WKF female title fight in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

WKF head office confirm:

WKF PNG president Stanley NANDEX moving forward with next promotion in capital City Port Moresby. Venue is the famous “Sports Inn Hotel”

WKF former World Champion Stanley NANDEX has many serious contacts not just in PNG but also on the Australian continent and in Oceania as well.

First time ever in History, Nandex promote a female K-1 Superwelterweight title – 69,5 Kg / 159 lbs  


Mr. Stanley NANDEX, WKF Papua New Guinea

Here is Stanley´s announcement !

To all our friends, families , fans and supports:

We are have our first Female Kickboxing Title Fight set for:

Date:19th September 2019.

Venue: Sports Inn Hotel.

Time: Starts 7pm.

Tickets. K30 adults students K25 and corporate table for ten heads K1000 (Inclusive of food/drinks)

Come around if you guys are free. Its on Thursday night . Come and see full Drawcard for female kickboxing showdown.

Let us know if you want us to reserve your ticket because its limited.

Transport provided for drop offs within city limit.

Cheers,  Team Headhunter”

More events in PNG, New Zealand and Australia in the online schedule.

If you want to join our WKF PNG contact Mr. Nandex by mail.

All TOP TEN countries in the last European Championships

This is the Grand total medal record of our TOP TEN European countries

from all WKF European Championships in the past !


here are tour TOP FIVE European countries:

Leading European country is today WKF AUSTRIAGold 84    Silver 77   Bronze 82

Second country are the GERMANS,     65/78/46

third is CZECH REPUBLIC,     47/34/20

fourth WKF SLOVAKIA,     34/29/43

and nr. five WKF PORTUGAL,    24/8/12


All our WKF EUROPEAN countries are welcome in our


WKF EUROPEAN Championships in Baia Mare, 

Romania, October 21st to 26th 2019

Full invitation here !


WKF K-1 World Grand Prix in Vienna with International Champions

On the last World congress in Buenos Aires WKF head office present first time in Latin America the new league:   “WKF WORLD GRAND PRIX” !  

This is for all our AAA WKF promoter only.

Our WKF EUROPE  head office confirm the WKF WORLD GRAND PRIX on September 21st 2019 in Austria’s capitol Vienna.

What are the conditions to promote next WGP and to become AAA promoter level ?

International Champions from at least 3 continents!

Two air tickets for each foreign fighter and his corner man, food and good Hotel, paid by the organizing team, nice hospitality.

International WKF licensed referee and supervisor, solely appointed by our WKF head office, TV contract (!) for the event and

at least one professional WKF World title !

WKF sanction fee for the WKF World Grand Prix is part of negotiation.

For the WKF “KNOCK-OUT” World Grand Prix on September 21st in Austria  Champions from 10 countries and 4 continents in negotiation for the  fight card.

China, Austria, USA, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Poland and more in negotiations …

This is again a cooperation with K-1 Fighting Network !

International K-1 eight man tournament, plus  WKF sanctioned title fights, plus two international Ladies fights, plus excellent show program, pretty ring girls and much more. 

More details coming soon, stay tuned …

Next European Open Cup in Poland, February 21st to 23rd !!!

Dariusz ZAJAC, WKF POLAND president

WKF POLAND president Dariusz ZAJAC invite and confirm next



European Cup

Date is 21st to 23rd February 2020 !

open for all countries in the World !!!

Invitation is here !

Registration deadline on February 14th !!!

In Kick-light for juniors 13-18 Years, for men and women in K-1 only, in the city Mikolow in Poland.

Plus WKF title fights are on the fight card in the Charity event on Sunday.

YOU think you´re tough ? Come to Poland and prove it !

For further information please contact WKF POLAND by mail.

All TOP teams, fighters and real Champions are most welcome to Poland !!!

WKF AUSTRIA confirm huge team for European Championships in Baia Mare

Team WKF AUSTRIA 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

WKF AUSTRIA confirm next huge team for the European Championships in Baia Mare, Romania.

