PPF World president Fernando GUERRERO announce new event …


We got World wide many requests for WKF sanctioned Pro Point fighting title fights, a real big interest.

PPF World president Fernando GUERRERO

Most answers of FAQ are already here on our web site, fees just on request by mail to the head office. Check the download button and see the “title fight minimum request” file and 99% off all doubts and questions should be clear.

For questions to PPF rules read the “Pro Point Fighting rules book”, available in various languages !

Please understand – like in professional ring sport all fighters must be listed here in the PPF World ranking to get a sanction for any WKF title fight, free of charge!

If you want to post your male / female fighter in the World ranking just fill in the online “Fighter profile form” and send back with JPG photo to our head office.

Para mayor información en Español comunicarce con el señor GUERRERO bajo el:  ppf.wkfworldpresident@gmail.com

на Русском языке !!! Downloads available in Russian language

Собор Василия Блаженного

Привет друзья …

For better understanding WKF translated most important PDF files in Russian language available to down load.

This is a service for our millions of Russian language speaking friends and WKF members World wide.

Visit our WKF RUSSIA international web site!

Thanks to Mrs. Татьяна Давыдова from ВКФ  Россия  for her translation.

Из уважения к нашим российским спортивным друзьям, официальным лицам и, конечно же, организаторам, ВКФ – «Лучшая всемирная ассоциация по кикбоксингу» – предлагает вам новый бесплатный сервис

Штаб-квартира ВКФ в Вене получает все больше запросов из Восточной Европы и Российской Федерации.

Из уважения к нашим российским спортивным друзьям, официальным лицам и, конечно же, организаторам, ВКФ — «Лучшая в мире ассоциация кикбоксинга» — предлагает вам новую бесплатную услугу.

WKF Россия
Россия международная

На чемпионате Европы в Австрии в октябре ждем наших российских чемпионов, дамы и господа.

Всю информацию на английском языке можно найти ЗДЕСЬ.

Вы также заинтересованы в работе с ВКФ, любителем или профессионалом, или заинтересованы в организации санкционированного боя ВКФ?

Всю информацию на английском языке можно найти ЗДЕСЬ

Если вы тоже хотите работать с ВКФ вместе, в любительской или профессиональной сфере, или вы заинтересованы в организации санкционированного боя ВКФ ? Тогда мы с нетерпением ждем вашей почты !


Роман Логиш, Супервизор ВКФ в СНГ и Прибалтике

Привет друзья

Добро пожаловать в ВКФ

Роман Логиш Президент Федерации ВКФ в Германии. Успешно развивает Федерацию ВКФ на территории Германии, является совладельцем спортивного профессионального клуба. По вопросам организации совместной работы обращайтесь на адрес электронной почты: wkfgermany@web.de

Успешно развивает Федерацию ВКФ на территории Германии, является совладельцем спортивного профессионального клуба. По вопросам организации совместной работы обращайтесь на адрес электронной почты: wkfgermany@web.de

ВКФ Федерация мира по кикбоксингу – офис

Легенда: Алексей ИГНАШОВ, Александр БЕРЕЗКИН, руководитель ВКФ Роман Логиш и Сергей ХАРИТОНОВ

New WKF GREECE president: Annis DOMETIOU


Since January 1st we have a new member in the WKF world wide family.

Mr. Annis DOMETIOU is our new representative with all rights in WKF GREECE.

This step was necessary because the last President had to be dismissed for inactivity.Other new presidents of the WKF EUROPE will follow shortly. Because we only have active and very active presidents and country representatives in the WKF. We don’t have lazy guys!

Please Welcome our new friend by mail.

“I have a Muay Thai school in Kiato Corinthia and I also teach in some schools in Athens Muay Thai and K-1.

I currently have the longest running organization Muay Thai in Greece and the only organization it has Rankings.

I have been organizing races for 10 years and have over 40 nights Fight.

Now together with my team we organized inter-club championships and matches every month pro amateur & professional (Muay Thai, K-1and MMA)

I still have a partnership with a private television channel Cosmote Tv . I also have ppv website that everyone sees our global struggles.www.questfighting.com



Also on Facebook / Instagram page : Mad Dog Tournament



BOXING – International GBF tournament in Innsbruck on April 22nd

full invitation HERE

In cooperation with the WKF TIROL regional association, our partner GBF AUSTRIA organizes an international amateur boxing tournament in the Leitgebhalle, Innsbruck.

For all men and women, from 16 to 35 years, with the required valid GBF license.

The tournament takes place at the same time, in the same hall as our WKF Austrian Open, but is an independent event.

Perfect for all teams that have boxing AND kickboxing athletes, female and male !

Pre-registration via  e-mail is required!

full invitation HERE

News from WKF IRAN and WKF ASIA

Shihan Amir MOSADEGH, WKF ASIAN director and WKF IRAN president

Congratulations to one of the high ranking members of the WKF Asia/Iran Board of Directors, Dr. Hamid Azizi,  for his new responsibility as the  Special Member of the Executive Council of the Iran National Olympic Committee.
Dr. Azizi became an official member of the Asia/Iran WKF Board of Directors in 2012. He has since dedicated a considerable and productive amount of time and effort in  organizing events such as the Grand Kish Island International WKF Title Championship, assisting the President of the WKF IRAN,  and the Vice President of the International WKF, and the WKF International  MMA Division Mr. Amir Mosadegh.
One of the highlights of the above mentioned event was the presence of the International WKF President, Grand Master Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER, WKF World president / CEO. World head 
Exciting update from WKF family:
The WKF will officially participate in the Beach Games Kish tournament, for which, Mr. Amir Mosadegh expressed his gratitude and admiration…
More updates:
The first round of the Kish Games will be held nationally…The future rounds will be exhibited internationally… 
Dr. Hamid Azizi

This is to be noted that, participants flying from UAE, will not require to apply for entrance visa…
Dr. Hamid Azizi just announced that he will utilize the Iran Olympic Committee’s means and facilities in providing all the necessary assistance’s in order to uphold the said events…
Mr Amir Mosadegh also announced that, upon positive feedback received from Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER, the Magnificent Kish Island, and its vast athletic facilities, will be considered as a suitable location for further withholding internationally sanctioned tournaments…
We are looking forwards in creating memorable events in this part of the world for the great WKF family.
More exciting news on the way …