WKF RUSSIA confirms participation in Spain

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Mikhail GERASIMOV and WKF World president Fritz EXENBERGER

Sports policy decisions were made at the international Eastern Europe meeting in Armenia’s capital Yerevan.

WKF RUSSIA is moving on!

Our long-time friend and highly respected manager Mr. Mikhail GERASIMOV from Moscow was proposed by German WKF President Roman LOGISCH as designated World Vice President of the WKF for the Amateur Division at the conference and has already been confirmed by the Presidium.

ВКФ Россия
RUSSIA International / Россия международная

Gerasimov is well know as the promoter and CEO of the World famous “Rage Arena” events in Russia. At the upcoming World Congress in Spain in November there will be new elections for the WKF board and there the new directors will be democratically elected and confirmed!


The new WKF ARMENIA President Mr. Artak BRUTYAN has officially applied in Yerevan to host the WKF European Championships 2025.

The chairman of the WKF EUROPE Technical Commission, Mr. Gerhard CORRADINI, visited the sports hall, the planned main hotel and confirmed the application for the European Championships in autumn 2025.

To date, four nations have officially applied for the European Championships 2026: Armenia, Poland, Albania and the Czech Republic.

The decision on this will also be made at the World Congress in Spain in November.

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