9. February 2017

WKF supervisor for CIS and Baltic States

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Roman LOGISCH, Супервизор ВКФ в СНГ и Прибалтике

WKF head office has appointed Mr. Roman LOGISCH as Supervisor for CIS and Baltic States.

Mr. Logisch is now since long time member and WKF GERMANY president. He speaks perfect German and is native Russian speaker as well.

For any further requests in this area please contact him by mail.

Роман Логиш
Президент Федерации ВКФ в Германии.

Супервизор ВКФ в СНГ и Прибалтике

Роман родился в Казахской ССР. В 7 лет переехал с семьей в Белоруссию. Закончил БГУФК, учился на кафедре спортивно-боевых единоборств и спецподготовки.

Неоднократный победитель и призер международных турниров по рукопашному бою, тайландскому боксу и кикбоксингу. Чемпион Евразии по муай-тай, чемпион Европы среди профессионалов по кикбоксингу, боец “Суперлиги”.

С 2001г. проживает в Германии. Активно занимается тренерской и промоутерской деятельностью. Подготовил многократных чемпионов Германии и Европы по кикбоксингу.

Успешно развивает Федерацию ВКФ на территории Германии, является совладельцем спортивного профессионального клуба. По вопросам организации совместной работы обращайтесь на адрес электронной почты: wkfgermany@web.de

8. February 2017

WKF NETHERLANDS confirm for the European Championships

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The Dutch WKF team is working hard for the European Championship in Santorini Greece. It will be held from 1st of May till 6th May 2017.

Athletes of the Dutch team will participate in various disciplines. The Dutch team also have referees who are going to take part of The World Referee seminar. The Team is led by the WKF Dutch President Sijou van der Spek.

If you are interested to join the Dutch team, please contact a.s.a.p. Sijou van der Spek. You can send your request to: info@kamlung.nl

You can participate in various disciplines and categories:

For kids  under 13,  juniors  under 18, adults 16-35, veterans 35 -40 and masters 40 +: Forms, Semi contact, Light contact.

For adults 16-35 Years: Kick light, Full contact, Low kick, K-1, Thai Boxing, Sanda, MMA.

Don’t wait any longer. Join the best and biggest organization of the world and be a member of the WKF.

5. February 2017

K-1 World Grand Prix in Czech with Champions from 4 continents

by head office
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Our WKF head office confirm the next WORLD GRAND PRIX, sponsored by BUDWELD company in Poland.

This show is an international cooperation of WKF CZECH REPUBLIC, WKF AUSTRIA and WKF POLAND

On the last World congress in Italy WKF head office present the new league:   “WKF WORLD GRAND PRIX” !  This is for all our AAA WKF promoter only.


What are the conditions to promote next WGP ?

International Champions from at least 3 continents!

Two air tickets for foreign fighter and coach, food and good Hotel, paid by the organizing team, nice hospitality. International WKF licensed referee and supervisor, appointed by our head office. TV contract for the event and at least one professional WKF World title !

WKF sanction fee for the World Grand Prix is part of negotiation.

For our next WKF BUDWELT PRIDE World Grand Prix on June 3rd in Czech Republic we have Champions from 10 countries and 4 continents on the fight card. China, Austria, USA, Canada, Colombia, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Poland and more in negotiations …

Best K-1 eight man tournament – 179 lbs / 81,4 Kg , plus three WKF sanctioned title fights, plus two international Ladies fights, plus excellent show program, pretty ring girls and much more.  City is called KARVINA NOVE MESTO in Czech Republic.

More details coming soon, stay tuned …

5. February 2017

Austrian Championships 2017, first time in Innsbruck

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WKF AUSTRIA President Gerald DITTRICH announce next event on March 4th.

Austrian Championships are the final qualifications for the Austrian national team for the European Championships in Greece in Mai 2017.

Because of the amazing Santorini Island in Greece everybody want to participate and to be “part of the game” !

Promoter is Mr. Gerhard CORRADIDNI and his team.

Invitation is here !


WKF-Austria Nationalteam Logo

3. February 2017

Big event in Vienna Night of Glory 13th on March 25th

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Jan TRDLIA, PRO-AM European Champion Brno
Ali NOORI, Octagon pro Gym Vienna

WKF AUSTRIA head office announce next event in Vienna.

Next international NOG 13th is on March 25th and so many international fights are in negotiations for the fight card.

Main fight is for the WKF PRO-AM K-1 European title, 5 rounds 2 minutes in Lightheavyweight -81,4 Kg / 178 lbs.