In 2018 Austrian fighters had great success in Buenos Aires, Argentina by the last World Championships.

8 Gold / 9 Silver / 6 Bronze medals are the very positive results for the Austrians! In 2019 Austrians bring a huge team to European Championships in Baia Mare, Romania. Team Austria will bring more than 50 (!) people to the event, fighters and officials.

Many famous Austrian fighters are in our World rankings in PPF, PRO-AM and professional  Kick boxing.

Full information about the European Championships here online.

See you all 2020 in Cairo by the next WKF World Championships

Seventyth birthday, celebrate with the country!

Next WKF event in China
Grand opening in the capital Beijing!
The opening ceremony of “The 2019 King’s Feast” – WKF National Youth Free Fight Grand Prix” will be held on October 1st.

    The purpose of this competition is to implement the important discussion of the internship of General Secretary Jin Ping on youth work and sports work.

Promote Chinese traditional martial arts culture and promote the development and improvement of martial arts Sanda fighting among adolescents.

 Scheduled to host the “2019 King’s Feast” – WKF in Beijing from October 1st to 3rd, 2019.

The first opener of the National Youth Free Fighting Grand Prix!

WKF CHINA International

 The event is hosted by: Beijing Tongzhou District Wushu Association, the Belt and Road International Boxing Competition Council;  Beijing Renshi Martial Arts Fighting Club, Beijing Renshi Boxing Research Association, Xuzhou Wubo Shengshi Art Training Co., Ltd.; WKF World  Federation China Regional Competition Certification. 
“The feast of the 2019 King – WKF National Youth Free Fighting Grand Prix” is the theme of “Senior Youth is Strong in China”. Focus on the improvement and development of the youth free fight. In friendship, health, cooperation,

The purpose of a win-win situation, for young people across the country




定于2019年10月1日至3日,在北京举办“2019王的盛宴-WKF  全国青少年自由搏击大奖赛”首场揭幕战!






Welcome to our WKF BULGARIA website !

WKF BULGARIA Logo This is the WKF BULGARIA Web site.

In the last weeks WKF EUROPE head office got more and more requests from many Gym´s, fighters and manager from various Cities in Bulgaria, to become member and part of  our WKF.

photoMany teams want now to participate on the next World Championships in Buenos Aires in November 2018.

But each participating country must have (!) at least one WKF incensed referee.To have new Bulgarian WKF officials we remember all interested and well experienced officials to come to our next World referee seminar in Argentina 2018.



The World Kickboxing Federation is one of the leading organisations World Wide in the promotion of amateur and professional kickboxing in all styles, Muay Thai and Mixed martial arts hosting professional fighting events.

New is our SANDA & WUSHU division.

Our modern and interactive approach to this sport highlights our commitment to keeping you updated with the latest events taking place worldwide. Our  WKF BULGARIA was formed in February 2011.

WKF UGANDA presents: Night of the thousand punches


best female Champion Patricia APOLOT

Date: 31.08.2019.

Place: Uganda, Kampala, Kireka

Venue: Smiles Corner Hotel-Kireka

Name of the show: The Revolution “A night of the thousand punches”

Main fight:

Patricia APOLOT (Uganda) vs Joice AWINO (Kenya)

Weight: -62,3 kg

Style: kickboxing

Round: 7×2 min

Title: WKF pro African Kickboxing title defence


Patricia “Black Pearl” APOLOLT is the best kickboxer lady not only in Africa also in the world, who have the biggest numbers of the pro title belts (11).

The other main pro fight:

Sean Priston (UGA) vs Michael Otieno (Kenya)

3×3 min K-1, 63,5 kg

There will be 15 undercard K-1 and kickboxing fight. Fighters come from easten region of Uganda, like Ngora Elohim Kickboxing Klub, Soroti KBC, Ausi KBC, Serere KBC and many more….