlights our commitment to keeping you updated with the latest events taking place worldwide. Our  WKF BULGARIA was formed in February 2011.

Our next two WKF events in Latin America

2nd qualifying event for the World Cup to be held in Cairo, Egypt in 2020.

Copa titans in its 6th edition promises to give an evening of luxury. this coming April 13 at the Nueva Palmira club

Next May 5 we will have the Rio platense duel in the vastator cup of promoter Gerardo Vicente.
Uruguay Vs Argentina in team fights in a great evening that promises to be a great show.
It will be held at the Victoria Market on the tile, Montevideo

Nuestros próximos eventos en Argentina y Uruguay

2do evento clasificatorio para el mundial a disputarse en el Cairo, Egipto año 2020.


Copa titanes en su 6ta edición promete dar una velada de lujo. este próximo 13 de abril en el club Nueva Palmira

Próximo 5 de mayo tendremos el duelo Rio platense en la copa vastator del promotor Gerardo Vicente.

Uruguay Vs Argentina en peleas por equipos en una gran velada que promete ser un gran espectáculo.
Se realizara en el Mercado Victoria en la teja, Montevideo

Great WKF TADJIKISTAN Cup in Duschanbe

Opening Cup Championship Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan.
With the support of the head of Dynamo M VD Shohien Asliddin.
More than 20 teams from all over the republic participated and 200 athletes participated.


Thamara Nissanka, WKF Sri Lanka

WKF ASIA head office confirm our member Mr. Thamara NISSANKA in WKF SRI LANKA.

Here is his CV:

I am 58 years , married have two children daughter 23 and son 13. I am a Government Teacher of English + Martial Arts Instructor.

I started training  kyokushinkaikan Karate in  1975 and became an Instructor in 1978. I  was appointed as the Sri Lanka Representative of Ashihara Karate , Japan in 1988.

Now I hold many International Post of USA , Europe , Asia mainly in Japan. I at the moment hold 7 th dan Black Belt with the title of Renshi in Full Contact Karate, FSA Kenshinkan in Japan. I have been around the world for World/Japan Tournaments , seminars and training camps etc..

Presently I serve as the Coordinator for Full Contact karate at the Sri Lanka Karate do Federation (National Body)  And I have hold tournaments in Karate /Kick Boxing too.

Contact by E-mail !

WKF PAKISTAN announce next event in Karachi

WKF PAKISTAN is going to organise International Kickboxing / MMA Championship in Karachi Pakistan from 19th to 21st April 2019 with the collaboration of Albushra Foundation.
Chief Organizer and promoter

Mohammad Ashfaq, WKF President Pakistan, Secretary General, Pakistan Kickboxing Federation.
Who want to join this Championship most welcome and let me know on my WhatsApp No. +923003396974 or email me.   I’ll help your team to get visa on time !