Украинская федерация кикбоксинга WKF: о нас

Олексій Миколайович Казанцев / WKF UKRAINE president and TOP promoter Alexey Nikolayevich KAZANTSEV

Учеба.. Познание. Самореализация.

В основе концепции федерации «WKF UKRAINE» лежит простая идея: обеспечить качественные и доступные соревнования для всех желающих.

«WKF UKRAINE» является одной из лучших в Украине благодаря прекрасному тренерскому и судейскому составу.

Приглашаем вас познакомиться с динамичным календарем соревнований.

Присоединяйтесь к WKF UKRAINE.




Новини федерації «WKF UKRAINE»

Федерація «WKF UKRAINE» запрошує тренерів, спортсменів до складу збірної команди України, щоб разом прийняти участь у Чемпіонаті Світу з Кікбоксингу WKF у Каірі, Єгипет, 18-24 жовтня 2021 року.

Заявки на участь надсилати на електрону пошту:



Ukrainian kickboxing federation WKF: about us Study .. Cognition. Self-realization.

The concept of the WKF UKRAINE federation is based on a simple idea: to provide high-quality and affordable competitions for everyone. “WKF UKRAINE” is one of the best in Ukraine thanks to its excellent coaching and judging staff. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the dynamic competition calendar.


WKF IRAQ president Mr. Husam MAJEED confirmed for Cairo too

Mr. Husam MAJEED, Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER and Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI in Dubai

On our last meeting in Dubai, middle east WKF IRAQ president Mr. Husam MAJEED confirmed a team for the upcoming World Championships 2021 in October in Egypt’s capitol Cairo.

welcome to Cairo 2021

Of course, because of the costs not a full team, but at least few of the best fighters and officials will represent Iraq in Cairo.

On the last international Africa Cup in Cairo during Egypt Open Mr. Majeed was nominated chief referee for two World title fights.

Mr. Majeed is long time our personal friend and high respected member in WKF middle east board of directors.

Shukran ya sadiqi   

  شكرا يا صديقي

WKF AFRICA continental selection of board of directors


As everybody know, we have our World Championships in Cairo, Egypt, October 18th to 24th 2021 !

There will be the World congress like every second Year, each country must send its president in jacket and tie well dressed for this important meeting and the official photo of all attended country presidents.

WKF AFRICA continental federation

Very important!

Just few more days to go!

Here are just 10 of our 37 WKF presidents on the African continent. All our full  member countries in WKF AFRICA could nominate candidates for the

WKF African

continental election



For president, Vice president, head referee and all other positions in the board of directors, for the next 4 Years.

We will have many separate meetings with all interested African presidents, prepare your suggestions, concept and annual planning.

Send your proposal on time BY MAIL to Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI !

Why are you the best WKF AFRIKA continental federation president?

To select a new board of directors of WKF AFRICA continental federation!

Every full member of the African country presidents has the right to vote or to be elected


WKF AFRICA continental president, Vice president, treasure, African continental head referee and so on.

If you are interested to become candidate send by mail your official nomination – for which position you are interested in. Here are just 10 of our 37 very active WKF AFRICA country presidents.

WKF HEAD OFFICE will send an official supervisor as observer to this selection.

Date is October 19th, venue: Hotel TOLIP, El Orouba str, Heliopolis, Cairo. Time and venue for the election of African continental federation will be announced on your arriving !




Amazing female World title Uganda vs. Argentina!

Patricia “Black Pearl” APOLOT, Uganda

Great news from Cairo!

Uganda Superstar Patricia APOLOT is perhaps most famous and successfully female fighter on the African continent.

Apolot is multiple World Champion and hold many other titles.

From all the African female Ladies is she the one who fought most in Europe and Asia.

This amazing female World title is confirmed in Lowkick in Superlightweight – 62,3 Kg / – 137 lbs.

Andrea “Pochito” SALAZAR, Argentina

Her opponent comes from Argentina and has the same status in Latin America.

Andrea SALAZAR from Argentina was highly recommended to us by the director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr. Carlos SUAREZ. 

Salazar is today on pos. five in the WKF pro World ranking, and many so called female ” World Champions” avoid to fight her.

Now both teams in Uganda and Argentina has agreed the conditions, WKF head office has this World title confirmed long time, now in Cairo on the end of the World Championship is the showdown.

Cant wait to see that battle!

