27. February 2015

International Cup in Bavaria, Germany

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2015.05.16 Hauzenberg, GermanyLOGISCH Roman_GER_2WKF GERMANY president Mr. Roman LOGISCH announce next huge tournament in Bavaria.

The International open Cup on May 16th is now for the 9th time in the city Hauzenberg near Passau in Bavaria.

Organizers are again Team Walter STIEPANI, Invitation in German language is here !

WKF DEUTSCHLAND LOGOThis event is a co-sanction  BKO, “Bavarian Kickboxing Organisation” and our WKF GERMANY.

This is another qualification tournament for the Austrian and German national teams, to be part in the European Championships 2015 in Budapest in November , 3rd- 7th.

Our upcoming  World Championships hold in November 2016 in Andria, south of Italy, are getting bigger and bigger.

STIEPANI Walter_GERThere are negotiations in progress for another WKF PRO-AM amateur title fight

For more Information, registration Hotel booking , Visa invitation and  full invitation in English language contact Mr. Walter STIEPANI directly by mail.

24. February 2015

YES – More than 550.000 (!) visitors here on our main web site !

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WKF photoAs everybody know, many federations are existing in our sport.

But what makes the different, why do we have that huge success World wide?

The answer is simple, our global team and our head office work really hard and serious for our clients, promoters, Champions and members - to satisfy

YOU !!!

We all love our sport, and of course we want to make business, but a deal must be a deal, any World ranking must getting updated weekly, Champions must be real and not a “fairy tail” story and an event schedule must be serious, without fakes of copies of other events, or not even existing events. Just a faked poster is not a prove of any events. More than 400 (!) posters from our World wide events here in the gallery.

Here are our 4 pro divisions, with valid World ranking lists, rules, title fight minimum requirements and much more


And because we are serious, have no fakes in the event schedule, have weekly updated World ranking, real Champions and promoters World wide on 6 continents 117 member countries – because of that all


“we are the real global player” 


Do you know all our 6 WKF continental web sites ?





23. February 2015

WKF LAC is moving, two new officials in Brazil and Uruguay

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Mr. Alfredo SUAREZ, WKF LAC continental director

WKF LAC continental president Mr. Alfredo SUAREZ from Venezuela confirm two new high ranked officials in our WKF Latin America family.
With immediate effect we have two new members in the family World Kickboxing Federation South America and Caribbean section.
Renato Pires WKF Brasilien Nord

We confirm the appointment of Mr. Renato Pires Brazil will be in mutual work with Mr. Willson Peterson WKF Brazil president who will be performing this year’s South American championship. For more information contact under the following Brasil banderaEmail

image1 (1)
Marcelo ESCOUTTU WKF Uruguay President

WKF head office welcome Mr. Marcelo ESCOUTTO of WKF URUGUAY who makes the representation of that country, which until now was represented by our former president.

For more information on what will soon happen in the country of Uruguay write to Mr. Escoutto under the following E-mail


Both grandmasters in the world of martial arts, have extensive experience in the sports field. 

 They want to be recognized worldwide by the World Kickboxing Federation. Very soon both member countries WKF URUGUAY as well as WKF BRAZIL will get new web sites, please be patient.

For further requests to our new south American friends write just a mail  to our director for South America Mr. Alfredo Suarez .

21. February 2015

Next national title fight in Nigeria

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2015.07.15. Owerri, NigeriaWKF NIGERIA president Mr. Nwobodo IKECHUKWU announce next top event on the African continent.

South East Kickboxing forum in Nigeria is the official licensed promoter in Nigeria.

Nwobodo IKECHUKWU, WKF NIGERIA president

Venue is famous “Dan Ayam” stadium in the city Owerri in South east of Nigeria.

Scheduled as the national Championships in Kickboxing, to find the real best Nigerian amateur champion in various weight class and disciplines.

Main fight is for the professional WKF title in Fullcontact and Lowkick, more details coming soon.

20. February 2015

Shihan Abdullah BAYETT give next seminar in Vienna, Austria

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2014.02.26  Poster BAYETT SEMI_01Shihan Abullah BAYETT from our WKF SOUTH AFRICA team is an international acknowledged expert in point fighting / semi contact. In Prague he won the World title against the German Champion after a tough but fair battle.

BAYETT Abdullah_RSA_xBecause of that WKF World director / CEO Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER had a meeting with him and he appointed our new WKF AFRICA continental director for point fighting.

PPF World president Mr. Alfredo SUAREZ from Venezuela wanted him also in the board of World directors an so Mr. Bayett called in the board of directors of WKF head office. He became new PPF World Vice-president.

With our WKF AFRICA continental director Mr. Mark HEY from WKF SOUTH AFRICA and our middle east director from WKF EGYPT Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI, now Shihan Abdullah BAYETT is our third African member in the board of directors from WKF world body.

His first aim is to develop point fighting or Semi contact on the African continent.

For any request in point fighting and to develop PPF in your Gym, contact today our PPF African continental director and World Vice president by MAIL

Shihan BAYETT from South Africa could be required for a seminar in your  Gym.

On invitation of WKF AUSTRIA and World famous Octagon pro Gym in Vienna he hold next Seminar on February 26th. This is first of many already fixed PPF seminars of Mr. Bayett. In order to give everyone the opportunity to learn from Shihan Bayett this seminar is open to everybody, who want to improve in semi contact, start at 6pm.

