WKF CYPRUS – next event today May 1st

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The world of kickboxing is about to witness one of the most thrilling events of the year as the Legendary Road Championships Kickboxing event takes place today May 1st, 2023, under the auspices of the World Kickboxing Federation.

The event will be hosted at La Maison Vraxos, a luxurious venue known for its elegance and sophistication.

The event is expected to attract the best kickboxers from around the Island all vying for the chance to showcase their skills and compete for the prestigious title of champion.

the one and only – WKF CYPRUS director since 2012, Mr. Christos NICOLAOU

The Cyprus kickboxing event is the perfect opportunity for kickboxing enthusiasts to witness firsthand the raw power and athleticism of some of the most talented kickboxers in the Island. With fighters hailing from different countries, the event promises to be a truly National affair, with each competitor bringing their unique style and techniques to the ring. Especially with the Title Belt Of National title in the 90+kg Division.

As one of the most exciting and dynamic combat sports, kickboxing has grown in popularity in recent years, with more and more people getting interested in the sport. Legendary Road Championships Kickboxing event is an excellent chance for newcomers to the sport to experience the thrill of kickboxing and witness the skill and expertise of seasoned professionals.

The World Kickboxing Federation, which oversees the event, is one of the leading organizations in the sport of kickboxing. They are committed to promoting the sport and providing a platform for talented fighters to showcase their skills. With their support, the Legendary Road Championships Kickboxing event promises to be a world-class event that will attract the attention of kickboxing enthusiasts from around the Island.

La Maison Vraxos, the venue for the event, is known for its luxurious and elegant setting. With its beautiful architecture and stunning interior design, the venue is the perfect backdrop for a high-profile event such as the Cyprus kickboxing event. Spectators can expect to be treated to a truly unforgettable experience as they witness the best of the best in kickboxing go head-to-head in the ring.

In conclusion, the Legendary Road Championships Kickboxing event promises to be a must-see event for kickboxing enthusiasts and sports fans alike. With the world’s top kickboxers set to compete under the auspices of the World Kickboxing Federation, this event is sure to be a highlight of the kickboxing calendar.

Don’t miss out on the chance to witness the excitement and drama of this thrilling sport at La Maison Vraxos on May 1st, 2023.