This is second battle and re-match for the title belt, first fight last October ends by DOD (doctor decision) in second round and Jan TRDLIA from Brno in Czech Republic won correct the title. Austrian Ali NOORI was of course disappointed about this result and now he want to make it clear, who is the real Champion.

twice WKF World Champion Desjhire KURTAJ

Second main fight is for the  GBF (Global Boxing Federation) female K-1 World title – 54 Kg / 119 lbs, Austrian World Champion and current Nr. 1 in the GBF World ranking Deshire KURTAJ vs. Colombian Champion Khaterine JAIR QUINTANA .


Venue 1150 Vienna, date March 25th, Promoter www.knock-out.at






1. February 2017

Two great events scheduled in famous arena Matosinhos, Portugal

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WKF EUROPE director Mr. Cesar MOREIRA announce next events in his county.

Next two events scheduled in World famous Arena Matoshinos in Portugal.

First on February 18th “Arena Fight Night” with international fight card.

Second on April 22nd with PRO-AM lowkick World title – 81 Kg / 178 lbs  Atilo COELHO/POR vs. Diego JAIR QUINTANA/COL,

Arena Matosinhos, promoter Cesar MOREIRA and WKF PORTUGAL

31. January 2017

WKF PORTUGAL confirm huge team for Santorini too

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Mr. Cesar MOREIRA, WKF EUROPE president

imagesWKF PORTUGAL and WKF EUROPE continental division president Mr. Cesar MOREIRA confirm next huge team for the European Championships.

Mr. Moreira is also our great promoter in World famous Arena Matosinhos near Porto.

In the last Years Portugal fighters had great Champions in amateur as well as in professional Kickboxing and MMA as well.

Many famous Portuguese fighters are in our World rankings.


Full information about the European Championships here online




30. January 2017

Crazy Kangaroo send again funny mails !

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Fritz EXENBERGER, WKF World president

In the past several peoples received funny and harassing E-mails from our former member in Sydney.

Without our permission he is still using our WKF contacts to pretend to be still member in WKF.

Be warned: this is a former criminal ! NO own Gym, NO own fighters, NO own members or contact, just a poor fool. He still owns many people in WKF lot of money, fell free to contact yourself our WKF presidents. In several countries police is waiting for to arrest him.

Because of this bad behaviour we deleted all his fighters from our World ranking. All his former fighters and Champions be welcome to contact our WKF head office.

And we do not care about any poor copy web site from our WKF !!!

Because of the dismissal of our former Australian member the General assembly vote for Mr. Hans ROMANOWSKI / Brasil as new WKF General Secretary.

Everything should be doubtless and clear now. Sorry for the inconvenience !!!

30. January 2017

Ric SNIFFEN our busy WKF USA president

by head office
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WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN

WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN has more and more new state directors in USA.

We have been APPROVED to hold PROFESSIONAL WKF EVENTS in Oklahoma, West Virginia and Indiana and we are working on Texas and Tennesse now so maybe by 2017 we will have many States approving us.

Many new events in USA agreed, as well as an USA national team for the

World Championships in Argentina in November 5th to 10th, 2018 is confirmed as well.

You could compete in 14 form categories, point fighting, light contact, full contact, low kick, K-1 rules real Thai Boxing and MMA. All fights 3 rounds 2 minutes.

Next World Championships 2020 are confirmed for Canada !!!

Any US fighter who is interested to become “member in the US national team”  just fill in the “WKF USA application form” and send by mail to Mr. Sniffen.

Many US top class fighter will be registered in all four World rankings. All our international WKF promoters have now the opportunity to book a US Champion for the next title fight or any other event.

We have our next events in amateur and professional in USA, and if you want to book any WKF USA fighters, or for any requests in WKF World Kickboxing Federation events and activities contact Mr. Sniffen.

USA banner

29. January 2017

Shamil ABASOV new world Champion

by head office
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Shamil ABASOV / Шамиль Абасов and Roman LOGISCH

WKF supervisor Mr. Roman LOGISCH confirm our new World Champion.

Russian Shamil ABASOV won in Samara, Russia, by KO in first round vs. Greek Dimitris MALIARIS in Heavyweight – 96,4Kg / 212 lbs

It was first World Titelfight in the history of Samara.

Fighters from 5 countries came to participate in this tournament: Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Greece and Russia.

As a result Shamil has won by Knockout in the first round.

We congratulate the Winner and the new WKF Heavyweight Champion!

Supervisor of this Fight was Roman LOGISCH, WKF GERMANY president.


The Cups of winner got next famous russian Fighter- Alexander “THE GREAT ” Stacurenko and Armen Israilyan, their performances were very spectacular. In general this Great Event deserves a praise,especially  high class Fights and amazing show program as well.

We thank Mikhail Gerasimov and Alexey Rjaskov for organization of this Fight night.


Шамиль Абасов новый чемпион мира WKF Heavyweight – 96,4 Kg / 212 lbs.

Победа нокаутом в первом раундеОтчет и фото