Invitaton in German language is here


WKF Pro Point Fighting World belt

20. February 2015

WKF PRO-AM division – our fourth pro division

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From the beginning in WKF we split very clearly amateur and pro business, in ring sport as well as in PPF and MMA.

This is to follow many requests and wishes of our clients , managers and thousands of our fighters from all over the World. WKF PRO AM title beltToday we are very successfully not only in pro sport but of course in amateur business too.


With great pleasure we want your poster of WKF sanctioned tournaments, with our logo on the poster. We would like to help with online advertising free of charge, of course. Short reports after would be great.

We just want to remind every WKF country president World wide to send fighter profiles of your amateurs or just non-professional male/female fighters in ring sport.We have same system like in other pro sport in WKF.

We offer the chance to fight in all 4 ring sport divisions for our great demand WKF Champion belts. Here are our 4 pro divisions, with valid World ranking lists, rules, title fight minimum requirements and much more


Our WKF PRO AM titles has a great value because of our World wide network with 117 member countries you have the chance to fight not only at home. And no fighter will lose his/her amateur status , he/she can fight still on any tournament, any World Championship World wide. And you can be sure just to face another amateur fighter with perhaps 15 to 20 fights and not real pro with more than 100 fights.

The rules and regulations for PRO AM are easy to understand and waiting for your download. All you have to do is just send your fighter profile and jpg photos like always and we post your team online in the PRO AM World ranking.

Because: only male/female fight in our PRO AM World ranking are qualified to fight for our WKF titles.

For further requests or interest on any possible PRO AM title fights do not hesitate to send a mail , please.

20. February 2015

Welcome to the official WKF UK website !

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WKF UK LogoWKF UK LogoPlease note – This is the OFFICIAL WKF UK  Website. Please do not contact or co-operate with any other Websites claiming to be part of the OFFICIAL WKF.

The World Kickboxing Federation is one of the leading organisations World Wide in the promotion of amateur and professional kickboxing in all styles, Muay Thai and Mixed martial arts hosting professional fighting events.

Our modern and interactive approach to this sport highlights our commitment to keeping you updated with the latest events taking place worldwide. The WKF UK was formed in February 2011, the WKF UK  stresses its strong belief in offering equal opportunities to sufficiently skilled athletes who have practised  Kickboxing, enabling them to display their talents in the National and International Amateur and Professional arenas. Also to ensure the credibility of their “world championship” titles and gives these world class athletes an international platform on which to perform.

Read more here

18. February 2015

LEE “FLASH” GARAP/ PNG – The real Muay Thai Champion

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Lee "Flash" Garap (PNG)
Lee “Flash” Garap, PNG
Eka Aprilianto (Indonesia)
Eka Aprilianto , INA


Light Welterweight (64.5kg), Welterweight (66.8kg) and Super Welterweight (69.5kg) Divisions.


LEE GARAP (Team Thunderlegs, PNG) Vs EKA APRILIANTO (Jakarta, Indonesia) will meet in the Ring on Sunday March 22, 2015

VENUE: The Gold Club – Lamana Hotel, Port Moresby, PNG​.

PROMOTER: Jerry Sarufa (Jungle Intelligence)

and the show goes on:

This promises to be a “VERY TOUGH” opponent, with Eka Aprilianto having ALL Indonesia supporting him. He has had many fights in Boxing Muyathai Kickboxing, and “Never” Says “No” to any fighter. Lee “The Flash” Garap has had 97 fights, with only 3 losses. Look out Port Moresby, “THE FLASH” is coming to strike, at a blink of an Eye!


Finko Baricic (Croatia)
Finko Baricic , CRO

Team Thunderlegs

LEE GARAP (Team Thunderlegs, PNG) vs FINKO BARACIC (Rijeka, Croatia)


DATE: Saturday April 18, 2015.

PROMOTER: Igor Ivocevic & Miroslava Juretic (ADRIATIC PROMOTIONS)

History in the making, with the Western World coming to the Balkans to take on the “MIGHT” of Croatia (Europe’s well kept Secret) for the 1st time.

 And the story continue, more to read here …Oceania Logo

17. February 2015

WKF K-1 Greek Title -62,30 kg in Athens

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image3 After the great win by KO in Prague last November from the new world heavyweight champion Greek Hulk Stavros Georgakakis, there will be in Athens Greece an interest title fight on March 15th.

Giannis Kagkelidis ( BG Academy) VS Haris Tzimas ( Askitis Team) for 

GRE_image4WKF K-1 Greek Title -62,30 kg.  The winner can challenge the WKF World 62,3 kg K-1 Super Lightweight champion Samir Sakhi (Team Thunderlegs Morocco) in Greece.

Promoter of the “Open Championships” in Athens is Dimitris Katsiaras from ZEUS FIGHTING CLUB and WKF Supervisor  Mr. George Pergialis

16. February 2015

European Championships 2017 in Istanbul

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Yavuz AKTUNC and Arif ÖZTÜRK

WKF TURKEY president Mr. Arif ÖZTÜRK invited for an important first meeting in Istanbul, focus on the WKF European Championships 2017.

WKF TURKEY Vice-president Mr. Yavuz AKTUNC was the excellent host and many important points was on the agenda. Soon we will have new WKF TURKEY web site. mail !

Every team in Turkey can now join WKF and start to prepare their teams for the huge Turkish national team, final aim European Championship 2017.

For any further requests contact Mr. Öztürk by mail.

2015 meeting in Istanbul