Election of the board of the WKF WORLD FEDERATION

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WKF 1964 – 2024

At the upcoming World Championships in Alicante, Spain, the WKF World Congress will take place again on November 18th. Agenda on request !

In accordance with the statutes and rules of procedure of WKF WORLD FEDERATION, the board of the “WKF Amateur division” is re-elected every 4 years.


The Argentinian Carlos SUAREZ has been proposed as the new president and the Russian Mikael GERASIMOV as vice president.

The 6 continental directors will also be new elected, and the first proposals have arrived at the World federation head office in Vienna.

full invitation is HERE

Upon request (!) we will gladly send a PDF by email to all WKF Presidents who would like a copy of the Articles and Statutes of our WKF World Federation.

The new board will then be valid until the 2028 World Championship. Maybe in Germany, Greece, Slovakia, UK ?

First photos of Alicante !

WKF is hosting the World congress on Monday, November 18th at 7pm and take place in our main Hotel

Please come all proper dressed in dark Blazer and tie, per country just two people only.
a total of 76 nations worldwide participated – click here

Since January 1st, 2023, the WKF has dismissed – or replaced – more than 40 country presidents worldwide.

Including two division world presidents! Have a look HERE !

Because of inactivity, disloyalty or, unfortunately, inability.


Only full member countries have the right to vote and to be elected. A chance to become new WKF country president in WKF WORLD FEDERATION Next election 2028 !

The new board of the WKF AFRICA continental federation will also be elected there, valid until 2028. All 32 African presidents present who are full members have the right to vote!

All our WKF country presidents are expected to the congress and invited afterwards for dinner.

We look forward to working with new experts who would like to represent their country as the new WKF  President.

Come to Alicante in Spain for the World Congress!