WKF Arab and Middle east directors

إن شاء الله التشكيل الجديد للهيئه الإداريه العليا للمنطقة العربيه والشرق الأوسط
وليس رؤساء الإتحاد في هذه الدول
فالرؤساء موجودين بالفعل كل في مكانه
ولايوجد أي تغيير لرؤساء الدول بالإتحاد العالمي للكيك بوكسينج
والله الموفق للجميع

Mr. Mohamed Dessouki – Member of the International Rules Committee

Head of the Arab region and the Middle East and A1 supervisor of Africa


مقطورة مصر الجديدة هنا

full information HERE

Mr. Husam Majeed – WKF IRAQ- Vice President of the Middle East for Technical Affairs – Chairman of the Referees Committee

Mr. Kapten Mahmad Samir Vice President of the Middle East Region for Administrative Affairs-Media official and spokesperson
And the Acting wkf in Egypt

Mss. Rasha Shawki
General organizer of international and events in the Arab region and the Middle East

. د. ماجد الاسي
Dr. Majed al-Assi WKF PALESTINE – Chairman of the Diplomatic Relations Committee

Mr. المستشار إسماعيل الأنصاريIsmeel Elansary Legal advisor for the Arab region and the Middle East

Mr. Omar Chebali, WKF MOROCCO, our African continental MMA director and K-1 expert

Mr.Cap. Mohamed Fathalla
Chairman of the Committee for Professionalism in the Arab Region and the Middle East

Mr.محمد السبيتي Muhammad Al-Subaiti – Chairman of the Examinations Committee
جمال الاسيوطي
Mr. Gamal El Assiuti Chairman of the Protocol Committee

Mr. عبدالكريم حلمي حماد Abdul Karim Helmy Responsible Fitness

Mr. Daoud Alawad WKF THE UNITED RAB EMIRATES – Head of the coaches committee


خالص تحياتي

Fantastic news from Latin America / Fantásticas noticias de América Latina

WKF LAC director Sr. Carlos SUAREZ

Our director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr Carlos SUAREZ, is working very successfully.
The focus is, among other things, on the upcoming World Championships in Egypt in October, and also on the following World Championships in China 2022 and France in 2024.
From today’s perspective, eight nations from Latin America will come to Egypt.

The largest team will likely come from Argentina.

Our WKF CHILE President Alejandro CONCHA and his partner Rodrigo Miño are also doing an excellent job in Santiago and are preparing a strong team for Cairo.

Sr. Oliver Fernando GUZMAN ESPINOSA

Our new team in the WKF Latin America Continental Association is Bolivia. Sr. Oliver Fernando GUZMAN ESPINOSAis based in the city of COCHABAMBA – the fourth largest city and metropolis in Bolivia. 
Our friend now has the international WKF promoter license for Latin America and enjoys an excellent reputation.
Soon we will see the first TOP fighters from Bolivia in all rankings, women and men. The first events with local WKF title fights are also planned.

Also in Vera Cruz, Mexico, we have a new promoter with an international WKF license. His name is Sr. JOSE LUIS RAMIREZ BARCELATA

Time for Cairo may be running out for our friend in Mexico, but he will try his best.

But at the next World Championship in China in 2022, champions, many women and men and also referees from Mexico will certainly be there.

Vera Cruz will soon register his best fighters for our international WKF rankings and the next dates for events

There is also a lot of good news from Argentina!

WKF ARGENTINA has two additional new organizers.

On August, Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th, Messrs. Adrián CURRULEF and Daniel PAINELAF received their certification as National Promoter of our WKF – World Kickboxing Federation.

Covid – International 🙂

Committed to their work, beyond naming competitors for Egypt, they are already planning an international characteristics event and developing a work strategy for the next World Championships in China and France.

Sr. Tomas Alejandro MELLADO

On the same day, TEAM MELLADO’s official membership in the World Kickboxing Federation was handed over.
Sr. Tomas Alejandro MELLADO is next big team and and would like to strengthen the Argentinian team in Cairo.

Argentinian course for new WKF judges with license!

On August 24th and 25th, the level 1 judges and arbitration workshop with official WKF certification took place in a double shift under the direction of Carlos Suarez.

This new work team consists of:
Agustina Vidal, Hugo Reinoso, Yocelin Balboa, Jonatan Morales, Cecilia Morales, Yonathan Borda, Lucas Astete, Vanesa Torres, Mauricio Sosa and Romina Martinez.

The 2 days lasted almost 6 hours and despite the cold they stayed in their seats with great joy in learning. Now they will move on to drills and then event times to get their certification and referee book.

Suarez emphasized: “I would like to personally thank you for your efforts and attention during the course.”

Agustina Vidal, Hugo Reinoso, Yocelin Balboa, Jonatan Morales, Cecilia Morales, Yonathan Borda, Lucas Astete, Vanesa Torres, Mauricio Sosa und Romina Martinez

New president of the WKF in Guatemala

Axel José Domínguez González

Our WKF Latin America President Mr. Carlos SUAREZ proudly reports:

We welcome Axel José Domínguez González to WKF, our new representative in GUATEMALA Central America.

There he will be responsible for the construction of the national league for the World Cup in China and France.
In addition to generating national and international contests.

Welcome to the WKF family



Nuevo presidente de la WKF en Guatemala

Damos la bienvenida a Axel José Domínguez González a WKF, nuevo representante en GUATEMALA Centroamérica.

Allí será el responsable de la construcción de la liga nacional de cara al Mundial de China y Francia.
Además de generar concursos nacionales e internacionales.

Bienvenido a la familia WKF



51 страна уже подтверждена для участия в чемпионате мира года

теперь возможно

Вы можете найти приглашение на Всемирный семинар судей за выходные до ЗДЕСЬ!

Президент WKF EGYPT г-н Мохамед ДЕССУКИ приглашает мир на следующее ЧЕМПИОНАТ МИРА WKF 2021, 18-24 октября. Красивый город Каир на реке Нил – принимающий город.
На сегодняшний день у нас зарегистрировано 57 стран со всех 6 континентов. Также будут присутствовать многие участники смешанных боевых искусств и полуконтактных видов спорта, а также огромная команда WKF CHINA для Санда.
10 лучших наций Буэнос-Айреса

Муай Тай в Каире полностью соответствует правилам Муай Тай, и всем нравится это решение.
В спорте нет расовых, социальных или политических барьеров, а это означает, что это идеальный способ для всех мужчин и женщин, мальчиков и девочек достичь потрясающих результатов, независимо от расы, вероисповедания или цвета кожи.
Возможность представлять свою страну на международном уровне во имя спорта, вероятно, является одним из величайших достижений, которых может достичь человек. На этом уровне спортсмены испытывают огромное давление, выходящее далеко за рамки нормальной физической выносливости. Чтобы победить на таком высоком уровне, участники должны использовать внутренние ресурсы, к которым они были подготовлены за годы обучения.
огромный зал для мероприятий в Каире

Приезжайте и посмотрите на прекрасный город Каир, дружелюбных людей, культуру, отличные номера, отличную еду, знаменитую культуру, выпечку и торты и действительно отличный чемпионат мира в Египте.

Этого она ожидает в Каире в 2021 году

Египет приветствует вас

WKF World Kickboxing Federation Announcement …

WKF World president Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER and WKF CHINA president Sifu YAN DINAN in the last meeting in Chengdu, China

… regarding the registration and submission of athletes participating in the

“WKF World Kickboxing Championship 2022”

WKF World Kickboxing Federation China has received a notice from the WKF World Kickboxing Federation Headquarters and will immediately begin the selection and registration of athletes for the “2022 WKF World Kickboxing Championships”.

All Chinese athletes participating in the 2022 WKF World Kickboxing Championships, including all participating athletes from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, will submit all athlete registration materials to the WKF World Kickboxing Federation in China.


WKF World is reported to the headquarters of WKF World Kickboxing Federation after the unified review of China Kickboxing Federation.

All athletes who pass the qualification examination will receive the “WKF International Boxer License” athlete registration certificate issued by the headquarters of the WKF World Kickboxing Federation, as well as participating in various professional and amateur WKF organized by WK​​​​ Qualifications for the competition; the results of the competition are all included in the official WKF rankings.






所有参加2022年WKF世界跆拳道锦标赛的中国运动员,包括来自中国大陆、香港、澳门和台湾的所有参赛运动员,将向中国的WKF世界跆拳道联合会提交所有运动员注册材料。 WKF世界经中国跆拳道联合会统一审核后,上报WKF世界跆拳道联合会总部。所有通过资格考试的运动员将获得由WKF世界跆拳道联合会总部颁发的《WKF国际拳击手执照》运动员注册证书,以及参加WKF组织的各种专业和业余WKF资​​格赛竞赛;比赛结果均列入WKF官方排名。